Exposed by Hoaxtead: High-Profile Satanic Ritual Abuse Accuser’s Story Based on Impossible Dates

From Hoaxtead:

Jeanette Archer… has run into the problem which ultimately faces just about anyone who attempts to construct elaborate stories of Satanic ritual abuse out of thin air: sooner or later, the details will come back to bite you.

In this case, the most relevant detail is that her paternal grandfather, who she claims headed a Satanic cult and abused her from an early age, died in 1955, twelve years before she was born. The blog author dispenses with the possibility that Archer was instead referring to a step-grandfather, since “her mother didn’t remarry until Jeanette was 13”. This was when she acquired the “Archer” surname, meaning that her paternal family history was obscured.

Archer has achieved some prominence as a supposed “Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor” – supporters have included Jon Wedger, Shaun Attwood and Louise Dickens (Dickens has since fallen out with her), and last year she hitched her awful disclosures to a Covid conspiracy protest in Hammersmith, where she was applauded by Piers Corbyn. More recently, she was filmed ranting through a megaphone outside Downing Street about Boris Johnson murdering children and drinking their blood for the adrenochrome. This was again at a Covid conspiracy protest, and she appeared to enjoy the support of the crowd. (1)

It should be noted that Archer has not confined her claims to the conspiracy milieu – back in 2012 she made a complaint to Surrey Police, who then wasted some time dealing with her allegations. As noted by Hoaxtead, they apparently determined that her grandfather had never had a driving licence, but it seems they overlooked her impossible dates.

In the Hoaxtead comments, criminologist Richard Hoskins has some further details (link added):

As for Jeanette, Surrey police asked me to investigate a massive historic SRA claim about 10 years ago. I did all my due diligence but when I discovered that the allegator (new word which I rather like) was able to find all her blocked memories from, wait for it, Michelle Remembers my blood ran cold. I phoned the Chief Super and told him that by all means he could go and dig up the wells to find the buried baby bodies etc. but that he was almost certainly wasting precious police time. I told them she was a fake. To give them their due, they paid attention. Unlike dear old Mike Veale and Wiltshire police.



1. In an earlier postHoaxtead also notes that Archer was accompanied at the protest by a large bearded bodyguard, identified as one James Zikic. As described by Hoaxtead, Zikic is a former mixed martial arts fighter who has also provided security to Wedger and to David Icke, as well as to the Turkish evangelist Hatun Tash. Apparently he used to work with Usman Raja, a cage-fighting coach who also runs a de-radicalisation programme; Raja responded to the Hoaxtead post by saying he was “genuinely sad to see him go so far astray”.

Hoaxtead also draws attention to other members of Jeanette Archer’s security detail: Dan Young, “who seems fascinated with guns and pseudo-military paraphernalia”, and self-described “occult researcher” Jay Fernandez, shown “clad in surveillance LARPing gear, and toting what looks like a firearm”.

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  1. I don’t know about this case, but I know about mine. I was Satanically abused in Surrey, but I have 7,700 documents proven True to a U.N. Tribunal. Not only do the documents resulting from an international criminal investigation into State Crimes against Humanity, using me in a sterilisation experiment, where I was stolen from my real mother, and given at ten DAYS of age to a dangerous psychotic with a long history of mental illness who had murdered her first born before the sterilisation experiment to find out if sterilisation quoting the documents finally ordered released by a Nottingham Judge in 2016, “balanced” psychosis (not cure, note). The Tribunal, New York win, means I have proven I was tortured with knives, and sexually Satanically motivated abused, but also Surrey Police corrupted evidence, medical and direct witness testimony, committing extensive Perjury. Surrey Police 14/4/04 stated “Not in the national interest to prosecute” and I have that in writing. This is not about “memories” or “conspiracies” this is about factual documents of State Satanic torture and cover ups by the State of the U.K. proven to the U.N. following a 20 year international Prosecutors’ Criminal investigation, the results being criminal violations Articles 21, 53, 54 and sub-sections of the Rome Treaty, now moving to the prosecution phase. These crimes exist, and you have to ask yourself WHY there are 11,million U.K. child abuse victims (officially recognised Radford Report, NSPCC) and half a million church and State stolen babies / coerced mother cases identified in the U.K. The documents show I was a church and State stolen baby in Nottingham where my State-appointee torturers moved to Surrey. I was tortured for the psychotic’s Satanic reasons, but as a State case, of course Surrey Police (or as Detective Inspector Gardner calls them “Sorry, Police”) committed perjury and evidence destruction, now PROVEN. That is why I can talk about it now. This site is keen to rubbish “conspiracies” of Satanic abuse. I have PROVEN EVIDENTIALLY these, there were more cases, because the atrocity experiments were committed contrary to English Law of the day, done in secret, then covered up, which in Treaty criminal Law, is “extended psychological torture” and cover ups eventually unravel, they happened, with victims’ birth documents falsified to hide the crimes, I have all these and my real birth documents. Can you prove evidentially that these cases are a ‘fantasy’ ? Because I have proven they happened. I was a direct victim, and the medical evidence says that, and the evidence says the cases have attracted extensive police and authority perjury and document withholding and destruction, but not before the international investigation procured those documents. The following forces committed evidential corruption 1) Surrey Police 2) Hampshire Police, who threatened me for Compiling 25, 000 documents multi-case evidence against Hampshire Police and 3 other regional forces, like Nottingham Police who wrote that sterilisation was “Treatment” for psychosis and giving me to a psychotic mental patient was “legal” when it was a Crime against Humanity, now all registered at U.N. Special Procedures for prosecutions. A Tribunal is being set up. I don’t take any notice of nay-sayers, as I work with prosecutors and U.N. compliance, and compile cases evidence. Corruption is a reality. You have to take a balanced view. Some cases may have no evidence, I only process heavily evidenced abuse corruption cases. And why the surprise ? In 2017 HMIC warned that 41 out of 43 regional forces have child abuse corruption, and in February this year warned that the public are losing faith in their police. With good reason. Same-force, self-investigation does not work. PCA to IPCC, scrapped for “profound corruption” which we, via the U.N. Report, has a strong hand in, IOPC now under House of Lords Inquiry Review for ineptitudes. The Submitted cases, including mine, when they go to Trial (U.N. Prosecutorial Tribunals take between a year to two years to happen) they will be on the news. Likely international news channels, as johnson is inserting conservatives on Boards of Directors like BBC to suppress embarrassing stories, (reported in CNN last week). As I said, cover ups are a fact of life in Britain. I have proved I was Satanically tortured in Surrey, having been a stolen baby used as ‘human compensation’ to the psychotic and violent husband , appointed by the State, covered up. If anyone has a problem with this, blame the State, not me.

