Covid-19 and Satanic Ritual Abuse: Conspiracy Viruses Converge in UK

On 8 August, a crowd gathered in Hammersmith in London to express opposition to the wearing of masks as a public health measure against the spread of Covid-19. Banners included the slogans “The Mask Is Stupid”, “Stop Nazification of UK”, and “#Stop New Normal”, and the event was graced by presence of Piers Corbyn, the infamous crank brother of Jeremy Corbyn. The speakers included Louise Dickens, who elicited cheers when she claimed her grandfather Geoffrey had exposed a “VIP paedophile ring in Parliament back in the 1980s”, and Jeanette Archer, whose discourse was concerned with Satanic Ritual Abuse (including the Hampstead hoax) and adrenochrome harvesting. A video of their speeches can be viewed here; both were well received, although at one point Archer was interrupted when the crowd started shouting at someone off-screen who was wearing a mask. (1)

Louise Dickens is the granddaughter of the late Geoffrey Dickens MP, a buffoonish figure who in the 1980s supposedly compiled elusive “Dickens dossiers” of VIP child sex abuse allegations, and who by the end of the decade was also endorsing lurid SRA allegations (including a bogus evangelical “Satanic survivor” memoir by one Audrey Harper). Louise Dickens sees herself as continuing her grandfather’s work, interest in which was revived by the sensational false allegations of Carl Beech.

Jeanette Archer, meanwhile, claims to be the survivor of a Satanic cult based in Surrey, and to have witnessed industrial-scale child sacrifice that she alleges has been covered up by the police. According to the most recent issue of Private Eye magazine (1528, p. 41), Archer made a complaint to police in 2012, following the ITV Jimmy Savile documentary, and her claims were investigated by Surrey Police and the Metropolitan Police over the two years that followed.

The Eye further notes that Archer was interviewed for a video by former police officer turned conspiracy theorist Jon Wedger in May, and then by Shaun Attwood, “a prolific conspiracist YouTuber with more than half a million subscribers to his channel”. Wedger of course is also a close associate of Anna Brees, another conspiracy promoter who recently announced that she is providing Louise Dickens with media training. A while ago, Brees and Wedger persuaded a man named Mike Tarraga to revise his memoir of a troubled childhood to include a sex abuse allegation against former prime minister Edward Heath; this raised the profile of all three individuals, although Tarraga has recently fallen out with Wedger and expressed some scepticism about Wedger’s SRA claims.

Brees has also been active in promoting Covid-19 conspiracism through interviews, and a few days ago she spoke with a colo-rectal surgeon named Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil (2) who has been suspended by the General Medical Council for making videos in which he denounces the coronavirus as a “scam”. Adil is of the view that Covid-19 cannot exist because it does not fulfil “Koch’s postulates”, a method for identifying bacterial pathogens that was developed in the 1880s, before viruses were even discovered. Unsurprisingly, Adil’s suspension has been interpreted by the conspiracy milieu as evidence that his claim must be true; he has also been interviewed by David Icke protégé Richie Allen, who it appears does not appreciate his media rival. Allen denounced Brees on Twitter both for uploading an extract of her interview allegedly without Adil’s permission, and for admitting she was too afraid to upload the whole thing in case she loses a social media channel. Richie even went so far as to publish direct messages he had received from Brees appealing to him to back off. (3)

Further anti-mask protests have been taking place today: in Birmingham, a “huge crowd” came to hear and applaud Piers Corbyn, Adil and Gareth Icke, son of David Icke, among others. (4)


(1) The event was organised by a group called “UK United for Freedom“, and Hammersmith was one of several locations where protests were planned for that day. Attendees were asked to make an opening statement in unison, saying that “We no longer recognise Boris Johnson as our PM, or recognise the authority over us of the British government. We declare a unilateral declaration of independence right now and free ourselves of this corrupt government.” This may suggest some sort of “Sovereign Citizen” ideology. The video was uploaded by someone using the name “Majór Singh”.

(2) Var. Mohammed Adil, Mohammad Adil.

