Police Whistleblowers’ Group Raises Concerns about Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver

The Independent Police Support Group, which has existed since 2004 to provide “moral support and guidance to police whistleblowers or those who have been bullied”, has posted a statement raising concerns about the self-declared status of Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver as “police whistleblowers”.

Oliver is the more famous of the two: she is widely respected for her role in exposing the Rochdale “grooming gang”, and she is today a fully fledged celebrity: a year ago she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, and she has just ended 2018 by doing panto at the Benn Hall in the town of Rubgy (billed as “Rochdale whistleblower”, which is a bit dark for light entertainment).

Wedger, though, has also featured in the media, most notably in the Sunday Express, and he has been endorsed by his local MP, Mike Penning. I’ve written about him on this blog a number of times due to his associations with conspiracy theorists, including promoters of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax and figures on the fringe right (one video promoted on his website is titled “Insight UK Column – Support for Tommy Robinson”). Oliver has spoken warmly of Wedger in at least one video where they appear together, and her endorsement may help mainstream Wedger’s activism.

The statement, by the IPSG’s Julian King, is titled “The Whistleblowing Bandwagon”, and it raises a number of issues. These include:

  • Inconsistent accounts: “With regards to Maggie’s case there is this glaring difference as to the reason she left the force, having known Mr Wedger for 4 years and each being a listening ear for each other according to video footage, it is still unclear as to what actually happened or why different versions have been given.”
  • The question of why neither Wedger nor Oliver have ever “sought to use their right to take their respective police forces to an employment tribunal with regards to their treatment”, and why Wedger says police officers have no legal protections: “This is not true when whistleblowing is involved as police officers are covered by section 191 of the Employment rights Act 1996 and the Public Interest Disclosure Act.”
  • Wedger’s silence about his allegations for several years: “We would have expected Jon to have formally challenged the corrupt behaviour by his boss at that time…. Staying silent for so many years especially; with regards to the seriousness of the matters alleged is not an option for a police officer.”
  • An allegation of Satanic Ritual Abuse made against a chief constable on the basis of Wedger providing King with “a section” of the RAINS list, which “appeared to contain everyone and their uncle so has to be treated with caution” (more on RAINS here).
  • Wedger providing inaccurate accounts of whistleblowing by other officers, in particular King: “no efforts have been made to correct the information”.
  • Wedger’s complaint that he was not promoted for his police work: “police officers know that everyone goes through the same promotion system by completing Sergeants exams and applying for a selection board when suitably qualified.”
  • Wedger’s claims to have a network of whistleblowers supporting him: “none appear to have supported him publicly recently and it is interesting that the posters being displayed [at a protest event] show just 3 officers, Jon and two senior officers Mike Veale and Bob Quick. The senior officers do not appear to be whistleblowers.”

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  1. There is definitely lots of pedophilia going on and certainly lots of cover ups eg by doing false flags .

    And all the things you state which happens to him one would expect in a cover up . He would obviously not want to end up like jill dando . Why would he bring this trouble on himself ?

    You infer bad motives on him without evidence in the same way that you accuse him of .

    I saw him being interviewed by David Steele the ex CIA man – I did not see what you infer.

    Who blew the whistle on Saville over 30-40 years –
    no one – so it happens – cover ups happen – very clever ones .

    Are you part of the cover , John ?

    • David Steele: another fantasist who attends those ridiculous phony “public inquiries” organised by con artists with disbarred barristers and Bali grifters.
      As for this “lots of pedophilia going on and certainly lots of cover-ups”- where is your proof and evidence and have you taken it to the authorities and if not, why not?.
      And how do you know it’s going on as you allege?. You know people connected to pedophilia?. If you make such claims you need to back it up. Do so and do it now.

      • You would not be fit to lick David Steele’s boots.

        Are you telling me there is no pedophilia going on and that the pedos dont really want to cover up their satanic perversions – lol – you gave away your job , a shill for pedo coverups , your’re not even a clever shill – you should be sacked.

        Was Jimmy Saville just a DJ ? lol What about Cyril Smith MP or Peter Hayman of MI6

        I have seen trolls for many things – but being troll for
        hiding pedo crimes must be from the lower regions of hell ,what do you get paid to sell your soul ?