    • Crikey. Why don’t you set up a website and publish these 7,700 documents? You don’t have anything to lose at this stage.

    • Hi Lindsay,

      While I am completely willing to believe that you were terribly abused as a child, and that you may well have been abused by mentally ill people who believed they were appeasing Satan (or, more likely, were telling you horror stories to help keep you quiet and under control) it might be some comfort to you to know that the wider details of this international Satanist cult are not true.

      This is because the story about it, currently undergoing a huge resurgence, is simply a modern repackaging of the medieval ‘blood libel’ lie – i.e. one of the lies that helped facilitate the Holocaust.

      And it is an exceptionally blatant, bad-faith lie: it was being transparently used as an excuse to murder Jews for money centuries before the Nazis took it up. See, for example, how carefully Henry III of England monetised the case of ‘Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln’.

      Of course, the true nature of this narrative – and the fact that it’s becoming fashionable again – is very bad news in itself. I’ve had plenty of actual, open Nazis tell me that they’re completely happy believing the explicit original version, as pushed by e.g. Hitler and co.

      I’m not the only non-believer who has noticed this, either.

      As always, this narrative is founded on deliberate lies – and it’s a huge shame that you apparently think you have an ally in the entire industry of professional frauds and hate-peddlers currently pushing it.

      This is a huge and dangerously under-reported problem, which is why I’m trying to raise awareness of it.

      I could email you a longer explanation of this if you like – or, if you prefer, just copy it out into a long reply for you to read through at your own pace.

      You’re not the first person I’ve spoken to who has had past abuse grotesquely exploited in order to feed them this propaganda.

      Yours sincerely,
      Lewis Gurran

      • Dear Lewis, thanks for this information on the Holocaust and fraudulent claims. Yes, if you send me more, I would be glad to read it. What happened to me, is not what I think you interpret, as any cult as such. What the original documents record, and the medical evidence of what happened to me say, is that I was a stolen baby by the Anglican Church, I have the records where their “Moral Welfare” in 1953 had no remits to kidnap babies, and given at my age of ten days, to a dangerous murderous psychotic, (who had murdered a three month old baby before) who at the time was being sterilised in the Nottingham secret program on sterilisation experiments of mental patients, that Notts Social Workers refer to as the “Army Jobs”, to see if sterilisation quote “balanced” (but not cure, note !!) psychosis . These criminal experiments were copies of Auschwitz Josef Mengele’s sterilisation experiments on mental patients, and were the U.K.’s part of Operation Paper Clip, known as “ad hoc” copies of the American Operation Paper Clip, where Nazis, whom the Allies considered “useful” were rescued from Nuremberg and brought back to the U.K. and U.S.A. and America, to continue their disgusting experiments. On my cases, every three months, the psychotic had her psychotic episodes, she did not have any reason from me, to suddenly scream, coming after me from my age of 7 years, that I was Satan who had to die. These attacks were not, as you suggested, to “appease” anyone, nor control any behaviour. I was a terrified little mouse then, these attacks happened without any reason, not to “appease” any “Satan”, but to kill me because in her mad mind, I WAS Satan and variously “The Beast” / “The Devil” who had to die.
        It all depends how you define a “cult”. But organised baby thefts for nefarious reasons / uses, by State institutions, are well documented . I don’t see “cult”, I see State criminal activity. At the end of the day, it is what the evidence says that defines. But police and authority cover ups have always been rife. From the 3rd October 2022, the new Act of Parliament makes it a criminal offence for any authority to hide adoption and subsequent evidence. Victims can now get unobstructed evidence, and report failures to provide as criminal offences. The Adoption and Tracing Act, 3/10/22 covers, cover ups too.

      • Dear Lewis, another point on authority refusals to release evidence. If anyone has had refusals to work / perjury problems with the evidence against ICO, I would suggest they send such evidence to the U.N.’s anticorruption instruments on – Untoc.cop, unodc, uncac, unodcadvocacysection.

        Last week I sent 2,000 documents against ICO perjury / refusals to work, in four separate cases, to the U.N.’s anticorruption justice instrument, with overriding powers, seeking U.N. prosecutorial actions against ICO. ICO is a profoundly corrupt, Public Deception. They lied to refuse to work to get ‘personal data’ out of authorities and police, claiming evidential sabotage is “lawful”, bizarrely explaining that ‘personal data’ is not ‘personal data’ from authorities which pay ICO fees totalling 46, million pounds profits annually. Look at their Report and Accounts. ICO has an in-house quasi-tribunal system, which follows the instructions of ICO Commissioner Edwards, to strike out appeal cases before they can be independently heard, and where ex-president of the ICO upper tribunal, Alison McKenna inserts into the public domain, before the upper tribunal can hear anything, that the cases are “fanciful” and false “conspiracy” (their words) in order to sabotage in advance any ICO upper tribunal. And you can only contact the ICO upper tribunal, through corrupt ICO First Tier, that does not confirm on-pass long after their own deadline. The ICO are effectively paid to lie, and refuse procurement, by evidence-holding authorities, to participate in hiding evidence-holders your ‘personal data’, contributing to further obstruction of court process in authority child torture cases. ICO’s public branding is to “Uphold information rights” and “resolve authority disputes”. ICO smashes human rights to have your evidence. Then they call “fanciful”, cases where they do not even examine the evidence. So how do they know what is “fanciful” if they refuse the evidence of reality ? Their conduct is both criminal Public Deception, and disgusting. They try to convince victims that victims have no procurement rights. I was told to stop. That is pressing my ‘start’ button, against them. So to victims of State institutional adoption and child abuse, you now have in the U.K., the new Act of Parliament, the Adoption and tracing Act, 3/10/22, that makes it a criminal offence for authorities to hide or destroy evidence, and against junk authorities like ICO, you have the U.N.’s Anti Corruption justice instruments. The U.N. is never quick, they get heavy workloads from different countries, so allow 3 months for a response to your evidence, but from long past experience, the U.N. works in child abuse cover ups. It is notoriously slow, but it forces changes in due course.

