Some Notes on Express Journalist James Fielding, Bill Maloney and Jon Wedger

A sensational headline from early 2014, via the Daily Express:

Female MP abused boy in care

A FORMER female MP was involved in a paedophile network at the heart of government, police have been told.


She is alleged to have forced a boy in care to perform a “vile” sex act at one of a series of drug-fuelled parties in Westminster in the Eighties where boys and girls as young as 13 were allegedly abused.

Last night her alleged victim told the Sunday Express: “I want justice.”

Andrew Ash, now 45, said he has given Scotland Yard the name of the former MP. We cannot name her for legal reasons.

…He says they were organised by a paedophile ring involving David Smith, Jimmy Savile’s former chauffeur who killed himself last year before he was due to stand trial for sex offences.

…He said he is speaking out now because he is frustrated by the lack of action after being interviewed for 70 hours by the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit.

…Dutch intelligence officers attended at least one interview because Andrew told of being trafficked to Amsterdam on a number of occasions to be abused by a group of paedophiles including convicted child killer Sidney Cooke.

…Mr Ash is being helped by anti-abuse campaigners Bill Maloney and Chris Fay.

The lack of quotation marks in the headline is indicative of the climate back in 2014, at which time any “VIP sex abuse” allegation might receive sensational and uncritical coverage in the media. Of course, the story did not go anywhere – and Ash soon afterwards reeled back from at least one other allegation that appeared in the media. I’ve redacted the last name quoted above due to an unconfirmed report that this person has recently been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice; he was also quoted in an old story published in the Sunday Times back in 1990, which focused on Ash’s Amsterdam claims in relation to the supposed existence of “snuff films” made for a group called “the Elite Twelve”.

Further details about the Express story have been put online by the former pop-singer Brian Harvey, who fell in with Maloney through an interest in conspiracy theories and travelled with him to interview Ash. According to Harvey’s account, the Express journalist James Fielding joined them on the trip, and Fielding’s own interview with Ash provided the material for the above story. Harvey was given the task of videoing Maloney’s subsequent interview with Ash (at which Fielding was not present), and since breaking with Maloney he has published it online. It shows Maloney reading a list of celebrity names to Ash, who confirms that most of them abused him; the list also included a non-celebrity known to Harvey, which Harvey believes was included to manipulate him. Ash comes across as vulnerable, and Maloney as overpowering. I discussed this in more detail here.

Maloney first came to public attention in 2007, after he made a low-budget gangster film; according to Ben Hoyle at The Times:

Lunatic is written and directed by Bill Maloney, 51, a former hod carrier and recovering alcoholic who grew up in care. He also takes the lead role. His wife Maria, 48, stars and produces, while their daughter Regan, 29, is director of photography.

“We are the economy Coppolas,” Mrs Maloney said yesterday at the family’s former council flat in Lewisham, which was remortgaged to fund their unlikely tilt at silver-screen glory.

He was prodded into films by his wife after they watched Gary Oldman’s gruelling drama Nil By Mouth.

…The Maloneys set up Pie ’n’ Mash Films Ltd “to help to capture the dying culture of working-class southeast London” and began making short films with their daughter – fresh from a media and English degree – in charge of cinematography. (1)

Soon afterwards, however, Maloney instead decided to focus on making documentary videos, in which he interviews people about child sex abuse or confronts public figures about the subject. One early video, from 2010, includes an interview with David Icke, who is introduced as “becoming a predominant speaker against child abuse”. Maloney also became a speaker on the subject: in 2015 he addressed a crowd opposite Downing Street, in which he claimed that the refurbishments of Parliament and Buckingham Palace were being undertaken to destroy evidence of child murder, and suggested that the invasion of Iraq had been undertaken because Saddam Hussein knew too much about the subject.

Fielding has written a number of items for the Express relating to child sex abuse conspiracies: these include “Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring” (again, a headline without quote marks), based on quotes from Valerie Sinason (I previously noted this story here); “‘Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles’, says ex-child protection officer“, which also includes a quote from Maloney; “BBC embroiled in further scandal as executive ‘filmed Dutch child abuse movies'”; and “Rape victim reveals how her foster father and his army pals abused her as a child“, concerning an author named Esther Grace.