        You will end up with the same eternal penalty as those who do it – if not already .

      • Mmm. A sailing boat in Jersey waters, housing Jimmy Saville and Edward Heath is a little tricky to explain, given the childrens home investigations there. Is there a different explanation than a relaxing weekend away?

      • @Susan Hornsby

        Seriously, what are you talking about? Do you have any proof that Savile and Heath ever went on a sailing trip together? Heath was into sailing, I’m not aware that Savile was. Of course, even if Savile and Heath DID undertake a sailing trip together, it proves absolutely nothing in terms of criminality.

      • I believe that the police have been given numerous statements over the years, as well as files either becoming ‘lost’ or remaining classified. There are also a number of photo’s to be got freely via a quick internet search. These denials are similar to those given to the Hillsbrough families for so many years. Thankfully the truth began to emerge in that instance.

      • Ted Heath child sex abuse claims: Footage shows Tory whip saying government could cover up scandals involving ‘small boys’ and MPs

        Tim Fortescue said in 1995: ‘We would do anything we could to help – for brownie points’

        Adam Withnall
        Tuesday 4 August 2015 11:31

        Maybe one of his colleagues voices gives a clearer picture!

      • There are indeed a great many photos on the internet in general. Can you show us one of the two of them on a boat? I’ll accept a dinghy or catamaran.

      • A quick internet search by putting both names, and the words boat and Jersey into the search. This will bring lots up. No difficulties in doing this.

      • I’ve tried that, even omitting Jersey to give a greater chance of success, with no luck. Can you link to even one photograph?

    • Perhaps there are so many photos of the dread pair in sailing boats that Susan is overwhelmed and cannot find it within herself to put up a link to even one of them!

      • If we just close our eyes and imagine two lank-haired pillars of the establishment acting out Swallows and Amazons adventures, we may have our answer.

      • No, Susan isn’t overwhelmed. And, as you quite rightly say, photo’s on a boat prove nothing. However, the 2 minute 16 second YouTube clip showing Tim Fortescue talking about how child abuse would be covered up, for any member of parliament, shows how corruption of any nature could be hidden.
        Former Tory whip admits scandals involving ‘small boys’ could be hushed up.

        I’m sure that you have the capacity to search for this if you so wish. I imagine that this will also be looked upon as lies, therefore I’ll leave our conversations here.

      • Because, Tom, who cares if the fiends Savile & Heath didn’t actually abuse unfortunate urchins and then throw them over the sailboat into the ocean? If we imagine that it actually happened, then, in a way, it did.

      • The Fortescue clip is certainly disturbing, doubly so that he felt no problem with saying it on camera. Trebly so that few at the time even picked up on it. Proves nothing against Heath specifically though. Guilt by association is a dangerous game.

      • Susan, when you make an assertion the onus is on you to back it up with evidence. It is not everyone else’s onus to prove you wrong.

    • Mr. King did a marvellous thing. He brought together a number of Victims of State torture, sex abuse, attempted murder, who have all suffered Denial of the Truth cover up crimes, heavily evidenced. Including my own Cases, Found True at a U.N. investigative Tribunal. Our cases now have “maintained status” at the International Criminal Court, where pre June 2002 originating cases are being referred now to the U.N. Court of Prosecution, Geneva. WARNING. The I.C.C. OTP asked me to test two authorities in the U.K. we had not previously approached. My own latest evidence shows with crystal clarity that the Local Government Care Ombudsman is nothing but a ‘front’ agency, for their council clients. They sabotaged my evidence, secretly gave my name and address to the Defendant council, putting me at theoretical personal safety risk, as I have been threatened before, and lied, after refusing to safe-guard partially council withheld evidence 2016. Our group of International Prosecutors will bring them to Justice for criminal violations Art. 54 (1) Rome Treaty. They have been notified. “Care” nothing, they could not care less about victims, and are not impartial at all.


    • Everyone knew about savile .. he was a protected person though wedger never says anythi g except re hash old cases,insert himself into the narrative, & narcissisticly, believes himself beyond reproach .anyone not blowing smoke up his ass is blocked … any one questioning, is blocked … he,s a fraud .

