John Joseph Jay and Robert Spencer Respond on SIOA Links

Robert Spencer has a post discussing SIOA’s relationship to John Joseph Jay. He acknowledges that Jay is a “member of the SIOA board”, but tells us that

Jay is, contrary to the hysterical claims that are circulating now, not a founder or co-founder of SIOA. He has no role in the running of the organization. And he does not advocate carte blanche killing of one’s liberal relatives, nor of Muslims.

Spencer asserts that Jay has been “misrepresented”, and he links to a lengthy and semi-coherent response by Jay himself. I suppose on reflection it is inaccurate to call Jay a “co-founder” of SIOA, despite my previous post’s headline; Geller and Spencer actually inherited SIOA from Kendra Adams a few months ago, and the articles of agreement on which Jay’s signature appears are for the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which runs SIOA, rather than for SIOA itself. But, curiously, while complaining about “hysterical claims”, neither Spencer nor Jay explain the actual reason why Jay appears on the document. This leaves the impression that they are dodging the main point.

As for Jay’s complaint of “misrepresentation”, he simply asserts that his views amount to self-defence. He ends with a birther flourish, accusing “Daisy Cutter” – who noted his link to SIOA and brought his writings to wider attention – of working

for the very man who promulgated the fraud on barack obama’s birth certificate.

Presumably this is a reference to the fact that she’s a diarist for the Daily Kos, which published Obama’s short-form birth certificate in 2008.

UPDATE: Jay’s background is as an attorney, and Geller confirms in an American Thinker article that he gave her advice about Rifqa Bary:

Now that Rifqa has turned eighteen, one of her lawyers, Kort Gatterdam, has done an interview with Tom Trento, an activist with the Florida Security Council. Trento has in turn sent around an e-mail raising funds on the name of Rifqa Bary and excoriating “so many friendly ‘arm-chair’ lawyers and bloggers who so viciously attacked their own side.” By “arm-chair lawyers,” Trento means my associate, the attorney John Jay, and by bloggers, he means me.

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  1. He normally runs posts titled “Misunderstanders of Islam xxx” , so he must be having”Misundertanders of Bigotry” moment this timeround.

  2. He normally runs posts titled “Misunderstanders of Islam xxx” >/i>

    Yes he does, and his investigations are real eye openers. He regularly publishes articles and commentary gleaned directly from influential Muslim clerics, and his work thoroughly debunks the fluffy nonsense circulating in “liberal” circles about Islam.

    It is astounding that Muslims such as Nidal Hasan can give bigoted and straighforward powerpoint presentations on how islam sees and treats non-Muslims and the military brass watching it do nothing.

    When he acted out that powerpoint presentation, killing 13 people and maiming 30-odd others, that same brass’s only concern was for the risk the incident would have for the “diversity” of the armed forces.

    When such utter insanity and blindness becomes banal, becomes the norm, then an individual like Robert Spencer who gives us the straight dope on Islam’s aims, tactics, strategies and goals will no doubt APPEAR extreme.

    He isn’t extreme at all, but the subject matter he covers with great passion and accuracy IS EXTREME.

    When I was young, religious fanatics, most of whom were Christians back then, were regularly denounced and lampooned by leftists. I listened to those denunciations for decades. They utterly refuse to do the same with Islam, however, even though Muslim extremists are far worse and far more deadly than any of the Christian extremists they had always denounced.

    Robert Spencer’s exposés on radical Islam and islamists SHOULD be a job done by The Left . But the traditional Left has collapsed and what we now have are a serious of jokers suffering from so much moral anomie and so incapable of distinguishing, thus, between good and evil, they’ll actually strike up alliances with Far Right islamists, all the while thinking it’s the progressive thing to do.

  3. @June “Yes he does, and his investigations are real eye openers. ”

    I think I know you June because you use the same words in JW and that other crazy place called Harry’s Place.

    There is a Jewish guy behind a case of deliberate and racially targeted killings against blacks in the USA. Have you seen black news blogs such as blaming Judaism?

    Israeli suspected of serial killing stabbing spree arrested at US airport

    If the above guy was a “Moozlem”, your favourite bearded man Mr Spencer would be out shouting Jihad and calling for war against the country the suspect was hoping to escape to.

    You guys are no better than stormfront who records genocides against white people on the assumption that every black person who kills a white person does so in an organised and mechanised system of hate.

  4. @Joomla

    Your denail of the biggest problem we,ve had to face since WWII reminds me of Mayor Bloomberg’s reaction when told of the Times Square bomb plot.

    He figured it was just some white, right-wing, gun nut unhappy with Obama’s healthcare policies. Bloomberg is an enlightened, senstive and cosmopolitan fellow.

    He is also as dumb as a sack of hammers.

    There have now been over 15,000 acts of terror, including the one at Fort Hood, by Islamists citing Islamic concerns as their motivation.

    To equate 15,000 murderous attacks with the acts of a lone, isolated psychopath is so outrageous as to border on the insane. A bit like saying that one bullet has more destructive power than a 1000 nukes.

    Nidal Hasan’s powerpoint demonstration detailing his islamist motivation for his act is ( or at least was) available on line. Now just where did Nidal, an intelligent, highly educated, american-born Muslim, obtrain such a skewed “misunderstanding” of his faith.

    You’re in a lose-lose situation because the consitutuency you so valiantly and foolishly defend will betray you time and time again as each act of terror is followed by yet another.

    Were groups of evangelicals to commit 15,000 acts of murder in the name of Christianity, you’d have no trouble pointing out their religious identity, and it certainly would never take 15,000 acts of murder before you’d do so.

    But your “soft” bigotry and racism mirror those of Bloomberg, and like him they prevent you from seeing this awful reality for what it is.

    How many have to die before you stop spouting your unhinged pieties,and start to grasp what’s going on?

    • Your main poster boy is currently Nidal, and I already know why he is of particular attention to you. These “Moozlems” all have ulterior motives including their babies huh?

      If you are to push young “Moozlems” out so they could be ostracised by society, then you might certainly get your wish. People are made by their environment, and nobody is born with evil.

  5. Your main poster boy is currently Nidal, and I already know why he is of particular attention to you. These “Moozlems” all have ulterior motives including their babies huh?

    I take it you’re overjoyed he fooled the Kuffur long enough to blow away 13 of them!

    And you “response” is typical of a semi-literate leftist. You simply can’t address any of the points I raised in a coherent and adult manner.

    You’re very similar to those Iranian Leftists back in the 70s who foolishly threw in their lot with the Mullahs,,,such was their hatred for all things western…and who were promptly tortured and slaughtered the moment the regime had consolidated its power and no longer needed them.

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  7. June’s posts reek of the typical Islamophobic right-wing propaganda, hypocrisy and paranoia. Not to mention sheer dishonest, as I’d like to see a list of those “15,000” post-9/11 terror attacks.

    I can’t believe that there are people dumb enough to indirectly defend vermin like John Joseph Jay and his ludicrous comments such as saying that “no muslims is innocent..”

    It’s the typical “All Muslims are terrorists” act. It’s old. If you can’t figure out that liberals are only defending American Muslims’ right to integrate into America as opposed to “striking a deal with the devil,” then you’re incredibly thick. Or just plain “special”….

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