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Exposed by Hoaxtead: High-Profile Satanic Ritual Abuse Accuser’s Story Based on Impossible Dates

From Hoaxtead:

Jeanette Archer… has run into the problem which ultimately faces just about anyone who attempts to construct elaborate stories of Satanic ritual abuse out of thin air: sooner or later, the details will come back to bite you.

In this case, the most relevant detail is that her paternal grandfather, whom she claims headed a Satanic cult and abused her from an early age, died in 1955, twelve years before she was born. The blog author dispenses with the possibility that Archer was instead referring to a step-grandfather, since “her mother didn’t remarry until Jeanette was 13”. This was when she acquired the “Archer” surname, meaning that her paternal family history was obscured.

Archer has achieved some prominence as a supposed “Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor” – supporters have included Jon Wedger, Shaun Attwood and Louise Dickens (Dickens has since fallen out with her), and last year she hitched her awful disclosures to a Covid conspiracy protest in Hammersmith, where she was applauded by Piers Corbyn. More recently, she was filmed ranting through a megaphone outside Downing Street about Boris Johnson murdering children and drinking their blood for the adrenochrome. This was again at a Covid conspiracy protest, and she appeared to enjoy the support of the crowd. (1)

It should be noted that Archer has not confined her claims to the conspiracy milieu – back in 2012 she made a complaint to Surrey Police, who then wasted some time dealing with her allegations. As noted by Hoaxtead, they apparently determined that her grandfather had never had a driving licence, but it seems they overlooked her impossible dates.

In the Hoaxtead comments, criminologist Richard Hoskins has some further details (link added):

As for Jeanette, Surrey police asked me to investigate a massive historic SRA claim about 10 years ago. I did all my due diligence but when I discovered that the allegator (new word which I rather like) was able to find all her blocked memories from, wait for it, Michelle Remembers my blood ran cold. I phoned the Chief Super and told him that by all means he could go and dig up the wells to find the buried baby bodies etc. but that he was almost certainly wasting precious police time. I told them she was a fake. To give them their due, they paid attention. Unlike dear old Mike Veale and Wiltshire police.



1. In an earlier postHoaxtead also notes that Archer was accompanied at the protest by a large bearded bodyguard, identified as one James Zikic. As described by Hoaxtead, Zikic is a former mixed martial arts fighter who has also provided security to Wedger and to David Icke, as well as to the Turkish evangelist Hatun Tash. Apparently he used to work with Usman Raja, a cage-fighting coach who also runs a de-radicalisation programme; Raja responded to the Hoaxtead post by saying he was “genuinely sad to see him go so far astray”.

Hoaxtead also draws attention to other members of Jeanette Archer’s security detail: Dan Young, “who seems fascinated with guns and pseudo-military paraphernalia”, and self-described “occult researcher” Jay Fernandez, shown “clad in surveillance LARPing gear, and toting what looks like a firearm”.

7 Responses

  1. I don’t know about this case, but I know about mine. I was Satanically abused in Surrey, but I have 7,700 documents proven True to a U.N. Tribunal. Not only do the documents resulting from an international criminal investigation into State Crimes against Humanity, using me in a sterilisation experiment, where I was stolen from my real mother, and given at ten DAYS of age to a dangerous psychotic with a long history of mental illness who had murdered her first born before the sterilisation experiment to find out if sterilisation quoting the documents finally ordered released by a Nottingham Judge in 2016, “balanced” psychosis (not cure, note). The Tribunal, New York win, means I have proven I was tortured with knives, and sexually Satanically motivated abused, but also Surrey Police corrupted evidence, medical and direct witness testimony, committing extensive Perjury. Surrey Police 14/4/04 stated “Not in the national interest to prosecute” and I have that in writing. This is not about “memories” or “conspiracies” this is about factual documents of State Satanic torture and cover ups by the State of the U.K. proven to the U.N. following a 20 year international Prosecutors’ Criminal investigation, the results being criminal violations Articles 21, 53, 54 and sub-sections of the Rome Treaty, now moving to the prosecution phase. These crimes exist, and you have to ask yourself WHY there are 11,million U.K. child abuse victims (officially recognised Radford Report, NSPCC) and half a million church and State stolen babies / coerced mother cases identified in the U.K. The documents show I was a church and State stolen baby in Nottingham where my State-appointee torturers moved to Surrey. I was tortured for the psychotic’s Satanic reasons, but as a State case, of course Surrey Police (or as Detective Inspector Gardner calls them “Sorry, Police”) committed perjury and evidence destruction, now PROVEN. That is why I can talk about it now. This site is keen to rubbish “conspiracies” of Satanic abuse. I have PROVEN EVIDENTIALLY these, there were more cases, because the atrocity experiments were committed contrary to English Law of the day, done in secret, then covered up, which in Treaty criminal Law, is “extended psychological torture” and cover ups eventually unravel, they happened, with victims’ birth documents falsified to hide the crimes, I have all these and my real birth documents. Can you prove evidentially that these cases are a ‘fantasy’ ? Because I have proven they happened. I was a direct victim, and the medical evidence says that, and the evidence says the cases have attracted extensive police and authority perjury and document withholding and destruction, but not before the international investigation procured those documents. The following forces committed evidential corruption 1) Surrey Police 2) Hampshire Police, who threatened me for Compiling 25, 000 documents multi-case evidence against Hampshire Police and 3 other regional forces, like Nottingham Police who wrote that sterilisation was “Treatment” for psychosis and giving me to a psychotic mental patient was “legal” when it was a Crime against Humanity, now all registered at U.N. Special Procedures for prosecutions. A Tribunal is being set up. I don’t take any notice of nay-sayers, as I work with prosecutors and U.N. compliance, and compile cases evidence. Corruption is a reality. You have to take a balanced view. Some cases may have no evidence, I only process heavily evidenced abuse corruption cases. And why the surprise ? In 2017 HMIC warned that 41 out of 43 regional forces have child abuse corruption, and in February this year warned that the public are losing faith in their police. With good reason. Same-force, self-investigation does not work. PCA to IPCC, scrapped for “profound corruption” which we, via the U.N. Report, has a strong hand in, IOPC now under House of Lords Inquiry Review for ineptitudes. The Submitted cases, including mine, when they go to Trial (U.N. Prosecutorial Tribunals take between a year to two years to happen) they will be on the news. Likely international news channels, as johnson is inserting conservatives on Boards of Directors like BBC to suppress embarrassing stories, (reported in CNN last week). As I said, cover ups are a fact of life in Britain. I have proved I was Satanically tortured in Surrey, having been a stolen baby used as ‘human compensation’ to the psychotic and violent husband , appointed by the State, covered up. If anyone has a problem with this, blame the State, not me.