    • Charles Allen, I totally agree with you, this is a descent man trying to help victims of abuse, The Government and police are blackening his good name because they have too much to cover up, look how they had to admit their shortcomings over Rochdale, I’m surprised they haven’t locked him up in solitary, as done to Tommy Robinson and Julian Asange, an absolute disgrace how whistleblowers are treated

  2. You ask excellent questions.

    I had tons of respect for Maggie Oliver but I’m afraid it’s reduced significantly since I saw the panto poster where she’s billed as the ‘Rochdale Whistleblower’. She’s using her past (which involves serious child abuse cases) to enhance her celebrity status. Let’s face it – it’s in poor taste at minimum. It all looks stage managed and she should sack her publicist.

    • “Let’s face it – it’s in poor taste at minimum. It all looks stage managed and she should sack her publicist.”

      Frankly, Viv, anyone who seeks celeb or sainthood status on the basis of highlighting child abuse is a bit of a **** full stop.

      • For the sake of the exposure and charging of abused
        kids I dont care if she does panto . Any activity is a breath of fresh air compared to the abuse of children .

        This is the crime that Jesus condemns “….better for them to hang a millsone round their neck and jump in the nearest sea …….” , this will come true

      • As you can see by the response, the fanaticism of the cult-like fans of Oliver & Wedger (who, repeat have never exposed anything) is so intense they can actually weave TV appearances into some bizarre way of “saving children”.
        I think Oliver was possibly a very good cop but working on sensational case was not done in isolation. When victims approach the police over serious sex allegations an entire team springs into action and uses all the decades of facilities and resources the police have and they work as a unit. Traditionally in these very serious investigations all who worked on them share the praise if they are successful. We have no proof of Oliver’s claims she ran the show and when ex-officers make such claims they take a great risk as the many others who work on a case get pretty pissed off.
        That will become evident when the infamous ‘Nick’ goes on trial as you can be sure there are a handful of aggrieved coppers just awaiting their time to drop a bucket on a certain high profile ex-cop TV host who has made similar claims to Oliver & Wedger.

      • Having been a Met officer for 27 years I can vouch for how the organisation is corrupt at a too level, closes ranks and bullies its officers and staff. Employment tribunals are not easy and exceptionally stressful.. I’ve been there. Legal protections for whistle blowers are all well and good but it still places the onus on the officer to instigate proceedings and put ones head above the parapit in what is a VERY oppressive environment for those who dare.

    • How can she be a whistle-blower when what she did was work on a case as a police officer? Does that mean every cop in the land is a “whistle-blower”?. What has she actually whistle-blown? She did work on a very important case but like all ex-coppers who claim they did all the work it automatically exposes them as suspect. Dozens of detectives work on serious sex assault cases and it’s shocking insult when these ex-cops pop up and take credit for all the work knowing full well that The Met & other forces are forbidden because of privacy rights to reveal an ex-copper’s work or reasons for leaving the force. Tabloids of course jump on any hyperventilated claim and publish guff knowing full well nothing can be proved or disproved. As for this Wedger bloke- another who has not revealed a single crime. Making claims like there are “establishment pedophile rings” or Aliens on the other side of the Moon is not “whistle-blowing”- it’s making an unproved claim. And they need to tread very carefully just as another ex-cop who built his fame on the Savile matter. There are plenty of still working police officers who get pretty pissed off about ex-plods who demean their work by attempting to take all the credit. They sit quietly and bide their time.

      • Whistle blowers are those who insist on working on a case even when they have been told to leave it alone .
        They bravely expose the crime and can lose everything for it . So you said a very sill thing .
        Why would working on a case make them suspect – another silly thing you said.

        Does no one oversee your daft trolling .

        Why do cops pop up and take the credit when there is no credit for whistle blowing ??

        There are no aliens on the other side of the moon but there are certainly establishment pedo rings .
        Poor psyop – what about flat earth theory have you got that psyop in your wee troll booklet .

        I am sure any decent cop will admire wedger’s bravery. Why not wake up to the fresh air of a decent job .

      • Anyone whistleblowing on pedophilia cover ups should be protected. Sadly I worked for the cops in the 80s and one of the good cops I had worked with tried to expose corruption within the force and also professional people involved in pedophilia. One day he was working in the station, then he was gone. never to be seen again. I found out some time later he had been committed to a mental hospital. He was perfectly fine when I worked with him. Here in Australia a cop whistleblower lost his job, his home and his marriage. Would he do it all again to save children being abused. Yes he would. You’re a drongo. You’d have to be very careful to upset the upper echelons of any establishment and think good and hard about whistleblowing. Would you whistleblow!!!!

