SIOA Co-Founder: “Buy Guns… You are Going to Have to Kill Folks… There Are No Innocent Muslims”

UPDATE: See this entry.

A diarist at Daily Kos using the name “Daisy Cutter” has had a look over the articles of agreement of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which runs SIOA (Stop Islamization of America).  As expected, we see the signatures of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Anders Gravers, but there is also a certain Richard Davis, and a certain John Joseph Jay.

“Daisy Cutter” notes John Joseph Jay’s Israel Insider reader page, which in turn leads us to his blog, Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier. The blog includes rambling and paranoid political diatribes, and murderous fantasies of political empowerment through violence:

if we are to excise the ruling class, it will be with violence.  they used violence to attain their privilege, they use it nakedly to attain their privilege, they use it nakedly in the form of the s.i.e.u. and black panther thugs in elective politics to maintain it, they contemplate relocation camps to preserve it, and they will violently resist and suppress any and all efforts to be removed from their privilege.

buy guns.  buy ammo.  be jealous of your liberties.  and, understand, you are going to have to kill folks, your uncles, your sons and daughters, to preserve those liberties.

And as for Muslims:

…every person in islam, from man to woman to child may be our executioner.

 … there is no innocence.  there are no innocent muslims.  islam is subject to killing on grounds of political expediency on the same basis as islam kills its victims, and islam cannot ethically and morally claim otherwise.

We can assume that Geller is fine with this, as his TypePad profile page shows he has expressed similar views in comments to her site; here’s a comment from 2008, following the Mumbai massacre:

 …islam has declared war on the west and its political and social institutions, and upon the two great religions which are the pillars of same… the left enables it, and indeed, encourages it as they see the declared aim of islm ot destroy the west congruent with their own goals.

…to me, the answer is simple.

they wage war on us, so we kill them, and we kill them in sufficient number and with sufficient purpose and zeal that it causes them to stop killing us, and then we should kill them a little bit more, just to drive the point home. by this i mean.–

our governments should not only declare war on “terrorism,” but on the states and societies that support it. we should declare war on iran, syria, egypt and saudi arabia, as well as libya and the sudan and somalia, and we should kill people by the scores. no science. no precision bombing. no shock and awe designed to “impress” and send “signals,” but old fashion war with wholesale slaughter including indiscriminate death of innocents and babes. down to the last muslim, if necessary.

in addition, private institutions and individuals should wage war on islamic terrorists. our domestic law should accord recognition to our inherent rights of self defense under natural law doctrines, those rights as recognized in the recent decision of the united states supreme court in upholding the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, and when a private individual feels justifiably threatened by a person reasonably identified as being a terrorist, or as aiding and abetting teh same by either fund raising or spouting pernicious silliness in support of terror, … , that private individual ought to be recognized under the law as exercising his rights under natural law in killing the same.

finally, our religious leaders, such as the pope, and the recognized spokesmen of the great religions and affiliations of the world, ought to lend their sanction and approval to both governmental and private killing of identified terrorists, or their aiders and abetters. this is not unprecedented in the religions of the world: during the crusades papal bulls were issued justifying the faithful of christianity in killing muslims or those who attacked the faith. the pope should issue such bulls, the leaders of the world religions should follow suit, and those who feel constrained by matters of faith to not kill should be released of religious duty, and authorized to defend themselves, their religions, and their civilization.

He also calls for the deportation of all “muslims/arabs” from the USA; presumably that was written in a comparatively liberal mood.

Richard Davis, meanwhile, is probably Rich Davis of the Chester County Victory Movement, which counter-protests anti-war protests and holds rallies.

A few months ago, SIOA diassociated itself from the Christian Action Network because of Martin Mawyer’s coarse anti-gay screeds (or more accurately, because his homophobia became widely reported and embarrassed Gert Wilders).

UPDATE: CAIR draws attention to a detail I overlooked, from Jay’s Israel Insider page: Jay describes “rabbi meir kahna” as one of his “heroes and inspirations in life”. This is an obvious reference to Meir Kahane, the late Israeli far-rightist who is regarded in Israel as having been a racist. Followers of Kahane have been involved in various terrorist acts and threats of violence, mostly against Palestinians but also against certain Jewish organisations and Israeli officials of whom they disapprove.

(Hat tips: Loonwatch; Spencer Watch)