  2. Hi Eric, at the moment I’m sending compacted files to the Home Office Inquiry on rape and police failures, and in a rush, as I have until the 7th to submit selections from the crime files at the U.N. U.N. Tribunals are Panels of Judges on documents, so no juries to influence, so I will be able to Publish, but in a way focused on colluded corruption mechanisms that have hit millions of child abuse victims. It is not about me, it is about all of us, who have been stolen babies, and institutional child tortured. In some cases there is satanic abuse involvement, like in my own cases, but these international prosecution actions are for all victims of sex abuse, violence, by the State, covered up by the State (Denial of thee Truth Crimes). I will publish my 7,700 documents, but in a way to cause (I.C.C.) the “embarrassment factor” . To force criminal accountability in authority / police corruption.

    What I want to do is expose the mechanisms of corruption inter-police- authority colluded corruption to force changes in certain law.

    • So in other words, at least for the time being, until you publish your evidentiary documents, we must take your word for it. Not trying to offend, but your post comes off as a standard SRA rant, with lots of words and no evidence to support the claims. References to the UN and UN Special Procedures and articles related to the Rome Treaty (which I believe governs trade, not criminal prosecutions) sound like a lot of silly-string nonsense. You say your allegations are PROVEN, yet we don’t see any evidence of that. Can you cite the case and provide the ruling handed down by the court where your accusations were proven?

      • Nath, I really do not care what you think. Rome Treaty is NOTHING to do with trade !! Are you able to read ? Rome Treaty is international criminal law, the U.N. / I.C.C. employ to prosecute serious criminal human rights violations by States. What is a lot of “silly string nonsense” refers to your own comments, and obviously you have never even heard of the IICSA Inquiry, HMIC, and more, so obviously you live under a toadstool, with no access to news. I know what we are doing, and I give not tuppence what you imagine. I have no intention of being pushed by a non-lawyer into releasing crime evidence on this. Now 27,000 sub Judicial documents. You can read the Home Office Report, when it comes out. I am not here to give you evidence to drool over. I don’t know you , but you using loaded words like “rant” and “silly”, make you look 1) immature 2) have less legal knowledge than an aspirin. Most people know from HMIC, and numerous reports in the news, that police and authority corruption in child abuse and rape is rife. I have made statement here of the international Prosecutions routes, U.N., to guide other victims who see this, they have international alternatives to U.K. corruption to get Justice, and our Prosecution team’s actions might help to curb the U.K.’s “no justice despair victim suicide” levels that consistently make over a thousand annually. O.K. by you ? Now believe fairies live on Mars.

  3. And Eric, consider these comments from two different forces, the second from a Chief Inspector. “Lindsay, don’t look too deeply, you only rise in the ranks if you accept corruption” 2) “If previous forces have corrupted investigations, we will do no different ” (and did). Police in general, protect authorities’ crimes from accountability and do not protect the victim of State rape, child abuse. Over the last 20 years of our international criminal investigations, we have talked to a number of whistleblowers. Not all officers are corrupt. But too many are, as there is no working police / authority criminal accountability in the U.K. Same-force, self-investigation only yields more evidence of evidential perjury and corruption. It has to be changed from the top. These problems apply to child abuse and adult rape covered up. Look at the latest figures. Only 1.7% of reported rapes are prosecuted in the U.K. The reason, in the main, is a culture of corruption and no rescues at the time.

  4. Nath, to answer your other question, U.N. Tribunal, New York, November 2015, Report on 400 U.K. Cases, sent to Mrs. Theresa May when Home Secretary.

  5. I’m with Nathaniel on this. Regards your comment “can you read” if YOU could you’d have had the knowledge that what you are trying to use as proof is the Rome Statute of the ICC, but you’d have known that from being there/using it for a judgement would you not?
    You’re as big a liar as Archer is.

    • And Paul Hopkins, another thing I would say to you, speaking as a lawyer, is that to falsely call me a “big liar” when 1) I can heavily prove that what I have written is true, and I am not a liar in any form, and 2) your accusation is entirely false, with your garbled justification that has no sense, neither legally (Rome Treaty is not “proof” of anything, it is a collection of legal Articles, signed by the U.K.) nor logic, is that it is a social media offence of harassment to call someone a “liar” with no justification whatsoever, and is reportable. I am not going to bother with you, but beware what you write in the future. You can disagree with someone, you cannot falsely brand a person a “big liar” WHEN THEY ARE NOT A LIAR, BUT WRITING ABOUT DOCUMENTS OF EVIDENCE ALREADY PROVEN TRUE to the U.N. New York. By falsely calling me a liar, you are making yourself into one.

  6. Paul Hopkins, are you calling me a liar ? Hhhahaha!!! Are you a disgruntled police officer ? In trying to understand your pathetic, childish and garbled reasoning, which I do not understand from a legal standpoint, all I will say to you is I can prove, as I have proved to the U.N., every single word I have written is true, but you cannot prove I am a liar, because I am not a liar. Obviously you have never heard of the Collective of 220 Rights organisations in the U.K. now fighting for Justice against police corruption in abuse and even IICSA saying the same now. Your “Regards your comment “can you read” if YOU could you’d have had the knowledge that what you are trying to use as proof is the Rome Statute of the ICC, but you’d have known that from being there/using it for a judgement would you not?
    You’re as big a liar as Archer is.” does not make sense in terms of Rome Treaty Articles 21, 53 and 54 which the U.K. authorities frequently criminally violate. I can only laugh at you, because it takes years to procure the evidence, and at least two years to bring to Trial at the U.N. The Rome Treaty is not as you claim “proof” of anything, but international criminal law, which I suggest you study. I do not care what you opine, because you are not a lawyer at international level. Go back to sleep.