    • Agree

  3. […] edition of Bartholomew’s Notes cites an article from an organisation called the Independent Police Support Group (IPSG), in which […]

  4. Put aside your fantasy Charles Allen about having me lick grifter Steele’s boots and come up with the facts.
    All you are doing is making claims without a scintilla of proof and seizing upon past allegations which have nil to do with “whistle-blowing” by either Wedger or Oliver who again- have made unproved claims.
    No evidence, no facts- just claims. What are they waiting for? Have they taken their claims to the authorities?. Have you?.
    And why do these self -appointed “whistle-blowers” always ask for money like Wedger did just so he could go on a biking holiday? What’s that all about?. I reckon people who solicit donations on the net on the back of child abuse are pretty suspect.


    • @Rosella. The children were beaten, kicked and threatened into submission by mother’s partner. She let him do it. Mother’s partner has 30 plus convictions for dishonesty, drugs and violence including violence against a child. His most recent offence against a child was in 2011.
      The doctor’s report went for peer review and following the findings of the peer group she amended her conclusions. That had nothing to do with the judge. At the time of the medicals the doctor didn’t know that mother had been giving the children enemas. That would no doubt have made a big difference to her original opinion. Besides that, the minor scars found on the children do not explain repeated anal abuse perpetrated by dozens of people every week for years. There wouldn’t be minor scars – there’s be major damage.
      A serious investigation had been started but was stopped when the children retracted their statements and also because some of the information provided by the children had been investigated and didn’t check out. Because of this the police didn’t have ‘reasonable grounds’ (what the Americans call ‘probable cause) to continue with the investigation.
      I hope that’s logical enough.

  6. Looks as though Jersey blogger ‘voiceforchildren’ is retweeting Wedger & Brees.


    Hard to him seriously any more. Bandini would probably say I shouldn’t have in the first place.

  7. You write complete nonsence , you are obviously out to discredit jon Wedger i have known jon for over 25years
    And during his police career he has been a loyal employee, you state that he has not challenged the police for their actions , this is untrue he is currently waiting for the case to come to court, he has courage in his convictions, his social media awareness is a by product of his lifetime work,helping children and adults seek justice, the unfair slander and finger pointing is not helping his cause, have you no compassion for someone who is truly doing good work, you should be ashamed of yourself , don’t quite until you know the facts

    • If any of that is true @David Anderson, then Jon Wedger has almost completely compromised said “case to come to court” by his own publicity stunts. That is something that a copper should’ve known.

      In fact, he can no longer claim to be allowing anyone a fair trial in respect of such and has likely breached THEIR human and legal rights as a result.

      There is a very fine line between whistleblowing and publicity stunts and what Wedger, Oliver, Brees etc have been doing is effectively making money out of ALLEGATIONS [not necessarily proven ones too] made by OTHER PEOPLE for their own benefit [Wedger etc].

      There are correct ways to go about whistleblowing and the way in which Wedger and Oliver have approached such is not the right way at all, it may have set off being correct but it’s taken a different path along the lines [panto appearances ffs]. They seemingly care little now for the individuals suffering whose stories they are using for their own benefit.

      There is something very reprehensible about making any sort of money out of child abuse, in many other regards making money out of the abuse of others would be criminal and abusive in itself.

      Wedger and various of his supporters are very clearly also deeply religious [some seen on this sites’ comments section] and there are clear other agendas in play which have very little to do with child abuse and more to do with promoting a specific “satanic” narrative. One which frankly is only a moral, personal attitude and not a whistleblowing one.

      Religion should not come into such matters. It’s the abuse of kids that is the issue not whether someone has done so in one specific belief or another. To suggest otherwise as Wedger and some others have done [see this thread] is again more about a personal agenda than an anti-csa one. It matters not one bit that the so-called “Muslim gangs” were supposedly “Muslim” because they weren’t actually practicing the religion in their offending, that is just misdirection and imo very offensive. And the labelling of such by certain individuals who should know better is also offensive, csa has no religious boundaries, anyone could be an abuser. Conflating such with religion is just stupidly naive.

