Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic: Hampstead Churchgoers Face Mob

Church Protest Hampstead

From the Daily Mail:

…At morning service at the church attached to Christ Church primary school yesterday [Sunday], parishioners were confronted by a group of between 20 and 30 of [Ella] Draper’s supporters, who hurled abuse at them and held up their mobile phones to film them as they arrived.

‘Paedophiles,’ screamed one of the protesters. The group — or ‘mob’, some might say — were eventually moved on by the police.

Some of those who attended the church service were left visibly upset by what happened. Remember, this was a Sunday morning in genteel Hampstead.

Draper, as has been widely reported, coached and coerced her two young children into making lurid videos in which they made extravagant claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse against their father and individuals associated with the school, church, and locality. The children alleged not just child sex, but also the ritual murder of babies, brought in from other parts of the world. They further claimed that babies are cooked and eaten at a nearby fast-food outlet, and that a shoe-repair shop makes baby-skin shoes for cult members.

I noted the case a couple of days ago, and how these bizarre fantasies had been spread online in particular by two associates of the mother: Sabine K McNeil, who has form when it comes to blundering into custody cases, and Belinda McKenzie, who is David Shayler’s former landlord and heavily involved with conspiracy mongering and Truther activism in the UK.

Videos have now been posted to YouTube that show the mob outside the church, and it’s an extraordinary sight. They include the most vocal protestor, an American named Christine Ann Sands, screaming the children’s first names, so in deference to a court order that forbids re-publishing this detail there is no link on this site.

At the start of the first video, Sands is shown “binding the demons” at the church, and she also calls on Jesus. However, I doubt that this reflects any specific religious affiliation – she goes on to accuse the churchgoers of “fucking children”, which most Charismatic/neo-Pentecostal Christians would regard as unacceptably coarse. She also references the “murder of Princess Diana”, and like McKenzie she’s known primarily as a conspiracy theory activist. Sputnik News has a profile from 2013:

Christine Ann Sands one of the chief organizers and one of the few public faces of Anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia, in an exclusive interview, about the Million Mask March, Hacktivism, WikiLeaks and the truth movement. According to Ms. Sands the American people have been hijacked by evil forces that were behind the 9-11 attacks and that continue to control the US government, the media and political parties… Ms. Sands says the people know something is wrong and this is where those fighting for truth such as Anonymous, Occupy and WikiLeaks come in. Massive marches and demonstrations are planned for November 5, 2013, in defense of the truth.

Sands has also – perhaps inevitably – appeared on RT (Russia Today), explaining her involvement with the Million Mask March. Her association with Anonymous appears to be contested, though, with some sites disavowing her.

However, the crowd around Sands at the church did not look like Anonymous or Occupy types: rather, the chance to abuse innocent churchgoers by accusing them of the foullest of crimes seems to have appealed to a number of affluent-looking, middle-class and middle-aged women. This is far cry from the “Paulsgrove woman” council estate anti-paedophile hysteria that we saw in Portsmouth in 2000.

And as with the Satanic Ritual Abuse panics of the 1980s and 1990s, there appears to be a religious element: one of the other protestors, a Scottish man, raised his arm, closed his eyes, and led a prayer delivered in a way that would be instantly familiar to anyone who has attended an evangelical Christian service. His words:

… Lord Jesus, just open up this time of prayer among these good people who have gathered in protest against what is happening with these children, associated to this church and the local primary school… Lord, we call on good police officers, who know what’s going on. We call on the police officers who have been told by their senior officers to stop this investigation. Lord, just empower these people. People worried, they need their jobs, need to pay their mortgage. Lord, just open their eyes… Lord, just expose this sinister circumstance, Lord.

Applause and cries of “yes” from the crowd.

UPDATE: Also present among the protestors was a certain Neelu Berry, who previously took part in protests organized by Belinda McKenzie outside the High Court. Berry spends her time attempting to arrest judges, and she has also issued an indictment against “Mrs. ELizabeth M.A. Battenberg/MountbattenWindsor”.

UPDATE 2: The posters on a forum here and here have further details on Berry and some of the other protestors, who apparently subscribe to “Sovereign Citizen” beliefs. I always thought of this as an exclusively American movement, which I wrote about here; apparently, it has broader appeal. One poster notes that a video statement by the children’s mother, in which she repeats her allegations, also includes nonsensical content relating to “commercial liens” and such; this pseudo-legalese rhetoric is identical to examples of Berry’s writings.