(3) Allen redacted his screenshot to obscure other Twitter users who have been in private contact with him. However, he made a poor job of it, and one of his correspondents can be identified as James Delingpole, a writer who at one time was hired by Steve Bannon to work on Breitbart UK.

(4) This event was organised by a group called StandupX. According to reports on social media, the line-up included “Dr Mohammed Adil, Piers Corbyn, Gareth Icke, Jason Liosatos, Kevin Corbett, Andrew Johnson, Mark Devlin”.

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  1. Richard, look, it is all very well debunking conspiracy theorism, but what about REAL cases like mine, that are proven at the U.N. fact finding Tribunal in New York, now Registered, with other cases, for “ad hoc Special Prosecutorial Tribunal” crimes that a British Government department has just started an investigation, taking my 7,500 documents seriously ? The documents show I was taken from my real mother, by a “baby farming” council, and satanically tortured by State appointees with knives, sex abuse, drugging, and beating into silence with five police forces colluding in evidential cover ups. There is more to the case than I am putting here, that is the reason for the “not in the national interest to prosecute” and cover up cases. Neither the BBC nor the Sunday Times was interested in seeing my evidence. Because they cannot debunk anything, and clearly incriminates the State. So the gauntlet thrown down. IF THERE IS A SERIOUS JOURNALIST READING THIS, and you want to see my evidence, and investigate, and report the Trials to come, I WILL SEND YOU THE EVIDENCE, no wah wah wah opinion. THE EVIDENCE. Which includes legal argument. Note:- U.N. Trials are 3 panel Judges, and only document based, there are no juries to influence, so now I want the cases reported. If the U.K. that is not O.K. doesn’t want to know, I will approach foreign Press world wide. All you need to do is ask Richard to send a contact address, and I will email the chronological files to you. (I cannot send you the other victims evidence, it is their property, but mine yes.). I want to put serious pressure by exposing the mechanisms of corruption identified. 19 years of international investigation now resolving. There is nothing to debunk, the documents are crystal sharp, and proven to the U.N. New York. I was tortured by the State, and it has been covered up from 1974 to now. But international agencies have got the evidence, advising me and more. This is just a summary, there are many more unpalatable elements exposed by the evidence. I do not want anonymity, I want to expose the corruption, as well as State torture of babies. Is there a Guardian journalist who wants to see the evidence ? Let me know through Richard please and I will send you the comparative evidence that implicates 5 police forces and the NHS Records Office and more involved in sabotage and lying and altering text etc. bloody etc. Thanks to the Universal Justice work of international Prosecutors, it has now been split open and proved. Sorry this is one you cannot debunk as a “conspiracy theory” because it is evidenced heavily and real. The Prosecutors have argued to the U.N. that I have been tortured for 67 years, because Denial of the Truth Crimes, Perjury and Perverting the Course of International Justice, are “extended psychological torture”

    • Can you provide a link to the particular tribunal and any judgments?

      The UN is pretty good (read fantastic) at getting even pre trial stuff available to the public.

      • Tracey, thank you. There are two in fact, the first a U.N. New York fact-finding Panel that found my own documents True, Nov 2015, of torture and cover ups, and the Special Procedures “ad hoc Special Prosecutorial Tribunal ” Registration October 2019 includes, other victims’ cases (25,000 documents). The U.N. (Geneva) considers these “confidential” during the analysis period, but will be Submission Reference number kj0zu743 for Prosecutions of police and officials proven to have destroyed extreme U.K. State child abuse evidence, and cover ups. Is John working with you ? I’m thinking in terms of not duplicating sendings.

        I am now preparing the Files for the German Constitutional Court, to track down the Nazi surgeons in Nottingham, rescued from the Nuremberg Trials, who carried out the “Army Jobs” sterilisation experiments to ‘discover’ if ripping out reproductive organs, quote “balanced” psychosis. I actually have those documents, where I was used as “human compensation” for the psychotic, and I was tortured over a 25 year span, hence “not in the national interest to prosecute” 14/4/04, Surrey Police, who allowed my torturers to abscond in secret. And it is STILL being covered up, by now, a total of 5 regional forces, but a Government Department has just started an investigation from 2001. It is futile for police to destroy evidence at this stage. And yes, New York U.N. was very supportive.
        Thanks, Lindsay Fraser

      • Lindsay, John isn’t working with me.