      And for those who doubt what I say above, try answering these questions truthfully:

      Why is it necessary for Jon Wedger to be controlling the social media aspects of a supposed CSA survivor? Wedger runs Mike Tarraga’s facebook page and has been posting live videos on it.

      Why is that required if not for self-promotion by Wedger using Tarraga’s story as a platform?

      Why did Tarraga’s own story significantly change after he came into contact with Wedger and Brees?

      Why is a supposedly very ill Tarraga, if you believe his own claims about such, being taken around the country to appear at Wedger events as some kind of validation of Wedger?

      Why did another supposed “survivor” story also change after such contact?

      Why has Wedger not registered his “foundation” as a charity if he is truly a charitable individual?

      Where are the financial accounts for what he does with the donations?

      And what the hell is he doing presenting his own CSA views at training sessions run by Anna Brees about filming on mobile phones?

      Why can’t Jon Wedger identify his own police medals correctly? He claimed one was for a specific thing and it was easily identified as being very different and in fact that specific medal was one handed out to all police officers who had served over a specific time period. It was a commemorative medal in other words. Why therefore did Wedger lie and say it was for something else?

      I don’t expect a truthful answer to any of the questions above btw from any of Wedger’s supporters, it would be far too much of a sensible thing for his [and others doing similar] supporters to take a step back and consider that they are being used for a specific purpose.

      And if you still don’t believe me, try this: NONE of the Rotherham whistleblowers required badges, T shirts, conspiracy theorist conference appearances etc etc in order to make a point PRIOR to going public with their allegations.

      They all handled the issues the correct way,

      Wedger and others are in it for what THEY can get out of it imo. i.e. Wedger etc have commercialised CSA stories for their own benefit.

      It’s about time many woke up to those facts.

      p.s. he’s been promising “court appearances” for years. None have happened. Why is that? Could it be that he’s been dangling a story to keep people interested in him rather than the actual truth of what’s gone on? It’s a distinct possibility. Same goes for the likely truthful answers to the other questions above, it’s all part of a marketing ploy to keep Wedger’s supporters onside.

      p.p.s. it is also apparent from some comments on this page that there is a complete misunderstanding about what constitutes “disclosure” with regards to personal information. The accused has a right to know who is accusing them in a court of law.