    • Crikey. Why don’t you set up a website and publish these 7,700 documents? You don’t have anything to lose at this stage.

  2. Hi Eric, at the moment I’m sending compacted files to the Home Office Inquiry on rape and police failures, and in a rush, as I have until the 7th to submit selections from the crime files at the U.N. U.N. Tribunals are Panels of Judges on documents, so no juries to influence, so I will be able to Publish, but in a way focused on colluded corruption mechanisms that have hit millions of child abuse victims. It is not about me, it is about all of us, who have been stolen babies, and institutional child tortured. In some cases there is satanic abuse involvement, like in my own cases, but these international prosecution actions are for all victims of sex abuse, violence, by the State, covered up by the State (Denial of thee Truth Crimes). I will publish my 7,700 documents, but in a way to cause (I.C.C.) the “embarrassment factor” . To force criminal accountability in authority / police corruption.

    What I want to do is expose the mechanisms of corruption inter-police- authority colluded corruption to force changes in certain law.

    • So in other words, at least for the time being, until you publish your evidentiary documents, we must take your word for it. Not trying to offend, but your post comes off as a standard SRA rant, with lots of words and no evidence to support the claims. References to the UN and UN Special Procedures and articles related to the Rome Treaty (which I believe governs trade, not criminal prosecutions) sound like a lot of silly-string nonsense. You say your allegations are PROVEN, yet we don’t see any evidence of that. Can you cite the case and provide the ruling handed down by the court where your accusations were proven?

      • Nath, I really do not care what you think. Rome Treaty is NOTHING to do with trade !! Are you able to read ? Rome Treaty is international criminal law, the U.N. / I.C.C. employ to prosecute serious criminal human rights violations by States. What is a lot of “silly string nonsense” refers to your own comments, and obviously you have never even heard of the IICSA Inquiry, HMIC, and more, so obviously you live under a toadstool, with no access to news. I know what we are doing, and I give not tuppence what you imagine. I have no intention of being pushed by a non-lawyer into releasing crime evidence on this. Now 27,000 sub Judicial documents. You can read the Home Office Report, when it comes out. I am not here to give you evidence to drool over. I don’t know you , but you using loaded words like “rant” and “silly”, make you look 1) immature 2) have less legal knowledge than an aspirin. Most people know from HMIC, and numerous reports in the news, that police and authority corruption in child abuse and rape is rife. I have made statement here of the international Prosecutions routes, U.N., to guide other victims who see this, they have international alternatives to U.K. corruption to get Justice, and our Prosecution team’s actions might help to curb the U.K.’s “no justice despair victim suicide” levels that consistently make over a thousand annually. O.K. by you ? Now believe fairies live on Mars.

  3. And Eric, consider these comments from two different forces, the second from a Chief Inspector. “Lindsay, don’t look too deeply, you only rise in the ranks if you accept corruption” 2) “If previous forces have corrupted investigations, we will do no different ” (and did). Police in general, protect authorities’ crimes from accountability and do not protect the victim of State rape, child abuse. Over the last 20 years of our international criminal investigations, we have talked to a number of whistleblowers. Not all officers are corrupt. But too many are, as there is no working police / authority criminal accountability in the U.K. Same-force, self-investigation only yields more evidence of evidential perjury and corruption. It has to be changed from the top. These problems apply to child abuse and adult rape covered up. Look at the latest figures. Only 1.7% of reported rapes are prosecuted in the U.K. The reason, in the main, is a culture of corruption and no rescues at the time.

  4. Nath, to answer your other question, U.N. Tribunal, New York, November 2015, Report on 400 U.K. Cases, sent to Mrs. Theresa May when Home Secretary.

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