        The three panel tribunal in New York deals with internal UN staff matters such as pensions, dismissals.

        If there are findings from a fact finding panel of judges that judgment would be available publicly, even if some details of complainants and other matters are redacted.

        If there is an analysis period there would be no findings. If there are pre trial findings on certain matters, those would also be available to the public.

        What you are writing makes no sense and is both internally inconsistent and contradicts things you have written on this website and elsewhere. You have written elsewhere that your case will be heard by the International Criminal Court in Geneva. You have also said that the UN court (the particular one varies in your retellings) has made certain decisions. These should all be available already on the UN websites. I will say this again, even pre trial findings from the ICC are available.

        Having a correspondence reference number is not the same thing as having a court or body such as the UN accept anything you have complained of is true.

        As you can imagine, people all round the world will write to the UN for redress even though the UN will be able to do practically nothing in their case because of the very real limits of the UN’s power to prosecute cases. It is a little like the sorts of pleadings the Queen gets from desperate people.

        I am particularly interested in the correspondence or judgments you have received from the UN. I will say, this is what interests me the most. I hope you don’t mind, but I will keep pressing you on it.

        If you have an actual “ad hoc Special Prosecutorial Tribunal“ looking at your case I am incredibly surprised that this isn’t international legal news. It should be. Your case would be the first one I know of where a tribunal has formed and it isn’t in a post-conflict situation such as after the genocide in Rwanda.

        If you could provide the link to the NY findings, I would be grateful.

      • Tracey, thank you, but you appear to have gone off on the wrong track. 1) The U.N. fact finding panel Nov 2015, had nothing to do with dismissals, U.N. staff ,matters whatsoever. It was writing a Report, sent to Theresa May, on failings etc. in U.K. institutional child abuse, and no I do not have a copy of that Report, only my exchanges with the Panel in regard to my cases. 2) The International Criminal Court is not the Geneva Court, it is based in The Hague, and no, the Submissions (X3) and instructions from the Office of the Prosecutor are not in the Public Domain. These are marked “Confidential”, as is Special Procedures which you can learn about at the U.N. Geneva website. If you try to assert I am inconsistent, I will not reply to you, because I am too busy to deal with nonsense like that. I do what I do, and am in competition with no-one. My work, and the Prosecutors work is about helping victims of abuse to the best of our ability, and I don’t like games, O.K. ? Special Procedures is always “confidential” until the final moment, as at the moment they have 25,000 documents to examine, and normally take 2 years to bring to Trial. With currently 13,million abused children (20%) of the population of the United Kingdom, it is of international concern, and what you can find is the U.N. statement that the U.K. is “the worst of industrialised nations for child abuse”. I suggest you learn a bit more on international courts, and how they work, which is not for your personal convenience, before suggesting I am inconsistent. The I.C.C. equated the Submissions as “serious crimes” but due to origins before June 2002, they would not do just the recent cover ups, but deferred to the U.N. As far as I am concerned it is the evidence that matters, not your “inconsistency” comments.

      • Tracey, further. I have in writing the Royal Courts of Justice, London, advising me to proceed with international prosecutions, because there is nothing like this in the U.K. Why do you think HMIC have identified institutional child abuse corruption in 41 out of 43 regional forces ? Corruption of evidence and ignoring of evidence is the central cause of astronomic numbers of State child abuse in the U.K. There is no working criminal accountability, so of course evidential corruption is rife, and police habitually hide crimes to protect the State’s institutions, not the victims. The strategy is delay, and lie, to wear Survivors out to the point of giving up complaining. Refusals to interview witnesses, deleting documents, profuse lying in writing, altering medical text, removing text from Statements, Transparency Failures are common practice in all the serious cases. I don’t know who you are, nor what you do, but fact-finding on the realities of Victims’ experiences is something you need to do. You need to understand also that each and every year, over a thousand victims die from “no justice despair suicides” (Lantern). This is an unacceptable situation. Corruption kills.