      • RTE, a superb post. Evidence is ALL that is important. I am a direct victim of horrendous State abuse, that has been covered up as “not in the national interest to prosecute” from 1974 to now, on-going. After 19 years of silence in the Press, during the international criminal investigations, I have now decided to break out publicly, and I have a few irons in the fire, because 1) ALL the cases the International Criminal Court, The Hague defined as “serious crimes”, cover ups by British police and authorities, in State Crimes against Humanity, child rape, torture, beatings and drugging into silence, but now Registered at the U.N. for “ad hoc Special Prosecutorial Tribunal” leaves me free to go public. 2) U.N. Tribunals have no juries to influence, as in Britain, these are Panels of three Judges, basing decisions on the documents (24,000) only. I won’t reveal details of other victims cases without their express written permission, but as mine are “One of the worst on record” (St Bartholomews Teaching Hospital, London) I am going public , not to get money, BUT TO EXPOSE THE MECHANISMS, BY MY DOCUMENTS, OF HOW THE POLICE CORRUPT, AND HOW AUTHORITIES CORRUPT EVIDENCE. The idea is to ramp up pressure for change in necrotic laws that allow same-force, self-investigation, that is never “impartial” and but simply provides more evidence of police lying, evidence-destruction, altering text, removing allegations from your original Statement, refusing to interview witnesses, and much more. It is not difficult to catch the liars out. You ask the Transparency questions and study what you get back. The Royal Courts of Justice told me not to waste time and money on Judicial Reviews, which do not result in prosecutions of corrupt police officers, but focus on international criminal law, what we have been doing for 19 years of evidence Procurement. My strong advice to any CSA Survivor with documents of evidence of police corruption, is send your evidence in chronologically organised Crime Files, with an Index, to the High Commissioner, U.N., Geneva or New York, and argue criminal violations of Article 54 Rome Treaty (“Prompt and Effective investigation and prosecution”) of abusers, particularly if you have been abused by State institutions, and call for the criminally acting officers / authority staff to be Prosecuted under Article 258 (Individual Criminal Responsibility). Always try to get the Chief Constable to act, in a provable way, Registered Post. Give them a time limit to respond. When I do this by email, I allow 14 working days to confirm passing the evidence to their counter corruption units, and re-allocating the evidence to an honest officer. When they are silent, they too can be Indicted because Chief Constables are ultimately responsible for the criminal conduct of their forces. And you want to get them Indicted too, to stop the corruption hurting other victims. My documents are crystal clear. My documents have already been Found True at a U.N. investigative Panel New York . The I.C.C. can only prosecute (blocks of cases) that have origins after June 2002, that’s why all ours are Registered at the U.N. Geneva. The most important thing for me is to publish the MECHANISMS of corruption these mafias employ, and how to catch them out. Delays of a year to finally lie, is to protect authorities from being sued. The mechanisms are all carefully worked out top / bottom. The CPS can block cases against the State, and when they do that you “Respectfully Request” the U.N. Prosecutes those staff as well. In Crimes against Humanity, there are no time limits and no immunities from international criminal prosecutions under Rome Treaty.
        It is SO EASY to catch them out. Always ask for written confirmation of receipt, of your named titled File documents you have sent them. In the latest PSD scam, a PSD police sergeant 7/4/20 refuses to investigate, writing falsely I had not sent evidence , when their PSD had confirmed receipt of my numbered Files (500 documents). THEN in the very next sentence, this PS writes she is not going to be bothered to quote “unpick the reams of evidence you have sent” They simply just would not get into the high I.Q. Society, Mensa. Her superior in June rejects my appeal (always do these ‘appeals’ because that becomes more evidence of lying) giving a load of hogwash on Covid excuses, which in July 2019 had nothing to do with anything regarding their year’s delay, and completely avoids the appeal central argument that the PS lied and couldn’t be bothered to look at the evidence she claimed in her prior sentence falsely claimed I had not sent !!!! These dolts are SO arrogant, they think they can write what they like. Denial of the Truth Crimes, in State Crimes against Humanity have a standard prison sentence of six years in prison, which at the U.N. may be served in Russia, South Africa or Germany. They will have plenty of time to reflect on their crimes. Don’t be shy, whack ’em in international law.

        Regards, Lindsay

    • Hear! Hear!. Mr Wedgers a good Christian man.

  8. Jon Wedgers silence for several years!
    How dare you!!
    He was doing his job to the best that he could, tearing him apart!
    It took me 43 years to ‘be allowed’ to have a voice to speak up as a victim of J Savile.
    And it’s taken a hell of a lot more cops, a hell of a lot longer, who will never come come forward due to protocol.
    Give Jon Wedger all the support he needs.
    He’s got a voice!!

  9. Having been a Met officer for 27 years I can vouch for how the organisation is corrupt at a too level, closes ranks and bullies its officers and staff. Employment tribunals are not easy and exceptionally stressful.. I’ve been there. Legal protections for whistle blowers are all well and good but it still places the onus on the officer to instigate proceedings and put ones head above the parapit in what is a VERY oppressive environment for those who dare.

  10. Jon Wedger was an outstanding cop, and one I would have trusted with my life.
    Let him speak as he wishes.
    Good luck Jon – you are an honorable man.

  11. I hope all you people denigrating Jon and his colleagues have taken note of the enquiry findings released today on paedophilia within the government and police cover ups. You all owe Jon a huge apology.

    • I fail to see how the report vindicates Mr Wedger. Can you explain, Sandra?

      • Mr. ‘tdf’ , I think you do not know this man, I think you do not want to know him and what he has done for Victim Survivors. Your maligning seems to be that of a troll, I do know him, and have done for many years, and what he has successfully done is bring a number of Victims of institutional child abuse with Denial of the Truth Crimes together and provided us with criminal legal advice (U.K. law) where we have submitted 19,000 documents of evidence, including his, under Rome Treaty Article criminal violations to two top international criminal courts. This is now sub judicial so I won’t say more on details, BUT stop maligning whom you have no idea of. His claims are true and abundantly evidenced.

