Murder Victim’s Grandson Accuses Mark Williams-Thomas of “Predatory Actions”

UPDATE: The above headline reflects the fact that Causley has been convicted of murder. However, no body has ever been found, and the late Bob Woffinden argued that a miscarriage of justice had occurred. His critique of the documentary can be read here.

From the Mirror, August 2017:

A daughter trying to solve the riddle of her mother’s murder has launched a new bid to uncover the full truth after 30 years of torment.

Sam Gillingham is demanding her lovecheat father Russell Causley – in jail for the murder – reveals what he did with Carole Packman’s body.

She also intends to face Causley’s mistress Patricia Ward in court after launching a private prosecution against her for using tragic Carole’s ID.

…Last year, Carole’s murder was the subject of ITV ­documentary The Investigator, in which Mark Williams-Thomas – who exposed pervert DJ Jimmy Savile – probed her disappearance.

The BBC has an overview of the case here. The television series was broadcast in 2016, and a Mirror article published at the time reported how Samantha GIllingham “and son Neil sought help from investigator Williams-Thomas after he exposed Jimmy Savile as a paedophile.” The same article (by a showbiz reporter) said that “after watching the final instalment of ITV’s The Investigator, Samantha Gillingham feels she is one step closer to discovering her mother’s fate”, although a piece in the Express published the same day reported that “viewers were left feeling cheated and furious as after various suggestions that things were going to take an interesting turn, practically nothing was solved” (as ever, this was a “Twitter comment round-up” article).

So what happened about the “private prosecution” against Ward? No such prosecution has materialised, and in April this year Neil Gillingham (on social media “Neil Gill”) issued a statement criticising Williams-Thomas for what he calls “predatory actions” that have “humiliated” his mother. As evidence for this assessment, he has published a text message that he purportedly received on 14 July 2017, in which Williams-Thomas appears to have promised to fund the action:

So we will set meeting up for next week QC is back Sunday so will get date then . We are go on the private prosecution – I will fund £50k to get it to trial and getting going asap But this should be kept secret. We should start next week a crowd funding page to raise 50k for the private prosecution . I need you to talk to Police today and tell them you are about to start a private prosecution against Patricia . You have waited almost a year and no progress – you need to know the state of the review and if charges are imminent for Patricia . Does that work for you?

Must keep all funding aspect just between us.

The above is slightly ambiguous: is the crowd-funded money meant to supplement the promised £50,000, or to reimburse Williams-Thomas? Either way, though, the promise is unconditional and presented as an amount sufficient “to get it to trial”. It seems that this promise was not honoured.

Neil asks:

Who benefited from putting a positive spin on that [press] release? Mum? Me? My grandmother or Mark and ITV who the same week as saying we were launching a private prosecution also announced series 2 of The Investigator?

Given the claims recently made about Williams-Thomas in relation to the Jonathan King trial, this leaves a troubling impression. We might also ask why it is that this newsworthy grievance has not made its way into the same newspapers that have over the years used material either about or from Williams-Thomas.

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  1. The original post that appears in Eric’s tweet can be found here:

    There is a bit more info regarding MWT’s rotten behaviour in the comments below but perhaps as interestingly a lunatic turns up offering ‘help’. I won’t link to the (quite possibly well-meaning) ghoul, but suffice to say that fake claims of having been a “police consultant” abound while images of Myra Hindley’s waterfall nestle against others of Portugal…

    The amount of rubbish these families have to put up with…

  2. This is v interesting, if true.

    The ruse of ‘raising funds’ when already pledged is precisely the way some charity fundraising operates in order for it to appear that there is a ‘massive response’ to an appeal -ie successful so pledge more. I have argued for long that many abuse investigations follow a similar plan.

    To take the Savile ‘Exposure’ programme aired after a few pre- programme claims as a teaser. When aired with phoneline, publicity and lawyers promising compo it’s claimed ‘massive response’ when in fact mostly a few known pre- programme accusers and others on hold.