    • Wow that’s a ramble isn’t it.
      Are you saying Archer is a liar? If not, I haven’t called you a liar have I.
      Put your proof up or shut up.

  7. Paul Hopkins, I repaste and it is quite clear you were referring to me in calling me a liar, because you were referring to my content, and comparing me to this Archer, who you are also calling a liar. Not only do you not know law, you also have difficulty with the English language. So who were you referring to with your “You’re as big a liar as Archer is” ? Johnson ?

    I suggest you do the “shutting up”, as all you are doing is demonstrating you are uneducated, and with not much between the ears.

    “I’m with Nathaniel on this. Regards your comment “can you read” if YOU could you’d have had the knowledge that what you are trying to use as proof is the Rome Statute of the ICC, but you’d have known that from being there/using it for a judgement would you not?
    You’re as big a liar as Archer is.”

  8. Oh dear, Paul Hopkins, you insult me, calling me a liar with no justification and then tell me to shut up. Have you seen your psychiatrist recently ? And you have not answered my question, if you were not calling me a “big liar” then to whom were you extending your niceties ? As I’ve said, you have very little between your ears. Absence of logic is the way I would put it, so you have little to say on other matters, only unsubstantiated insults.

  9. Your response is typically narcissistic in your insults, yet portraying a “poor me”
    Take the easy path & prove me categorically wrong, or you are just attention seeking, as per type.
    I won’t bother with your responses again. One last try for you……

  10. Dear Paul Hopkins, thank you for confirming you are a four year old child incapable of serious discussion or debate on what I have written. Do you think I am going to bother with you, after your insults and falsely calling me a “big liar” with no justifications whatsoever. I am glad you are recognising you are an aggressive narcissistic troll, trying to make me angry, when in fact I am laughing at you. Why should I react to your quote “Take the easy path & prove me categorically wrong”. You are too uncouth, foul-mouthed and aggressive and incapable of understanding law and logical evidenced argument, evidence that is sub-judicial anyway, all 7,700 documents . And your temperament is nasty, hostile so not even a hack journalist. You are nothing, an unimportant bigoted individual, and the garbled way you write shows you are of low intelligence and incapable of understanding any law. Nor the evidence. You say “One last try for you……” who the hell do you think you are ? You failed to answer my question over to whom you were calling a “big liar” when you have lied absurdly denying you were making your false allegation to me, loosely and incorrectly referring to Rome Treaty as “proof” when you can research the Articles for yourself. You are just a boring noise, making false allegations against me, and you are simply too stupid to even bother debating the content of what I have been writing about the abuses. Anyway, you have twice told me to “shut up” which is what you should do. You are garbled, nonsensical, illogical, untruthful, manipulative, aggressive and insulting, which an intelligent person, if they wanted real debate, on the details, would not be. And you have said you quote “I won’t bother with your responses again”. Great by me, because you have nothing to offer. You are an arrogant internet troll, with limited intellect, nothing more, and you have not even apologised for falsely calling me a “big liar” with no justification whatsoever. I like this quoting you “Take the easy path & prove me categorically wrong, or you are just attention seeking, as per type portraying a “poor me”.” No I have not done any “poor me” what I have been doing is alerting real victims to international justice routes, and that is all, but from personal experience. Bullies I have for breakfast, because that is my profession now as an international Human Rights lawyer, and I do not take kindly to aggressive bullies like you, who can attack vulnerable abuse victims, both child and adult victims. I now see you are neither a disgruntled policeman, nor a hack journalist, because you are simply too stupid to be either.

  11. In closing, your post is everything you are reflected.
    You just fall into the archetypal “victim of” that keeps banging a broken drum making it more difficult for the true victims & to clarify, I don’t believe a word you have written.

  12. Dear Paul Hopkins, you wrote quote “I won’t bother with your responses again.” But you have. So quote “In closing,” I am glad you do not believe me because you are nothing, an aggressive troll bully incapable of understanding anything with your garbled reasoning for your accusations I am a “big liar” which is false, where you have not asked questions, about my content, but told me twice to “Put up and shut up”. You are frankly too immature and incoherent, and unpleasant to engage in serious argument with. In short a thick bully, who insults others, making false allegations, so you are a person to ignore, as you are incapable of logical debate. And you are going against the groundswell of police failures and corruption in rape, both child and adult, epidemic across the U.K. The Bradford Partnership, the Collective of 220 Rights organisations, IICSA, the Home Office Inquiry, all “big liars” to arrogant insulter Sir Paul Hopkins, who is four years old.

    • As big a liar as Archer is, is not “big liar”
      Put up. Or shut up, is not “put up and shut up”
      You are a fantasist that fails miserably in convincing people of your story.
      If you were a lawyer, you’d know the importance of getting things right. You are clearly not.
      The vitriolic response is pathetic & childish. You’re totally exposed now

      • Paul Hopkins, what is exposed is you. You said you were stopping your false allegations and insults a week ago, “In closing” you wrote. To start up again days later, shows to the world you are psychiatrically disturbed, an obsessive. I was never posting to prove anything to you, because you are insignificant, incapable of serious debate, and I was only telling victims they have international routes to justice in abuse corruption, as evidenced in my U.N. Tribunal found True, documents. . Nothing more than that. What you are doing is internet harassment, which is a reportable offence, I suggest you stop as calling me a liar, when I am not a liar, and you cannot prove I am a liar, because it is not true. You never asked me a single normal question, just sending a blast of false allegations and insults. People who bully victims and lawyers alike, like you do, need psychiatric help. What you are doing is ‘Hate Crimes’ and obviously have mental issues against victims who have suffered police and authority evidential corruption, to hide institutional crimes against children.

