“Police Whistleblower” Linked to Jon Wedger Promotes Quack Bleach Autism Cure

On Twitter, autistic rights campaigner Fiona Pettit O’Leary challenges self-described “police whistleblower” Jon Wedger about his links to a man who advocates administering a bleach product to children as a supposed cure for the condition:

@wedger_jon Why are you supporting a man that offered MMS BLEACH to Autistic children, read in link below.

The man here is one Anthony Carlin, a former Police Service of Northern Ireland officer who came to public attention in 2016 after he attempted to arrest a judge in court during a civil action he was involved in. Carlin was sentenced to prison for contempt of court, the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland noting (in the words of the Belfast Telegraph) his “self-importance and attention seeking”. Carlin declined an offer to have the sentence set aside in return for an apology, which in Wedger’s mind makes him “an extremely brave police whistleblower who served a brutal prison sentence rather than back down to high level corruption”. Carlin’s own account can be viewed on the Kremlin propaganda website RT here , billed as “what really happened”.

Carlin was present at a mysterious meeting of supposed “police whistleblowers” that took place in Manchester in July – Wedger was also there, and videos briefly available at the time show Wedger being warmly greeted by Maggie Oliver, a former Manchester officer who has achieved celebrity status due to her involvement in bringing the infamous Rochdale “grooming gang” to justice. Wedger claims that he was forced out of the police after uncovering paedophile rings, although he is vague on the details and his allegations remain unsubstantiated.

Despite this, he has been endorsed by Mike Penning MP and has perhaps been in contact with Andrew Bridgen MP, and he has been promoted in several Express articles by James Fielding. Much of Wedger’s activism has consisted of sponsored charity walks and swims, along with making videos in which he chats with and endorses various conspiracy theorists on subjects such as Satanic Ritual Abuse. His website also carries material in support of Tommy Robinson.

O’Leary’s Tweet about Carlin directs Wedger and other readers to her website, where she explains Carlin’s involvement in promoting the toxic Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a supposed cure for autism in children. Advocates of MMS claim that autism is caused by a gut parasite that is visible in the stool of those who have had the treatment – these samples have not been made available to researchers, but photos indicate that the material may be strands and fragments of gut lining, corroded by a product that is basically bleach.

MMS has been widely exposed as an obvious scam, and the Irish broadcaster RTE ran a segment about it on its news strand Prime Time in 2015 – the programme (on YouTube here) featured an interview with O’Leary, along with undercover filming of a seminar where the product was being promoted. Most of those involved in running the seminar had their faces blurred, but O’Leary has identified Carlin as one of those involved:

RTE went undercover and secretly filmed people who make and sell this toxic bleach product MMS.

RTE were not aware at the time of filming that one of the people in their secret filming was policeman Thomas Anthony Carlin.

Carlin advoctes this toxic bleach MMS as a cure for Autism, Carlin was a serving Police officer at the time of this RTE filming in 2015.

Carlin has his face blurred out in this documentary but RTE have confirmed it is the ex policeman Anthony Carlin.

Carlin can be seen in this documentary between 6 and 20 minutes in promoting this bleach and says he is looking for a child to work with and he wont be emotional about it.

That was in mid-2017; more recently, she has posted what appears to be a screenshot of a Facebook comment by Carlin in which he describes someone, presumably her, as “that anti-MMS muppet” who “needs her face stomped on like a ciggeratte getting put out !!”

One face was wasn’t blurred out by RTE was that of one Mark Kishon Christopher, who is also shown expounding how to escape debt by nullifying mortgages and by deploying pseudo-legal strategies against the authority of courts. This places MMS within the “freeman” or “sovereign citizen” subculture, and explains why Carlin behaved in such a bizarre and deluded way when he appeared in court. O’Leary discusses this link between MMS and the “sovereign cult” more generally here. Enthusiasts of the movement have been heavily involved in promoting the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax, and Christopher has appeared on a podcast hosted by Sean Maguire.

The origins of MMS lie with Jim Humble, an elderly man who was at one time a member of the Church of Scientology. He is the founder of the “Genesis II Church of Health & Healing”, based in Colombia in South America, and his MMS agents have ecclesiastical titles: thus Christoper is a “Reverend”, and another promoter in Ireland, Patrick Merlehan, has been described by the Irish Sun as a”dodgy self-declared Irish ‘bishop'”. Humble claims to be an alien who asked to be assigned to the part of the “space navy” that protects the Earth (an obvious lift from Scientology); he and his product were the subject of several segments broadcast by ABC7 in the US in 2016.

Given the harm caused by MMS (and ABC7 notes the case of a woman who died after taking some as a supposed malaria preventative in Vanuatu), O’Leary quite rightly asks Wedger to explain how his association with Carlin is consistent with his supposed activism against child abuse.


O’Leary has also recently been using Twitter to chronicle an Irish copycat “Yellow Vest” movement, drawing attention to vicious rhetoric and the presence of conspiracy theorising at protest events – banners include the claims that water fluoridation is “poisoning us”, and that illnesses such as asthma and dementia are due to the weather being “engineered”. As a result, she has been crudely trolled and abused, in some cases by individuals who express unambiguously racist views.

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  1. Do some more research: MMS is NOT bleach. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite, a completely different compound to chlorine dioxide.

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