More recently, Fielding has promoted a close associate of Maloney named Jon Wedger, a former police officer who claims that he was bullied out of the Metropolitan Police for attempting to uncover paedophile rings. Wedger describes himself as a police whistleblower, although he says that because he is currently suing the police he cannot yet “name names”. His activism appears to consist mostly of undertaking sponsored walks and bike-rides; he claims that Brian Harvey’s appeals to him to break from Maloney amount to threats against him, although there is nothing in the public domain that would substantiate such an allegation so far as I can see. I discussed some of this previously here.

Fielding introduced Wedger to Sunday Express readers last autumn, in an article headlined “Baby P detective sues ‘bully’ police after exposing child abuse and corruption” (the extent of his involvement with the Baby P case is not clear, although we’re told that he interviewed the child’s mother). A week later, a follow-up article by Fielding appeared focusing on Maggie Oliver, a former officer involved in the Rochdale grooming gang case who “has now decided to speak out to support another detective John Wedger who the Sunday Express revealed last week is suing the Metropolitan Police for a psychiatric injury he suffered as a result of bullying”. Oliver had left the force over how the Rochdale case had been handled, but she now for the first time framed her experience as one of “bullying”, her story comparable to Wedger’s account.

This supposedly spontaneous reaction from Oliver then led a few weeks later to “Police whistleblowers call for independent body to be set up to expose corruption“, which also included reference to the issue being raised by Andrew Bridgen, a frequent rent-a-quote backbench MP who had previously commended Wiltshire Police’s ludicrous investigation into Edward Heath. Wedger has claimed in a video interview with Maloney that Wiltshire’s former Chief Constable Mike Veale has been in a contact with him, supposedly commiserating that “If they’ve been doing this to me as a chief constable, God alone only knows what they’ve been doing to you”.

However, for some reason Fielding’s articles make no reference to Maloney, despite the close connection between Maloney and Wedger that apparently goes back to 2010, and despite Fielding’s previous willingness to quote Maloney and to be led by him to interview Ash.

Fielding also avoids mentioning other connections between Wedger and the conspiracy milieu, as highlighted by a new Hoaxstead blog post:

Since leaving the Met, Wedger has broadened his troofer horizons, linking up with such luminaries as Robert Green, Wilfred Wong, Sacha Stone and his fake “ITNJ” nonsense, the Fresh Start Foundation, and others.

Why is Fielding ignoring these links? (2) Does Andrew Brigden know about them?


(1) “Pie ‘n’ Mash Films” is also sometimes presented as “Pie and Mash Films”, “Pie & Mash Films” and “Pie’n’Mash Films”. The official YouTube channel is “pnmfilms”. By chance, I recently discovered that there is a framed photo collage dedicated to Maloney’s early work on display next to the gents’ toilet in the basement of the Walpole Bay Hotel on the outskirts of Margate in Kent.

(2) Hoaxstead also notes some strange fundraising pages on two websites:

…“Support4theFamily“, launched last year. It’s not possible to determine how much, if any, this campaign raised, as it’s by direct donation to a bank account.

Then there’s “Funding Morality”, run by the ultra-dodgy Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA; This U.S.-based organisation was previously known as the JONAH Institute for Gender Affirmation, but changed its name after a series of lawsuits by clients who found their methods both abusive and ineffectual. The organisation is involved in “gay-conversion therapy” for men whose sexual orientation conflicts with their religious beliefs. 

Support4theFamily is a project created by some UKIP supporters, although it doesn’t seem to be an official UKIP group. The page devoted to Wedger was written by Wilfred Wong, an evangelical believer in Satanic Ritual Abuse whom I previously discussed here. Wong’s text also appears on “Funding Morality” – it’s not clear who set up the project page there; it may have been a supporter rather than Wedger himself.

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  1. Ah, the ‘perniciously pungent pudendum’ tale, one of my favourites! (In Baloney’s words Ash told him: “It stank, Bill! It stank!!!”) Not quite up there with the ‘prolapsed anus fellatio’ story that briefly had the campaigners’ lips smacking, but a corker nonetheless.

    Re the Sunday Times piece from 1990 (“which focused on Ash’s Amsterdam claims”) I think it would be fairer to say that the claims were made by others in his name (and quite possibly in his absence):

    “He claimed he was taken to Amsterdam in 1988 by a group of men from London, and forced to film in a warehouse where a 12-year-old boy was raped successively by 12 men, beaten with chains, run over by a motor cycle and his body dumped in a canal.

    “Andrew said that the men who had done this then sat around drinking champagne,” said Mary Moss, the association’s London development officer.