  13. Lindsay, Google “projection meaning in psychology” & “narcissism”
    You’ll learn a lot about yourself & hopefully become a better person.

  14. Paul Hopkins, on August 11, 2021 at 1:05 pm said:
    Lindsay, Google “projection meaning in psychology” & “narcissism”
    You’ll learn a lot about yourself & hopefully become a better person.

    Paul Hopkins, you do not need google to define. You need intelligence and knowledge and experience.
    1) “Projection” is different to “transference” which is something you need to learn in group psychotherapy I invite you to explore. “Projection” is taking anger onto something or a person, not related to the actual source, e.g. the Hate Crimes you engage in, and where you put that hate and anger in you, not elsewhere that is not appropriate. It comes from something in your background. You are playing with terms you do not understand, but certainly apply to you.

    2) For you to suggest I am “narcissistic”, means you do not understand the word which you are using against me in both incorrect and inappropriate application, as I spend most of my time voluntarily helping victims of child abuse, and I do this work with other Charities.

    3) Again, you cannot leave me alone, can you. You continue playing with your false allegations I am a big a liar as… and suggest you only call me a liar, not a “big” liar when neither are true. You are psychiatrically disturbed, or an intentional troll, the two related .

    4) It is obvious that I cannot attach court documents here, to prove anything to you, as you demand I do, but as you have not admitted to being a troll, and as you are an obsessive psychiatrically disturbed person in need of mental health services, I would not bother anyway to do that. You insult me with no reason, falsely call me a liar, big or small, plus a load of immature insults, and therefore you are a mentally disturbed ‘noise’ out to irritate, using terms you do not understand, where you are someone who has achieved nothing in life, so you like to irritate people who have achieved.

    Not only am I a qualified lawyer, but separately, a qualified psychologist, and I do therapy work for others, but you are not my patient. What you need to do is discover why you are a troll, because all you come out with is total rot, to irritate. I would study psychology before you use words like “projection” and find out in psychotherapy why you project your anger onto other people. So you can become a “better person”. I am not a “liar”, everything I have written here is true, so your insults against me with no justification, are just mis-placed anger against abused people, which is interesting to find out why. Are you a pedophile ?

    • Just one publicly available decision about this case from the tribunal hearing you say has made a decision.

      That is it. That is all I would like to see.

      You have been saying stuff for YEARS, by the way. I recognise you from a family law blog.

      Here you go.

      Or wherever else this tribunal decision is located. Don’t worry, all sensitive information is redacted in these decisions.

  15. 1) First of all Laura, who are you and what is your interest ?
    2) I have already given the date of the Tribunal and the details of the U.N. Report to Theresa May when Home Secretary. But I am surprised at you only taking interest in this, as the International Criminal Court was also sent around 25,000 documents multi-cases. The OTP agreed these were “serious” allegations but cannot proceed cases that have origins before June 2002. That is important for victims to know. What you should be more concerned about is the number of child abuse victims in the U.K. 11, million (NSPCC Lorraine Radford Report) and half a million stolen babies / coerced mother cases in the U.K. (Movement for Adoption Apology). I repeat, I am posting “stuff” to guide victims in international routes to justice, where the RCJ cannot assist in prosecuting rife police perjury and evidential corruption designed to protect the reputations of institutions and councils who have abused children, like me as one example. There are many failings including at NHS Records Offices for example. Medical crime evidence tampered with to hide medical negligence and failures to report identified child abuse. It needs to be made obligatory on doctors to report child abuse to police as is automatic in civilised countries. The U.N. has already stated the U.K. is the worst of industrialised nations for child abuse, and the U.K. has been castigated by the U.N. for 20 years on allowed beating of children in schools. The U.K. is a Victorian backwater, not yet civilised, where violence begets violence, or serious depression in whom are the next generation.
    3) Of course this battle has been going on for years. There has been a 20 year international criminal investigation, into mine, and other cases submitted to the U.N. I have been in many sites, the one you have pasted is only one, and you will be seeing more on generic issues in the future. Most victims take “YEARS” (decades) to get recognition for what they have suffered. Only now, have I been offered some compensation by the British Government. And it has taken me decades to fight through lying and corruption to get the evidence seen in the U.K.. Solicitors, around 100, are totally saturated with cases, and refusing complex cases for which they have “no capacity”. Some have told me in the past they do not have expertise in multi-agency cases. Many have told me I have “important and significant cases”, but their workload is too high . Other victims tell me the same, that they cannot get solicitor-assistance. So you have to understand victims take “YEARS” to get any semblance of justice. But victims have international routes to justice too, both at the Council of Europe, and U.N.

    My legal work is only in respect of international law, not U.K. Tort, and anyway Johnson wants to chop human rights down to the bone.

    But Laura, I do not know who you are, nor what your interest is. Before I engage, I need to know with whom I am dealing, and to see evidence, there needs to be a website or email address. If you are genuine, you will understand I have had enough of the likes of Paul Hopkins. Waste of time, and goes nowhere.