        There is a third way Victims can get justice at the U.N. Evidenced complaints can be sent to the High Commissioner, Geneva or New York, which are then sent to the Attorney General, U.K. who has 6 months to respond. This is recommended in the first instance, for any individual victims, disappointed with IICSA, that does not work with individual victim’s evidence. The “no stone unturned” Inquiry, like IPCC / IOPC is not truly “independent” because it is constrained in remit by the British Government. It has no Prosecutorial team, nor a bank of lawyers assisting victims, when ordinary Barristers and solicitors have “no expertise” in multi-agency cases of child abuse, or “no capacity” because they are swamped in cases. Personally, I have tried over 90 firms of solicitors, and whereas they say I have strong evidence and cases, my collection is too complex for them, and even a Barrister Specialist firm said they would do them, but would need solicitors to share the workload. This is the situation of many Survivors in the U.K. Denied criminal justice by authority and police corruption, they / we have great difficulty to impossibility to find legal representation, and no, the Law Society is not able to resolve case saturation. Justice Reviews are extremely expensive for the Survivor to mount, when depressed and without work. Even High Court Judges have criticised the system. So Tracey, if you think I am inconsistent, provide an alternative…..

      • Tracey, one last point, a bit of homework for you. You mixed up the I.C.C. (The Hague) with Geneva, so what is the difference between the International Criminal Court, The Hague, and the U.N. Special Procedures Tribunals in Geneva ? I have meetings with U.N. Compliance Officers in Madrid, so I know the answers, but try to find out the differences, they are not the same court systems, so as you have an interest in this area, use google search to try and find out why they both exist separately.

      • Ah, Tracey, something does puzzle me. You say “What you are writing makes no sense and is both internally inconsistent and contradicts things you have written on this website and elsewhere. You have written elsewhere that your case will be heard by the International Criminal Court in Geneva. You have also said that the UN court (the particular one varies in your retellings) ”

        WHAT other “elsewheres” ?? That is news to me because Richard’s is the only media I have commented on. I don’t use social media, because I have felt the multi-cases evidence needed careful handling. I worked with “Angel’s Survive” in the past, some years ago, and with lawyers and official sites, so I am intrigued as to your “elsewheres”, unless you mean official sites I deal with, on a regular basis. Are you a Government employee ? Sure, I give them a good kick from time to time, when they sabotage access to evidence….but no one can accuse me of being “inconsistent” and please note the I.C.C. is in The Hague, eh, hehehehe!! We have submitted 3 Tranches of files, including studies from the NSPCC for the purpose to both international courts. I do not make the confusion you have made, but I am intrigued as to why you feel the need to pick holes in 19 years of meticulous legal work….