    A few days before his confession, Andrew was drugged by two men, who bundled him into a van outside Moss’s home. “At first we took all of what he said with a pinch of salt, but when he began to be followed and was then kidnapped from my house we took him seriously,” she said.”

    I’d have done the same, Mary, I’d have done the same…
    It’s not clear whether or not the journo has spoken to Ash himself or seen the ‘tape recordings’, though I doubt it.

    • (I should have added that the men supposedly following Ash prior to drugging/kidnapping him were, rather inevitably, Rolls Royce drivers. According to Mad Mary, of course!)

      • Ah yes. Well, James Reeves on Twitter informed the world that the really high level paedos drove brown Rolls Royces, that was like their secret signal to each other, or summat.

      • I missed that, TDF!

        He seems to be a bit fed up at the moment as after the scarily-named ‘Truth Project’ aren’t doing whatever he thought they ought to be doing with his ‘testimony’:

      • ^ And, of course, Eton Chris turns up in the responses reminding James that HEATH CANT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT, in spite of Heath’s corpse being essentially re-exhumed for a Cadaver Synod which some people think (and I agree with them) is only ‘cos Heath was an easy mark, being that he had no direct descendants).

        I think we both know what Reeves (if he exists, which at times I doubt) is at. Even in my ‘believing in large scale powerful Brit establishment VIP networks’ days, and yes, I took that Koolaid at times, I never quite bought Reeve’s brand of bullshit.

      • I think you’re still swigging the stuff, TDF – at least as regards MWT!

        Regarding Reeves I always had him down as more of an easily manipulable individual (like AA) ripe for exploitation at the hands of the more devious. His website of course was setup for him by that deranged horrorshow who would later go on to falsly imply an ‘enemy’ was one of the Bulger killers whose identities are protected by law. So far as I know no decades old ‘signed affidavit’ has been found to disprove this!

        With friends like THAT, eh? What an absolute shower!

  2. Going off at a tangent here, but regarding Wedger’s fundraising I noticed this amongst those questioning his true motives:

    “I have no idea how much money has previously been raised or what for, Jon offered to do a sponsored event at the end of August to raise funds for the work with survivors and families at @SwintonLockOrg”

    Swinton Lock doesn’t appear to be particulary aimed at ‘survivors’, but I suppose they’ll take any money they can get. Jayne Senior is formerly of Rotherham’s Risky Business; I had a bit of a dig ages ago and saw she had a fan in Sarah Champion MP:

  3. Searching for hits for a Wedger in the Metropolitan Police unrelated to conspiracy theory pages produces this from 2005:

    “… Detective Constable John Wedger, from the Met’s gaming unit …”

    And this from 2012:

    “Graffiti vandal who blighted Brent jailed for a year …Investigating officer PC John Wedger told the Observer afterwards the ‘ZeRX’ tag appears hundreds of time across London and Hertfordshire…”

    Both these nacews sources give his first name as John.

    • If it is indeed ‘our’ Wedger the first of those at least has him as a Detective, Jo… some ex-plod are suspected of having exaggerated their success within the ranks during their never-explained, cut-short careers!

      The second, later article only has him as a PC. Not sure why this might be (error, demotion, or perhaps it’s not the same fella). And I love this line:

      “Mustachioed Conway had been cautioned for criminal damage in 2010 but continued nonetheless, the court was told.”

      Oddly he has no moustache in the photo, so maybe he turned his life around & his back upon the sporting of lip hair.

      • 2010 and he’s a DC and involved in more serious investigations (though the conviction obtained was later overturned):

      • Er, I don’t think I’ll link to it as (a) I have no idea of its provenence which while posted in 2018 includes something supposedly taken from a statement made on “Friday 23rd May , 2008 to detective Constable Jon Wedger from the Metropolitan Polices Child Abuse Unit” and (b) though redacted it’s probably crossing the line regarding identification…

        But an entertaining read nonetheless as Wedger’s foe, amongst much other craziness, was ” a gospel songwriter(over 100 songs) and the inventor of the Portateller , an alternative international financial exchange system which he patented in 1989 in Johannesburg and the stress ball. He marvelled people over many years by writing the Lords Prayer on two grains of rice!- but never got to the Holy Grail of Frank Zappas one grain.”

        There is more! Perhaps some of this rubbed off on Wedger?!?