  16. Laura, I’m impressed, the link you have posted is not the one I thought it was. Are you a legal researcher ? If you are a genuine researcher, I would like to talk to you by email, from which I can send you some key documents, including input from the international criminal investigations, with the criminal violations of the Rome Treaty included, legal arguments, medical evidence, corruption evidence etc., and court decisions so far. The I.C.C., as you probably know, now under the British turn for stewardship, moving away from African cases, is distinct to the U.N.. It is funded from the Security Council, but the U.N., that uses the same Treaty laws, operates apart. What you have sent me is a list of recent cases, and I can see they have improved their access system from when we last submitted cases. It is much better and easier to use, a complaint that was made before for better access. Well, if you can get my email address from the site owner, or if not, I can find another way to give it to you ? Let’s talk law and evidence, and the impact of same-force, self-investigation that is neither fair nor impartial. Most PSDs lie, and try to fob off victims to protect their corrupt officers, and IOPC is no different to IPCC, now under House of Lords Inquiry as to fitness to practice. But victims do not give up, and in international law, authority and police evidential lying , tampering and destruction, of evidence, is considered “Extended psychological torture”. Perjury is “Denial of the Truth Crime” in Crimes against Humanity under Arts 21, 53 and 54. All the victims we have worked with, have experienced exactly the same treatment, and this, and adult domestic violence and rape police ‘failures’ (evidential corruption in many cases) is in the news pretty much weekly. In 2017 HMIC identified child abuse corruption in 41 out of 43 regional forces. It is an on-going polemic, but we can discuss this by email. I can only send you key evidence from my own cases, as the other victims’ cases we do, are confidential to the victims. Let’s find a way to communicate, because if you have access to I.C.C. cases, you must have a serious interest.

  17. There’s no need to provide me with your paperwork.

    Just one publicly available decision about this case from the tribunal hearing you say has made a decision.
    That is it. That is all I would like to see.

    If there has been a tribunal hearing, and there was a decision, this is what you claim, remember, I would just like you to post a link to the judgment, or if not that, a motion, or listing in a compendium or report of active cases, or whatever.

    Just ONE link to your case.

    If it isn’t on that website it will be on the website of whatever body held the tribunal you claim has made a decision that it is all true.

    If I search for

    “U.N. Tribunal, New York, November 2015”

    I get tribunal decisions about people working for the UN challenging getting a poor end of year performance review etc.

    So again, please, a link.

  18. Laura, on this site there are trolls. I have not posted to ‘entertain’ the curious. I have said, court findings by email. Also, who are you and what is your interest please? I talk to Survivors who have suffered police corruption, Prosecutors, lawyers, the Charities, and university legal researchers. In the case of the year-long U.N. fact.finding Tribunal, New York, (U.N. Report to Theresa May Nov. 2015, that contributed in prompting Mrs. May to scrap the “profoundly corrupt” IPCC) this was what is called a U.N. “ad hoc” Tribunal, and there are no “links”, there are court documents which I have as my 5,000 documents were considered by the Judges “best seen evidence”, found true that I had been tortured by the U.K. ‘experiments’ on church and State stolen babies, subsequently covered up by police and authorities, of, in total, 400 cases submitted. The I.C.C. Case number I am not posting here, but the letter of the OTP has 1) defined the cases as “serious” violations of international law, and 2) referred us back to the U.N. court system as the I.C.C. could not just prosecute police/authority corruption post July 2002, but the prior State Crimes against Humanity should be prosecuted as well, and there are no time-limits, nor immunities in Crimes against Humanity, Denial of the Truth Crimes. That is why, were you a serious researcher, you would need to see the actual documents. The same principle applies to Special Procedures, there is a reference number, but not any “link”. The documents ordered released to the international criminal investigation by a Nottingham Judge, are very clear and specific. I was stolen from my real mother, and at my age of TEN DAYS given to a psychotic mental patient being experimentally enforcedly sterilised to see if this quote “balanced” psychosis. My original birth documents were falsified in TWO false names, to hide the criminal experiments, which were organised by the British Army, and Notts social workers call them the “Army Jobs”. I was “human compensation” for the sterilised psychotic who had murdered her first child, a boy, and as a guinea pig to see IF I would be tortured. In fact her murder attempts of me, every three months in her psychotic episodes , with knives to kill me from my age of seven, when I could run faster than her and disappear into the woods, were because she screamed variously I was “Satan / The Devil / The Beast” that deserved to die”. It is in the medical records. But I was never rescued. I was beaten daily into silence, by her husband, Nazi, Walter Frentzel, and sex abused. I suffered hell for years, and I was written off as “epileptic” when I had conditioned responses to daily beatings in terror, but fed on a cocktail of anti-convulsant drugs including phenobarbitone, Epilim, Ospolot, Epanutin, DESPITE NEGATIVE C.A.T. SCANS, DESPITE NEGATIVE E.E.G.S, DESPITE NEGATIVE LUMBER PUNCTURE, with torture recorded, but ignored by the NHS. Drugs that made me drowsy for a decade until I was rescued by Barts Hospital a decade later from my suicide attempt, and instead, given seven years weekly psychotherapy for torture symptoms. I don’t give a shit about people who call me a liar. 7,700 documents have proven the case parts of endless authority and police perjury. Now the British Government has awarded me a small amount of compensation, but I want the real liars in the police prosecuted. The RCJ told me not to waste time and money on Judicial Reviews that do not put corrupt police officers in prison, but focus on international criminal prosecutions en vigor, sub-judicial. I think you do not understand the problems Survivors have in the U.K. in getting Justice. There are many cases like mine. In 1989 I qualified as a psychologist, and separately I passed my law exams. I use both abilities in fighting victims’ evidenced cases, helping them to procure the evidence to compile their Files. And I get sent current evidence in institutional child rape, and adult rape covered up. These cover ups are Denial of the Truth Crimes. The only way to inject deterrence against rife police culture of corruption in abuse cases, is international prosecutions. The U,N, Compliance Officers and Spanish Judicial Police have expressed “shock” at the evidence of U.K. police and authority corruption. I am now in a Spanish Prosecutor arranged safe-house following U.K. police threats against my “health” on a fabricated ‘interpol’ report, confirmed fabricated by the real Interpol, and U.K. police threats of ‘prosecuting’ me for submitting cases evidence against them to the international courts. “Police” ?? No, dangerous mafias of corruption. To come to Madrid to do me in ? Get lost gillipollas !! The cases proceed despite the threats.

    I am NOT an advocate of “Satanic Ritual Abuse”, of which claims I know very little, but it stands to reason that if a country gives other mothers’ babies to dangerous psychotics, the motive of Satanic hate for murder can be inflicted by psychotic mental patients as it was on me. I am NOT the “Devil that deserves to die”. But I am going to give prosecutorial ‘hell’ to officers who cover up Crimes against Humanity.