    So another appeal for victims more pub, programmes etc this time on the basis that there has been a ‘massive response’ of victims since the first.

    All based on the private/public appeal fundraising method pioneered by Marian Alford re the 80s GOSH appeal and described in her 93 Charity Appeals – complete guide to success.

    I interviewed her when it was published in 93 and her method of success made a deep and lasting impression on me. As she said – people want to contribute to success – not failure.

    Her ways of attracting the secret private donors were borderline fraudulent but all in a good cause.

  3. Same Mark Williams-Thomas who white knighted for “Nick/Carl” in Op Midland?

  4. Not a good day for MWT, see David Rose’s skewering of him in the Mail?

  5. The woman did it. She knew. Now she needs to rot.

  6. As always the comment section is worth reading more than the late news article. Whoever tries and help this ‘victim’ daughter is wasting their time. I’ve followed this story for many years now, I just have a hard time understanding as a mother and daughter myself when will Sam accept she is her fathers daughter? When will it occur, I’m sure never, that her behaviors only mimic dear ol dads. If you don’t see it then you haven’t followed the story long enough. This is just another tantrum from someone whom treated her mother terrible she made the woman who gave her life miserable. Finding her body will not make you feel better Sam. There’s no way to fix what you did all those years ago. You were a stomping self righteous brat & real life has no do overs. Let the memory of your mother rest. It seems you think if you are successful in locating her remains (or possibly die trying) that somehow will make your punishment lesser on the other side. It’s not everyone else’s fault. It’s yours, you should have been your mothers friend then but you didn’t care & I think caring now is self seeking behavior. This in its self screams lawsuit. Your absolutely disgusting as a person.

  7. Nicole, your comment regarding Sam as a disgusting human are unwarranted. She was 16 when her Mum disappeared. 16. A teenager… how many teens do you know who aren’t stomping self righteous brats?

    Sam, I’ve watched the series, and am so shocked that Patricia has never been charged with anything. It’s quite frankly unbelievable.
    As for your father, it’s my opinion he is 100% guilty. I’m saddened that he cannot confess where your mother is. How selfish. I’m so so sorry –
    Ren in Australia.

    • “It’s not everyone else’s fault it’s yours”- REALLY? Wow. What a bizarre statement.
      Nicole, how is Sam to blame for her fathers and Patricias actions in addition to her mothers murder?

  8. Sadly I said all along that MWT did not have the knowledge or capability to solve the Packman case. My heart goes out to Sam as she allowed herself to be dragged along like a tidal wave by MWT
    He clearly was not a “specialist investigator” and ITV should never have said he was.
    The evidence is clear in the King case, the investigator documentary and even MWT’s support for “Nick” from operation Midland.
    MWT was out of his depth, running on celebrity status and hype.
    I personally believe that the late, great Bob Woffinden was right as Causley is clearly wrongly behind bars. Unfortunately there is so much corruption within the police and British justice system as a whole that innocent men rot in jail whilst liars and those driven by the power of celebrity status thrive on others grief.
    There were people desperate to see Russell Causley remain behind bars when MWT’s documentary was aired because he was the ideal scapegoat. Is Carole Packman dead? Did Russell or Patricia murder Carole? I doubt it. MWT is addicted to sexual offences and glorifies them particularly when it comes to celebrities, why I don’t know. He served as a uniformed police officer with just 9 months as a rookie in CID making the tea. He would not of held high enough rank to have lead serious enquiries and high profile cases. What happened to the private prosecution in relation to Patricia Causley? Why? MWT’s false promise and the crowd funding page never came to anything, it was fake, just like MWT’s other “exposures” that have lead to innocent peoples lives being destroyed. If MWT told me it was snowing and he had a snow ball in his hand I would pop out and double check before I reached for my wellies.

  9. You would have to be an absolute moron to believe that MWT being an asshole in any way changes the fact that RC has confessed to Carole’s murder. It is entirely believable and most likely that Patricia was involved and he accepted all of the blame to protect her. I am gobsmacked by the ignorance of many of the contributors here.

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