  4. […] thanks to Bandini, commenting on Richard Bartholomew’s excellent report yesterday, for links to the Sunday […]

  5. And he’s off!

    After resting up for a good few days having finished the bike ride, Wedger has finally dipped his toe in the water. Confusingly he says “Starts today” with a link to an event which, er, started either three months ago or in one months time!

    There don’t seem to be any organised events taking place at the moment so perhaps he’s gone for one of the ‘bespoke swimming holiday’ options available elsewhere (e.g. 4th – 8th June 2018 from £799 per person). Don’t be eating into that ‘surplus’, Jon!

    Also the link he posted has a map of a route which, while reasonably challenging, falls some way short of what he promised on one of his numerous sites when he would be “swimming around the outer circumference of the islands.” Nevertheless the carb-loading session that took place in the boozer with Robert Green a while back should hold him in good stead!

    • From Twitter.

      Mike is correct. Maloney also implied that Stuart Syvret was in some way responsible for the alleged abuses in Haut de la Garenne, claiming that Syvret was the Social Services Minister during the era HDLG was in operation, which is false and scurrilous (whatever one thinks of Syvret’s record in politics). Syvret wasn’t even elected to Jersey’s parliament until 1990. As of 1986, when HDLG closed, he was a carpenter.

      • Mike & Mungo’s questioning:

        “How can U watch the BM/AA vids & not see what everyone else does? Bill is exploiting a vulnerable man, convicted fraudster Fay gave him access. They made 20k from the female MP story alone, AA got nothing… …If you need a reminder of those Bill & AA accused, at last count, 5 Prime Ministers, Cameron, Blair, Brown, Heath & Major. Edwina Currie, Ken Clarke & Prescott. Plus Max Bygraves, Alan Wicker, David Icke & the Queen Mother Etc etc. I’m not making this up. it’s bollocks isn’t it?”

        Anna Brees’ ripe reply: “You can be friends with someone who has made mistakes. Just my opinion. But I do see and feel a good heart, one that is only motivated by truth justice and compassion… … It is so important that we support these people not bring them down”.

        Shameless. And isn’t it noticable how those who now knock ‘the mainstream media’ (after their own minor career ground to a halt) never lose an opportunity to remind us of their career IN that very same ‘mainstream media’? When it suits, of course.

        Brees has a book on the way. When pushed on when Wedger might get around to, er, actually blowing his whistle and ‘name names’ she claimed that ongoing claims against the Met needed to conclude first; this later evolved into the news that Wedger ALSO has a book somewhere on the horizon…

        Meanwhile he’s back in the water, complaining about the cold & the jellyfish. He should have done what any sensible person would do and don a bit of neoprene… but I’m rather glad he didn’t! Ouch!!!

      • From what I’ve seen of Maloney’s videos, I wonder if all the men he has shared a sofa with lapping up their horror stories have just been telling him what he seems to want to hear.

      • Ho ho ho! He swam through a shoal of jellyfish and was stung quite badly & entered the early stages of hypothermia! (According to the great man himself, of course.)

  6. Used to love this programme.

  7. While waiting to see whether ‘our hero’ would sink or swim I noticed another CrowdScrounge being ‘boosted’ on Wedger’s account: “Islington Survivors of institutional child abuse seek litigation” by Liz Davies.

    I’m genuinely shocked by this one as the money is being sought as “crowdfunding would enable Leigh Day to obtain initial advice from a leading barrister with specialist expertise as to the possibility of promptly beginning a class action…”

    Seriously? The PI vultures who stand to profit handsomely from the “over 120” future claimants that the ‘network’ has gathered need some of YOUR cash to seek advice from one of their pals in the legal shakedown industry? This is just insanity.

    Leigh Day were behind the airpilot abuse case wherein they managed to harangue British Airways into coughing up piles of cash (without admitting liability for what an employee of theirs got up to) after going to the lengths of opening a bloody office in Kenya (or was it Uganda? Or both?) to help impoverished claimants come forward, which of course they did.
    But they are strapped for cash when it comes to Islington?

    As Davies writes: “A redress scheme would be in the survivors best interests and there is a precedent in the Lambeth redress scheme response to Shirley Oaks Survivor’s proposal.”

    Yes, a dreadful & foolish precedent leading to payments for absolutely every person who ever passed through the place, regardless of whether they even claim to have suffered abuse or not. (The ‘Beechholme Survivors Whatsit’ are similarly following the same blueprint by the looks of things.)