    Notts social workers have told me mine was not the only cases. There was a program of stealing babies for experimental use. This is not a “conspiracy” theory. It is evidenced fact. Believe it or do not believe it, I don’t mind. You, Laura, have not answered my question of what role you have, nor what your interest is. The court documents and communications exist. By email.

  19. Laura, sorry, I missed the last bit. quote “I get tribunal decisions about people working for the UN challenging getting a poor end of year performance review etc.”

    So you are not just a curious poster, you do have an active role ? What is your role, please ? If you are a lawyer, or legal rights worker, I really do want to talk to you and send you documents and routes to justice, of which there are various at the U.N. The U.N. has been criticised for being slow at present, because overwhelmed by global cases. Rapporteurs are difficult to talk to. They are basically law changers. But it is to the Tribunal Courts that you send evidence. There are also Council of Europe routes, not affected by Brexit (only the Commission was chopped out) but johnson, in running from law, is trying to block the CoE routes by scrapping a local law together to state that U.K. courts can ignore the European judgements. The Council of Europe has written to me to say he cannot do that.

    Look Laura, if you are working in the U.N. Rights area, and agree to communicate by email, I’ll risk posting my email address here, (if I get trolls, I’ll just spam them). I can send you a lot of information on U.N. processes, both “Complaints” (Special Procedures) and prosecutorial directions and resources, there is also an Inspector service at the U.N. for U.N. staff compromised, so if you have been contacted by U.N. staff who have problems, I may be able to assist there too, but by email !! We have 20 years evolving experience in total, so, my contacts can help too. If you would like to communicate for U.N. work, do please let me know, and I’ll post my email to you here. If I get any funny ones, I’ll just delete them, so don’t worry, but I have a feeling you and us can ‘join forces’ and share proactive information. I work alongside Spanish Judicial prosecutors and can get through barriers in time and we all know international Treaty Laws. The U.N. is having difficulties at present, due partly to overwhelming, Tribunals can take two years to fulfil. Also it is a vast organisation with many arms and your comment “I get tribunal decisions about people working for the UN challenging getting a poor end of year performance review etc.” means something to me, because often, in some U.N. organisations, staff do not know what the rest are doing. Please let me know if you would like to correspond with me, and I’ll leave my email address. Then I can also send you as examples, the courts and decisions I have been talking about, if helpful, including the I.C.C. and reference numbers of Special Procedures registrations (multi-cases). It (U.N.) is a very complex system to navigate, and I spend quite a bit of time researching and contacting various U.N. agencies, and I can share contact lists with you

  20. I found this post after googling “Jeanette Archer”
    it was an interesting conversation between the parties.
    I found no evidence that “Lindsay Fraser” was a big shot international human rights lawyer, unless it was a pseudonym to hide their real names for security reasons. There was a barrister with the same name doing injury law. I found this link, but I don’t know if it’s related :
    I agree with Laura, if there was an ongoing case, there would be a link somewhere, unless google and AI delete all mentions of pedophilia and scrub the internet to protect the elite as the q-anon people claim :)
    Another thing is , if the child abuse by royals still going on, people can camp out of the windsor castle , and see the kids being transported in and out , unless they use secret tunnels or something. Maybe they can give her a lie detector test , or put her under hypnosis, but I’m guessing she wouldn’t do it.

    • Dear Andy, I am flattered by your “I found no evidence that “Lindsay Fraser” was a big shot international human rights lawyer, unless it was a pseudonym to hide their real names for security reasons.”. I am not a ‘big shot lawyer’, I am a victim of institutional abuse who is a lawyer, specialising in working with international agencies, and courts, and we help victims with knowledge and practical advice on U.N. procedures, how to tackle U.K. police corruption in these cases at U.N. level. I do agree your royal comment, and unbalanced news saturation is a reason for complaint to the BBC. And from this, do refine your investigations to be on the enormous number of child abuse victims in the U.K., denied any justice by police corruption and evidential failures and perjury, e.g. Lorraine Radford, NSPCC, 2014, a minimum of eleven million abused children, and police prosecuting only one percent of these cases, and not waste time on investigating me. We only talk to victims. I am not in the business of proving anything here. The evidence we have submitted to the U.N. on multi-cases, are sub-judicial, which means I cannot give details here of cases we are doing. I can give information on processes to victims. We can guide victims where to find U.N. resources, including courts, and that is all that matters. Your opinions of me, or pseudonyms, really do not matter. And yes I have been threatened by U.K. police with my “health”, on a fabricated ‘interpol’ report, confirmed in writing by the real Interpol, Paris and Manchester, the threat had nothing to do with them, but I have been U.K. police threatened with my health for proceeding multi-cases of child abuse corruption, against them internationally. The Nolan Principles of honesty do not apply to some U.K. police forces, so I do have to take precautions. Thank you for your kind words !! But “big shot lawyer” no, just determined to get justice, and inject international justice and accountability for victims.