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  1. Sabine K McNeil and Belinda McKenzie were the subject of a February High Court Injunction ordering them to remove all references to the Hampstead matter from the internet- the injunction applies to anyone made aware of it.
    Both have defied it and presumably that is why McNeil has fled to Germany , or is in “exile’ as these fanatics claim. I’d be very surprised if both do not end up on charges of contempt of court.

  2. I’ve been following this case for some time, and have come to the conclusion that it’s a combination “child custody battle gone horribly wrong” and “cynical manipulation of susceptible individuals”.

    I believe the children were abused–physically, at least, by the mother’s boyfriend; and mentally/emotionally by the mother and boyfriend, who forced the children to make these horrific (and highly unbelievable) accusations. And of course, their lives have now been damaged–possibly irreparably–by those who’ve continued to spread the videos far and wide.

    I’d love to see all responsible parties involved in this ugly mess brought to trial, but since they seem to have fled the country, I’m not holding my breath.

  3. […] are perpetuating those claims, however. From Richard Bartholomew I learned that a group of 20 or 30 protesters turned up last Sunday to the church attached to the […]

  4. Sabine McNeil has been strongly urged not to get involved in this as SRA is a fundamentalist hoax.

    But the Daily Mai should know what is happening in the description of and evangelist calling out the children’s names and binding the demons.

    She is casting the demons out of the children and conducting a”deliverance Ministry” exorcism.

    Yes you did just read this.

    The fundamentalists who started this 25 years ago wished to cast demons out of the children involved and use “Deliverance Ministry”. This was why they publicised the movement.

    it was also why other Evangelicals opposed them.

    It has all come back.

  5. Did anyone ever clarify where the baby-skin shoes were sold? I have been thinking of getting a pair of slippers for wearing around the house.

    Seriously though – great research as always, making for a fascinating read, Richard.

    • -*Some 27-25 years ago I wrote an academic paper on the Evangelical fundamentalist aspect of the SR, A craze here and in N. America and that it was proveable a fundamentalist hoax centre around their belief we were living in the Last Days and the AntiChrist was about to arrive. The children were being trained to serve him. The book “Michelle Remembers” set all this going. Incidentally the AntiChrist is late as he was supposed to appear for the millennium in 2000. I see the baby skin slippers have also been revived. It was for this reason the authorities dived through the window and ran off down the road ,as with the Lafontaine report as they realised it would totally discredit all Child protection work, as I was told. It I clear someone has read a copy of “Michelle Remembers” or got hold of a copy of one of the old case tapes.

      • What you aspect among; is as something with the ritual abuse a reticent a passion for no compassion that states your beliefs as pretty much directly in correlating as yourselves among the charlatan and given motif of your Satan. -My eye is speedier than yours underlying abet oh esoteric dysfunction you Satanist’s rely on in your little jargon spiel you take part in amongst yourselves like on sites like so this. Believe you there are Christian’s like myself who totally understand your little word games you try about. Your guys and your time is short, as God’s winnowing stick is at its height and ready to start reaping.

      • I would disagree with you on parts. This was not set in motion my Michelle Remembers. That’s a common misconception. It was set in motion by Sybil in 1973. Another fictional tale of forgotten, historical child abuse uncovered in therapy. Michelle Remembers was nothing but a rip off of Sybil with cults and was based on 1970s Recovered Memory therapies sessions. Radical Feminists, of the lesbian separatist/victimology/anti sex work/Radfem therapist variety, were running a persecutory media witch hunt similar to #MeToo in the 70s that focused on the abuse women and girls faced in the home. They became obsessed with Sybil, psychotherapy and Freuds Seduction Theory and started pushing conspiracies about Freud being forced to disavow his theory by a Patriarchy hell bent on covering up the abuse of women. They urged women to go into RMT to uncover forgotten memories of childhood abuse. Many did and more followed after Sybil was made into a TV movie. SRA claims were produced depending on the patient and psychotherapists beliefs. Many Radfem therapists produced accusations of Satanic Ritual Abuse in their patients as well, and many famous Radfem’s (Gloria Steinem, Catharine MacKinnon & many more) demanded that the masses listen to & believe SRA accusations, just as they are doing now. It’s called the non victim blaming model of radical feminist therapy (created in the 1970s).l, they had been pushing mandated belief without evidence for years and couldn’t back down. Gloria honored & awarded America’s worst SRA hacks, attended conferences with them, distributed materials that allegedly proved SRA was real and published multiple stories in her former rag Ms. Magazine that demanded belief from her followers.