    However they are leaving nothing to chance so the THREAT of the class action is being made “should the redress scheme not progress as ISN has requested.”

    Suddenly Jon Wedger is looking like small fry.

    • Can never quite get your gripe with Liz Davies, have always thought she is one of the few genuine people in all of this.

      • It wasn’t particularly directed at Liz Davies on this occasion, TDF.

        However I’d suggest that as one of the “few genuine people” (like McKelvie? Like Hencke?) she has added to the general hysteria with her absurd claims of massive networks of ‘powerful paedos’ and, together with Eileen Fairweather done her best to ‘boost’ the message:

        “When I [Eileen Fairweather] learnt about the Joker, I spoke to Liz Davies [as I always do], the former Islington senior social worker who blew the whistle on perverts targeting the council’s homes. Dr Davies is now Reader in Social Work at London Metropolitan University. I asked her how anyone could abuse a dying child. “Dead children can’t give evidence,” said Dr Davies. “There’s a training DVD about it. Some paedophiles target them.”

        A reporter anonymously admitted last year that he had found Jimmy Savile on a mattress at the BBC with a little girl. She was bald, a cancer victim at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where Savile “volunteered”. Savile hissed that if the reporter told anyone, his career was over. The reporter stayed silent.””

        “t was back in 1993 that the retired child-protection manager who blew the whistle to Mr Watson first proposed the idea of a nationwide task force. Peter McKelvie, who went public in the Telegraph on Saturday, wrote a briefing paper for Scotland Yard and the social services watchdog with Dr Liz Davies, the equally heroic social worker who exposed the children’s homes scandal in Islington.”

        She’s a full on believer.

      • I remember seeing that interview at the time and yes Parris’s instincts have probably been vindicated.

        But – contrary to suggestions made by commenters on Anna Raccoon’s blog (and I don’t mean you) – this was never entirely about lefties engineering a witch-hunt against Tories, at least not in so far as Davies and Fairweather are concerned. In fact, Islington at the time when child abusers infiltrated the care homes there was (and still is) a Labour controlled council.

      • And actually in McKelvie’s defence, the fact that he chose to ‘out’ himself using the Telegraph isn’t indicative of a pro-Labour party political agenda on his part. Hencke might be a different story.

      • Btw, Bandini, as regards the case of the former BA pilot you refer to, if I was a shareholder in B.A., I’d be asking the question, why did they buckle so easily? I’d be far more critical of them than Leigh Day, frankly (and I’ve no horse in the race personally).

      • For the same reason that the NHS routinely pays out for literally thousands upon thousands of cases which it knows have no merit: it’s often cheaper to cough up that to litigate.

        But I would argue that while it may be cheaper in the short term, the long term result is an explosion in fraudulent claims. But who cares about the long term these days?

        I once mentioned on Moor’s site a programme I’d heard on Radio 4 years ago dealing with the NHS and how it had given its listeners the level beneath which a payout could be more or less guaranteed, regardless of its merits. They simply won’t throw away £10,000 on legal fees to rebuff a claim for, say, £4,000. From a shareholders’ point of view anyone reducing costs will be seen as a good thing, before we even take into account the ‘reputational damage’ caused by coordinated media campaigns on the part of canny operators like Leigh Day (or Slater & Gordon!).

        Leigh Day were instrumental in bringing about the notion of ‘vicarious responsibility’ and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. You don’t have to dig too deep to see what they’re about.

        Frankly seeing these bastards trying to crowdfund their bullshit is sickening. If they’ve spotted another cash cow they could at least get down on their knees and milk it themselves and not rely on the benevolence of others.

  8. Still no update from Wedger for his backers (£6,142), in fact so far as they are concerned his epic paddling session hasn’t even started yet: “I’ve completed the cycling ride I’m now to embark on the swim”.

    But his ‘media manager’, Anna Brees, has launched what she terms an “online course”: “Former BBC & ITV presenter teaching TV for your mobile”.

    (In reality it is a video, of 45 minutes duration, which she terms a ‘series’. The original price at least where I am is 16,93€ but her various vouchers and whatnot bring that price down to, firstly, £4.99 and then £3.75.)

    In the course/series/video description she reveals:

    “Anna manages a Facebook page that has achieved one million, 10 second video views in just under a month. She shares her secrets on how to create engaging video content that people actually want to watch, comment on, and share.”