        Lindsay Fraser, and on behalf of the LRV Prosecutor.

  12. Apologies to Mr. tdf. I was multi-tasking under pressure at the time I wrote the above and got temporarily confused. “this man” I was referring to is Julian King. The rest I wrote is true. Sorry.

  13. Would it be possible for me to ask if any whistleblower has knowledge of two phantom police officers at West Midlands Police, who have never contacted me, and another that lies about evidence. After a year of delays, the PSD told me quote “Responsibility has been given specifically to CI Starynski who manages
    the force contact department and the crime service teams who work within force contact – the crime service team are not investigators therefore I don’t know that they will have the expertise to liaise with CPS, this will be a matter for CI Starynski to consider
    when allocating.” I did some research: “Is Inspector Kris(tian) Starynskyj presently employed by West Midlands Police force? Yes”. I was then told quote “Your complaint has been reviewed by Chief Inspector Starynski who is the manager of the force contact department.  He has allocated it to a member of his staff ‘Heidi’ (Sorry I can’t be more specific at the moment) to review your case and make the crime
    recording decision.” This “Heidi” is obviously a pseudonym, neither replied in my childhood sex abuse / torture case, then I got this from a Police Sergeant 3666  Karen Burnham who has written 7th April:-
    “West Midlands Police have been unable to record a crime against the care ombudsman because a short succinct summary of the allegations made along with the evidence has not been provided.” (This a provable
    LIE, I did submit the “short” summary, and Burnham could have asked for it again, but didn’t. She continues    “…It is disproportionate and inappropriate for the Professional Standards Department or the Force Crime Registrar to attempt to unpick the reams
    of information that you have provided especially at the time that we are experiencing an unprecedented event in relation to COVID-19.” 
    CONSEQUENTIALLY LYING AND OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE, PUTTING ME AT PERSONAL RISK, BECAUSE MY DETAILS WERE CRIMINALLY REVEALED….” The culture of police child abuse corruption continues with no accountability in the U.K.

    If anyone can add to the information we have on these named officers , I’d be very grateful

    Thanks, Lindsay Fraser

    • I can add, I was a victim of a attake and Kristian Starynskyj got rid of all the cctv and witness statements, this was 2006

  14. Dear K. I’ve just seen your post, and am very sorry to hear you were attacked, covered up. If the crime against you was committed during your childhood, well, that’s our speciality, you now have international resources. We have been investigating U.K. child abuse corruption over 20 years, particularly institutional child abuse, and in 2019 we Submitted around 30,000 evidential documents, multi-cases, to the U.N.’s Special Procedures, calling for prosecution routes, and to the International Criminal Court, The Hague. The U.N. is widely known to be very slow, but we are making progress. If you go to the International Criminal Court website, you will see a new section on routes to child abuse Justice. You have to “firstly exhaust domestic remedies”, but that can be achieved by using CICA Glasgow,(Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) which accepts evidence from 1964, then to its CICA Tribunal, that does have the powers to issue Court Production Orders to force the police to be Transparent and release their hidden documents, they usually hide in their “Secure Offices”. Consider these facts. NSPCC’s Lorraine Radford’s 2014 Report identifying a minimum of eleven million U.K. child abuse victims, that figure much higher now. HMIC 2017 identified 41 out of 43 U.K. regional police forces had cases of child abuse police corruption. This is police culture to protect criminally acting institutions and their ‘reputations’. Recently, from 1949 to 1990’s, half a million stolen babies, where to the 1970’s that figure reached 185,000 cases. In 2020, the United Nations declared Britain “The worst of industrialised nations for child abuse” and it is easy to see why. No rescues at the time of abuse, and police and authorities subsequent cover ups. I would suggest having a look at the I.C.C. website, and as your dates refer to 2006, that is after the July 2002 start date of I.C.C. so within timescale jurisdiction for your cases. You would need to consider if your cases fall under the category of Crimes against Humanity, Denial of the Truth Crimes, which relate to State Crimes, and the police are organs of the British Government. If so, you can apply the Articles of criminal law, the Rome Treaty. If you want further legal advice, leave a post here, requesting it, and I’ll ask the Site to give you my email address, so you can ask specific questions. The LRV is a Prosecutor for the international cases.
    Regards, Lindsay Fraser

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