        There is no doubt insane Evangelicals were involved or that Evangelical therapists practiced RMT but I wouldn’t give them or Michelle Remembers credit for starting the victimhood psychosis.

        Radfem’s & Evangelicals had formed a 1970s anti sex work political alliance in the U.S and we saw Radfem & Fundie therapists and advocates crusade to have hysterical neurosis changed to multiple personality disorder through the 1970s. They wanted it moved to a section of the DSM that would allow it to be covered by insurance. They got their wish in 1980, the same year Michelle Remembers came out. The diagnosis of MPD jumped from 90 speculative cases in 200 years to thousands overnight. Thousands who had been in therapy in the 1970s and had already been making SRA claims.

        Social worker were given MR as a training manual in 1983, after it had been debunked in Canada.

        (Please ignore any autocorrects or mishaps. I’m on the last 30 min of a long night shift and my eyes won’t catch them)

    • You are sick. The Lord God Jesus Christ, rebuke you.

  6. There is nothing hoaxed about those two kids being sexually abused. There is no doubt they were sexually emotionally physically and spiritually abused. By the birth father and likely friends of his. People need to remember the mother already had full custody. Dad had very limited access legally up to that point but the kids said he was coming around them at school without moms knowledge. Watching the interrogations of the kids by cops- you can tell they are traumatized and they describe their abuse in a relaxed way during the first interviews. They feel safe- perhaps they finally believed it was going to be over. The final interrogation which contains the ‘retraction’ they acted like robots. Especially the younger boy. He acts drugged. He also can’t make up his mind and goes back and forth between no it didn’t happen and yes it did. Watch his hands as he capitulates- rolling his hands. He did it a small amount during the first interviews but does it constantly almost like a tweeker might as if drugged during the so called retraction. I’m no christian but I know damn well that humans do some disgusting things ritualistically with children. It’s a FACT a tragic horrible fact. It’s called pedophelia. Likely daddy is making and selling porn. The way the boy describes his own father making plastic willies. They both blurt out many details without being prompted by the interviewer. This whole thing stinks. The mother had custody why on earth create problems for herself? That makes no sense at all. Just because some nut jobs have attached themselves to this case doesn’t make it not true that they were abused. That argument is flawed and would be exploited by people seeking to cover up. I don’t believe the children were coached to be able to explain how daddy stretched their butts. The little boy says they put glue in his butt. When asked why he thinks it was glue he says “because it was sticky” water based LUBE is very sticky in fact. It was likely water based lube not glue. The boy also accurately described snorting coke which daddy gave him. This is a cover up. Those poor babies.

    • I have to tell you with the utmost clarity where abuse had taken place in the these cases in the US. and Britain the foolish introduction of the SRA element and standard claims completely discredited the cases. That was the concern then by the investigators. The FBI ended up tearing its hair. The police did in Nottingham.

      • I don’t know what kind of servant the Lord you are: now so what Lord you are talking about; because here I so would have too assume that you are not talking about the Lord God Jesus Christ as your Lord. Because your so comment doesn’t have any fulcrum point to give it a any credence at all. Look up the Franklin Cover-up; and look up Cynthia McKinney an ex-US congress woman who questioned Secretary of Defense at the time there Donald Rumsfeld about the US government giving US tax dollars to his and Bush’s there connection to Halliburton which were giving Billions to Dyn Corp as Dyn corp were caught child trafficking and dealing in the sex trade. Just start there and then go to then ex FBI section Chief Ted Gunderson. Or how about in your own country Jimmy Savile the friend of the Queen and King, involvement in the Pedophile ring going on there. You are either full of shit or just ignorant or both. Your statement is not Christian.

    • Agreed.

  7. Man, you people really need this to not be true for you coming up with your comments that are in basic add agreement with what barths is trying to so do, to these beautiful children and other children and adults who have suffered horrible, horrible ritual abuse and either loss of life or loss of their personal well here being. Either those kids and their mother are the there greatest sociopath genius types to ever live and could elaborate a story straight from their head with no cue card or help as beyond? Or you people live your lives in total denial or some of you are actually practicing Satanists as yourselves and are trying to throw a ruse around so this.

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