    I think we know the ‘secret’ here: CrowdScrounging money to ‘boost’ the message, presumably by paid-for advertising or by paying some poor sods a rupee or two to relentlessly click on Jon Wedger’s poorly made videos. And even so I have a hard time believing the figure of one million.

  9. An update! Of sorts…

    “Thank you @wedger_jon for his donation of £2000 to
    @SwintonLockOrg to continue the fabulous work with survivors , children & young people thank you so much”

    Aye, thanks Jon! Will the other charity involved – the Ley Community which previously received £2000 of “surplus” from the £7,340 raised on his last jaunt – be getting a similarly sized cheque? If so, there’d be a shortfall of more than a couple of grand.

    Speaking in one of his dopey Facebook videos Wedger emphatically stated that he had not received one penny of the money, paid his own petrol money, the boat was free, free lodging and food on his charity/holiday trek, etcetera.

    So where’s the money disappearing to?

  10. The ‘Democrats & Veterans Party’ seem to be fans of the Wedgemeister:

    Their video titled “How we fight PADEOPHILIA in Britain” clocks in at over 50 minutes:

    The very plummy interviewer/’patriot’ seems slightly unconvinced by Wedger’s claim of such activity underpinning Western democracy and presses him on the matter; at the 8 minute mark (where I’m leaving it) Wedger let’s us know where his ideas came from: Bill Baloney & Chris Fay. I can take no more!

    • [Oh Lord, I skipped to around the 16 minute mark and off he goes with his Satanic conspiracies!]

    • The Democrats and Veterans Party is a new one on me, sounds more like an American party, but judging from their website they are Brian Gerrish / “Direct Democracy” type loonies.

      • ^ Loonies might be a bit harsh, they seem to have a relatively well developed political philosophy. Whether one agrees with it is another matter.

      • New to me too, TDF. The interviewer – John Rees-Evans – twice contested the UKIP leadership & had the idea of “strongly incentivizing” some swarthy types to bugger off back to where their grandparents came from:

      • Enoch would be proud of them!

    • “Their video titled “How we fight PADEOPHILIA in Britain” clocks in at over 50 minutes:

      They seem to be in the back of a limo. A kind of a toff’s version of the Artist Taxi Driver’s interviews with various politicians and commentators?

  11. Bandini, was looking for a recent post of yours regarding Asia Argento but couldn’t find it. Apparently the latest is that she was sending nude photos of herself to a man that she knew was in recovery from sex addiction.

    Some of this stuff is so hypocritical to the extent that it is just laughable.

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t called for the arrests of Billy Idol and The Furey Brothers.

    • ‘Twas over here:

      I’m afraid I don’t believe in the concept of ‘sex addicts’, be they ‘recovering’ or otherwise. Alan Partridge pointed out that rather than suffering from this terrible affliction Michael Douglas “may just have been feeling very, very randy”. This sounds about right and Partridge’s own choc-addiction to Toblerone is on a similar level of seriousness.

      I see that our ‘recovering sex addict’ live-streams his video-games… I could stop here but he manages to tick several other boxes on my ‘people to be avoided’ checklist. I imagine him sat around in an adult nappy drinking energy drinks. I don’t care about his ‘trauma’ of having received a photo of her “titties”. Neither do I care about lil’ Jimmy’s ‘trauma’ of having accepted $380,000. There is no trauma, just a collection of self-obsessed, greedy moaning liars.

      Which reminds me: Swinton Lock’s Jayne Senior (MBE) confirms the ‘less than it should have been’ donation of £2,000 from Wedger:

      • I will give MWT one thing, he has good taste in motors:

        I saw a DB6 recently (the real thing, not a replica), in Foxrock, near where my mum lives. He drives it too, I’ve seen it on the roads.

        The wealth in some areas of Dublin is obscene, there’s a house in the same district with a Ferrari 599 in the driveway.

      • Motors, TDF? I’m going to perform a handbrake turn and see if I can swing us back round to ‘almost on topic’!

        You’ll remember Baloney & Fay’s old pal Clive ‘P.I.’ Godden, he of the Elm ‘list’ tomfoolery. (One wonders whether Wedger & he have been introduced.)

        I’d left all this alone ages ago but felt compelled to have another dig last night & found something that had eluded me first time around: the details of his marriage to the very much younger woman who later ran off with what would become Godden’s nemesis, thereby setting in train so much Elm-based bullshit.

