High-Profile Former Rochdale Officer Attends “Police Whistleblowers’ Meeting” Involving SRA Conspiracy Theorists

A Tweet from independent journalist Anna Brees, 11 July:

I have been told that 30 police whistleblowers are meeting in Manchester tomorrow and I’ve been told @itn will be there along with @thetimes Thankyou I have hope

Informal pieces to camera recorded during the “meeting” have been posted online by Brees and by a YouTube channel called Battletv, although for a gathering of “whistleblowers” details are oddly thin on the ground. Brees has highlighted the involvement of Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver, while Battletv also refers to “Robert Green, Anthony Carlin amongst other heavy hitters”, as well as Gareth Slinn and Darren Cox. There is no sign of coverage from ITN or The Times.

As a Detective Constable with Greater Manchester Police, Oliver played a significant role in bringing the Rochdale “grooming gang” to justice, since when she has become something of a celebrity: she was portrayed by Lesley Sharp in last year’s Three Girls BBC dramatisation, and earlier this year she was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother. She resigned from the force in 2012, and last year she told the Daily Express that this had been because of bullying. It was stated that previously she “not spoken publicly about her bullying so as not to detract from the way in which the young victims were let down by the police.”

Wedger, meanwhile, claims that he was bullied out of the Metropolitan Police for uncovering paedophile rings; when he came forward in 2016 Oliver expressed support, and the two have since made joint appearances. A nuanced discussion of Wedger’s account can be found on the Hoaxtead Research website.

However, the Hoaxtead author also points out Wedger’s association with Bill Maloney, which of course takes us deep into the conspiracy milieu: Maloney has made numerous videos alleging VIP abuse, and in 2015 he gave a speech at a rally opposite Downing Street in which he accused David Cameron of being a “paedophile protector” and alleged that refurbishments at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster were being undertaken to conceal evidence of ritualistic child abuse and murder by up to 76 MPs. Wedger has also come to include Satanic Ritual Abuse in his own claims, in discussion with Maloney about the notorious “RAINS list“, and in interviews with Lou Collins for David Icke’s website and with the alt-right “Red Pill Phil“.

Maloney was not apparently at the “whistleblowers’ meeting”, but the name of Robert Green (not an ex-officer) will be familiar as the continuing promoter of the Hollie Greig hoax and of SRA claims, while Anthony Carlin is a “common law” (similar to US “sovereign citizen”) theorist who was imprisoned for contempt of court after attempting to arrest a judge during civil litigation in which he was involved.

UPDATE: More here.

UPDATE 2: Brees has made a Tweet that strongly indicates that she supports the American “QAnon” conspiracy theory.

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  1. Bill Maloney has re-instated his false claim he won an award at the prestige New York Film Festival. The Festival denies it and say they have never heard of him. What he did was enter his film in a vanity festival, the defunct New York Film & Video Festival which attempted to cash in on the reputation of the real thing. Everyone could enter if they paid a large fee and were guaranteed a “prize”. Film industry hopefuls handed over large sums for “media opening nights” for their movies in a top cinema only to find the cinema was in the outer Bronx and not one journalist ever turned up. The fraudulent festival lasted about 3 years but it’s just one of dozens of dodgy similar ones that open & close with great regularity in the US. Maloney knows exactly what he’s doing by making the false claim about his non-existent award, sometimes removing the claim and then re-instating it every now & then.

  2. That YouTube channel has now been scrubbed of anything relevant.

  3. Your link to the Express article about Maggie Oliver’s bullying allegations is written by James Fielding, who also wrote the “Female MP” article. (& many others, I have a list)
    Wasn’t that article based on some of the information derived from the AA interviews? Who was actually present at these interviews?

  4. Lest we forget, one of Exaro’s “magnificent seven” MPs – Simon Danczuk – invited Harvey to Parliament to discuss what no doubt was a ‘dossier’:

    “It’s the first time I’ve met him. He came across to me as a really thoughtful person. The reason we were meeting up is to discuss some work he’s done around child sex abuse. He was sharing the information that he had gathered. He feels quite passionately about protecting children and really wants to make a contribution. We know that showbusiness is an industry that’s had a number of abusers within it. He’s providing a number of leads that I’m keen to follow up and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m pleased he’s done the work he’s done. We had a good chat. I’d be happy and keen to meet him again.”

    You do that!

    (A few months later and seedy Simon claimed there were “[c]hildren being violated, raped and tortured, some in the very building [Parliament] in which we now sit.” Not sure where he is now though I’m pretty sure he isn’t where he ought to be.)

    • Not sure where he is now though I’m pretty sure he isn’t where he ought to be.)

      Lol. There was a 1980s computer game (not very suitable for children tbh, though probably mild by modern standards) called Leisure Suit Larry which carried the tag-line in the advertisements for it: “looking for love in all the wrong places”


  5. Every generation the #ChildAbuseIndustry discovers new champions from the wellspring of moral entrepreneurs who attach themselves to this lucrative area. These ‘stars’ are then polished-up and inflated in mainstream media by Hacks on the make. It’s all part of a massive industry which trammels DGP and leaches money from the NHS and local authority budgets. These ‘stars’ remain in the ascendancy only as long as the shock-horror lasts. Where is Dianne Core and her Childwatch charity now, after almost single-handedly foisting the Satanic Ritual Abuse myth on Britain? At the time she was involved in literally HUNDREDS of articles in mainstream media pushing the SRA lie. Four years later she ‘retired’ and hasn’t been heard of since, yet the major-generals of the #ChildAbuseIndustry who liased with her are still at it behind the scenes, polishing up replacements to suit their political and sectarian motivations. If it didn’t pay thye wouldn’t do it.

    I wonder if in this latest meeting they will mention the 1990 Rochdale Satanic Abuse fiasco? Probably not as it entirely disproves their beliefs and approach.

    The kids taken into care at the centre of that utterly false case are now old enough to speak for themselves and repudiate everything that the social workers and police said had happened.

    There was no abuse at all in that saga, let alone Satanic Abuse. The SAFF was in contact with the Rochdale policewoman heading the investigation at the time. She’s noticeable by her absence at this meeting of like-minds.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OVyAPrHNWA

    for some of the kids’ interviews.



    for the full back story.

    Or get in touch with us at saff:@uk2.net if anyone requires further info.

    Tony Rhodes

  6. https://twitter.com/BlogBandini/status/1188446716820885505

    I am also awaiting with bated breath the forthcoming book from Guy Marsden (nephew of JS) and Leah McGrath-Goodman’s tales of woe from Jersey. If any of these works eventually appear, will they be in the fiction or non-fiction sections one wonders.

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