    • Dear Andy, I had a look at the link you posted, and it is from the ICO Tribunal. Are you aware, across cases, the ICO is a Public Deception, and a repetitious, useless for purpose, organisation, in the sense they claim ICO have no remits to instruct other data controllers to release evidence, personal data, they are hiding ? The ICO Tribunal does not want to hear cases, because it does exactly what the ICO Commissioner tells it to do, which is not hear evidence. So not independent and not impartial. I also have evidence, multi-cases, that the ICO itself commits evidential perjury to refuse to work in serious child abuse cases, they refuse to proceed / work, against child abusing institutions hiding evidence, being victim personal data. They refuse to act against police hiding evidence, because ICO has no remits against police data controllers. Don’t take my word for it, ask them directly. I have to say, I am shortly Submitting evidence against them, to the House of Lords requesting an Inquiry into fitness to practice. We have current cases where ICO prove themselves perjurers and useless. Beware, ICO do not help victims trying to get their personal data from child abusing institutions and councils. I am not into ‘conspiracy theories’, I go by documentary evidence…Same-force, self-investigation, PSDs that do not act against their colleagues, simply yield more evidence of corruption, lying and hiding key personal data evidence. We have thousands of documents on this matter !! Then they lie and hide it, where we have sufficient evidence against them, that they lie. As I said, we do not become involved with “conspiracy theories”, as lawyers and Prosecutors, the evidence does the talking. Ask any frustrated victim. They will tell you the same as I am. There needs to be a centralised anti-corruption command for the police, with no friends in police stations, like the short-lived Met’s Ghost Squad, set up in the U.K. IOPC is widely considered “useless for purpose”, where IOPC cannot investigate police corruption evidence, only deaths in custody and police-sex crimes, so they tell us, and we have documents of evidence that when the “profoundly corrupt” (Theresa May) IPCC was scrapped, IOPC absorbed some corrupt staff from the scrapped IPCC. So just as bad. So, with no working criminal deterrent, of course the police are evidentially corrupt. Remember the IPCC and its “The police are allowed to lie” ? No they are not. Much is said about police wanting to re-build trust, but first, they must stop the lying and destroying evidential documents, to protect the reputations of the U.K.’s institutions when these participate in torturing and sex abusing children, who are the next depressed generation, denied criminal justice against their abusers.

  21. The reason you cannot find us, is twofold. 1) We are a collective of legal professionals, Prosecutors and lawyers, who work voluntarily on these cases, we never charge any money for Submitting cases, or giving U.N. legal advice, because to Submit cases is free to the U.N. Special Procedures and Courts, and we are motivated by Universal Justice, not money, so we work rather like an NGO, and 2) we only communicate directly with victims collectives and individual victims. Over the last 20 years we have investigated some 30 U.K. authorities, and have built an evidential stack. The U.N. is slow, but we have, and are, making headway. Look at the I.C.C. website. They never had a section dedicated to child abuse before we Submitted tens of thousands of evidential documents. And in 2020 the U.N. declared Britain the “worst of industrialised nations for child abuse”, which was evidentially powered, not hearsay, or lightly stated. We, and the agencies we work with, are making progress. And do not forget, these U.K. cases are of international concern, because children from all nations have been abused in the U.K..

  22. The cat is well out of the bag now. Many witnesses from many countries, all proving the same torture and murder by (no longer) secret societies. The answer is Deuteronomy 12:2-4 “Ye shall utterly destroy all the places wherein the (Satan worshipping) nations…served their gods…ye shall overthrow their altars…break their pillars…burn their groves…hew down the images of their gods and destroy the names…etc. If the Christians don’t do it, the jihadis will!!!!

  23. “You’re as big a liar as Archer is”. And more trollisms. and “Paul Hopkins, on August 5, 2021 at 11:10 am said:
    In closing, your post is everything you are reflected.
    You just fall into the archetypal “victim of” that keeps banging a broken drum making it more difficult for the true victims & to clarify, I don’t believe a word you have written.
    What an infantile load of rubbish from Hopkins. I was only posting to guide victims, denied justice in the U.K. that they have international justice options. The U.N. Council of Human Rights is one. And for State Crimes against Humanity, Denial of the Truth Crimes, like mine, the I.C.C.. Now options are increasing at the U.N. in fact, “Justice instruments”. As I had to Comply with the Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, 2019 Directive to “first exhaust domestic remedies”, my cases are ongoing, sub-judicial, so not for sending now over ten thousand documents to be posted here. I am not interested in aggressive trolls, and those who do not declare their interest. After the Findings 2022 of the IICSA, (I was in the first 400 registrants at CSAI) and current clean-out of the Met, there should be no doubts that abuse victims normally suffer multi-cover ups. U.N. routes are notoriously slow, but they are effective. I am doing what I have to do, and I do not mind offensive trolls.

  24. Lindsay, I just wanted to say, I believe you.

    • Dear Camo, many thanks for your support. Latest is U.N. Council for Human Rights, and anyone who has suffered institutional torture, child abuse, and the usual Denial of the Truth Crimes (medical evidence concealment, official lying / copies of evidential documents ) can Submit evidence to the U.N. Committee against Torture. We have been Directed to do this by the I.C.C. because our cases have origins before July 2002, the I.C.C.’s start date. The original crimes (in my cases baby abduction for sterilisation experiments on mental patients, me given to a dangerous psychotic being sterilised) tortured from 1964, should best be managed at the UN CaT including all the subsequent cover ups. Why do British police lie and destroy and hide evidence ? Because they believe their duty is to protect institutions from Justice, and not protect the victims’ Human Rights to Justice and reparation. I have recorded my cases were “not in the national interest to prosecute”. It is very much in the victims’ interests that the international criminal cases proceed, to force changes in U.K. law. Between 1,200 and 1,600 British babies annually are still removed from their mothers for spurious reasons. But between 1949 and the 1990’s half a million babies were removed from single mothers by the church and State.

      The I.C.C. is also funded by the U.N. Security Council, but is separate to U.N. Courts. They are notoriously slow, so patience and determination is needed, but you get there in the end. That the I.C.C. defined my cases as “serious” Crimes against Humanity was a good start, but imagine it has taken the International Prosecutors twenty years to procure the 1,000 medical records of torture of me out of the NHS, when these were withheld in 2002. I received the lot just last year, and more evidence has surfaced since. What needs legal change is victims must be given the right to have all their medical evidence released on request . Never give up is the watchword !!
      All the best, Lindsay

  25. I can’t believe I’ve even read all this crap. If you had proof you’d fall over yourself to share the links rather than reels and reels and reels of rambling to look important. Honestly you clearly have no case link to bank up what you say, no links to these documents and you’re clearly not a lawyer. Unfortunately it’s time to realise you were put on these medications due to phycosis which you still very much have. You’re looking for meaning in the way you are. Like it can’t just be, that there has to be a reason and you’re gonna save the world

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