        If you see the ‘postem’ I left you’ll realise why it remained hidden before:

        I’m fairly certain this is ‘our’ Clive. Anyway, so what? Nothing really except that we discover his middle initial (and siblings, etc.). And there was certainly a Clive T. Godden living in Florida at one point, and here we have a motor “[b]ought by an English gentleman ( Rev. clive Godden )whilst living and working in the sunshine state of Florida USA in 1998. Bought from its 1st original American owner. Reverend Clive Godden drove the car daily in America for the next eleven years before returning home with it to oxfordshire England in 2009.”

        I wonder if this is also ‘our’ Clive – a man of God no less! I wouldn’t bet against it. And the car? Brace yourself, TDF! ‘Twas a brown Rolls Royce! Yoiks!

        I now feel the steering-wheel slipping through my fingers and this motor careening off the edge of the page – but I did say “ALMOST on topic”!

      • Apologies, meant to put that in the MWT thread.

      • Interesting one Bandini. Could be the same bloke certainly.

      • Struggling to stay in control of this careering vehicle on the twisty mountain roads, but staying with the EGH theme:

      • I think we’re already involved in a multi-vehicle pile-up, TDF! I’m off…

  12. Chris ‘I went to Eton, you know’ Stacey reached a new low on Twitter today I reckon. If we think that child abusers being murdered in prison (whatever dreadful things they may have done) is a good thing, then we might give up on this rule of law mullarkey entirely.

    Meanwhile excellent tweets from @RCBLTN . Cap doffed.

  13. Wedger’s media manager & crowdscrounging ‘booster’ blows the whistle on the downward spiral of her career in an explosive book that is destined to sell quite literally some copies, possibly to MechanicalTurks in Bangladesh (if there’s any money left over from the Facebook ad-campaign):

    “I was offered a full-time job back at the BBC but decided to turn it down, because I believe journalism is about the pursuit of truth. Now we have the technology and the platforms on which to broadcast, my new purpose in life was to mobilise many voices not just front a few. Having trained to become a psychotherapist, I became far more aware of my ego and agenda. With that introspection, I decided it was wrong to go back into TV news, while I could empower others instead.”

    Ho ho ho!

    • The book is dedicated “[t]o brave police and political whistle-blowers Jon Wedger, Mike Veale, Loony Harper…”

      She mentions her mindblowing BBC/ITV 2000-2011 career in the second paragraph of the introduction, but perhaps mindful of the low attention spans of those daft enough to part with their money to read this rubbish she returns to hammer home the point in the seventh paragraph: once again she was “working for the mainstream media from 2000 until 2011”. MechanicalTurks, it’s gonna be a long slog this one!

      The “trained to be a psychotherapist” claim soon takes a tumble: she dropped out of a five-year course (or ‘put it on hold’ in Brees-speak) after only two of ’em. Nevermind, the course’s effects were profound as, after noticing that “people were choosing their own reality”, she decided to join in this dance of the mad and before long “was very much choosing my own reality.”

      Her plan to do away with real journos whose names she doesn’t mind dropping is explained thusly: “Everything I did was on my iPhone and would take no longer than two hours from start to finish [a sure sign of quality!]. I would film my shots [sic? read on!], then edit in the car, add my voice-over often in a toilet cubicle…”

      More unintentional hilarity ensues and we’ve not even made it to the book proper:

      “A strong broadcast journalist voice-over really make nonsense seem like the truth. It could be baseless, unchecked drivel – but that voice – the BBC/ITV reporter voice, can make anyone believe anything”, writes the former BBC/ITV reporter…

  14. wheres Bill Maloney?
    Really need to contact him urgent

  15. For the record: Bill Maloney has repeatedly claimed (now dropped) that one of his films won a prize at the prestigious New York Film Festival. It did no such thing and they have never heard of him. He “won” a prize at a phony & now defunct festival called the New York Film & Video Festival, one of dozens that regularly crop up in the USA and take advantage of people wishing to enter the film business. Basically you pay a large sum of money & enter your film which they claim will be shown to “industry experts, usually a remote cinema hired for the day in outer Brooklyn and basically “everyone wins a prize”. Whether Maloney was taken in by these scammers who drive real professionals in the industry crazy or deliberately misinformed with the “festival’s” subtle name change is a mystery but he no longer mentions his win.

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