      • Well, Tracey, you have not defined your “elsewheres” but as we are a sizeable collective of child abuse Survivors from different parts of the U.K., that IICSA has ignored, because it does not do “individual” cases, so excludes most of the 13, million, has no Prosecutor, nor team of lawyers to assist individual victims, it is quite possible someone from our collective posted on my behalf, and I have no problem if they do, but apart from Richard’s site, I do not personally use social media, so my guess is your “elsewheres” indicate you work for one of the departments I have clobbered as a “mirror” reflecting back what the U.N. has described as “disgusting” conduct. Like the Force Solicitor of Hampshire Police who wrote to me to tell me that “international criminal law does not exist, it is a catch-all expression” hoho, I have 100% support (including active support) from the principle Charities, and the RCJ, in this international prosecutions work, with full-time Prosecutors, acting here under Universal Justice, me Cases Compiler for the collective, so as you do not even know where the top Courts are placed, you are not one of the over 90 firms of solicitors and barristers, who say I have strong cases, but too complex for them, you are not exactly in a position to say I am “inconsistent”. When you reach my advanced age, you will have a better idea of process, and what is going on in the U.K. regarding Survivors problems with evidential corruption, that is the central cause of the astronomic numbers of State-allowed child abuse. Germany and other countries have child abuse, but not authority corruption, to the endemic degree in the U.K. . And your allusions to desperate people getting nothing from Buck Palace is not a good example, is it ? With a certain history of trying deals with Hitler, and more recently, a certain embarrassment with a child abuser, I would seek a different example . U.N. mechanisms are complex, but they are available. That does not mean I am “inconsistent” and none of the Professionals I work with have suggested such, the reverse in fact, I am now quite good at getting evidence and exposing corruption, having been well trained. If I am wrong, and you are a victim who is confused, I would suggest you compile your cases and evidence and Submit them to the High Commissioner as a “complaint”. You will not be able to do what we have done, as you need to be a block group to register for an “ad hoc Tribunal”, you cannot do that as an individual.

      • Tracey, you come in here, appearing to know about the U.N. Court procedures, when clearly you know very little, and even confuse two different courts, take a slug at us, and what we have achieved for many victims of institutional child abuse cover ups, building evidential files over 19 years, and conducting international criminal investigations by professional Prosecutors and agencies, and then you run away, and disappear. You are not part of the Labour Tory Party are you ? I tried to get Starmer to be proactive against same-officer, same- unit, same-force, (and same-authorities) SELF investigation that always yields more evidence of lying and evidential corruption, protecting their friends, in ALL the institutional child abuse cases, we have Submitted to the U.N. , and new ones coming in, and the Labour Tory Party could not have cared less. Police harass victims of institutional abuse, who complain about corruption, in one case we have Submitted, multiple institutional child rape victim, told by police and authorities who ignored her evidence, that “CHILD ABUSE IS FANCIFUL” persecuted to death. False arrest, bleeding in a police cell, taunted, to shut her up, denied medical assistance, denied a duty solicitor, and the Tory Labour Party did not give a brass monkey. Try being tortured for decades and see what it does to you, eh, ? The police protect the institutions from accountability, and IICSA is just an ‘anger sponge’ that ignores evidence from “individual” victims, which I have this admitted in a recent IICSA letter to me, thank you. So with deep divisions, anti-semitism, a weak leader, stay in opposition for another ten years. If you lot are going to remain inhuman, of course you lose votes, even from the staunch traditional labour areas. “Protect the Police” and what about the victims of police corruption thence harassment ? HMIC have stated only just this February, that the public have lost faith in their police. Of course, British police forces are profoundly corrupt across the board, 41 out of 43 regional forces, with an embedded culture of corruption affecting millions of victims of all crimes. And child abuse, wrecking the lives of the future generation, spawns drug and drug related crimes. Drugs are NOT a ‘solution’ for deep anger depressions. The U.N. has been castigating the U.K. for 20 years on its beating of children. Such treatment teaches and projects violent crimes and behaviours. The U.K. does have a rather poor record on violent knife crime. What the U.N. wanted from us, was evidential documents of WHY and HOW U.K. child abuse at the 13,000,000 level, and blind eye evidential institutional cover ups are rife. That is what the 25,000 Registered documents are about, in the “Worst of industrialised nations for its child abuse” U.K. that is not O.K.. The MECHANISMS of corruption, and where international prosecutions are the deterrence, agreed by Royal Courts of Justice in London. You never answered my question, provide an alternative, because you have no interest in the ruined lives of so many children, have you ? Only in your version of U.N. legal process you accuse us of having no sense, and are inconsistent. By mixing up courts, you are the one who is “inconsistent” and I suggest Tory Labour starts looking for accountability solutions that are impartial and truly independent, a U.K. anti-corruption deterrence, with no friends in police stations, and start listening to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary’s despair, and act robustly on the evidence. I do not deal with opinion and conspiracies, we only deal with factual official documents, thanks so much, which is why the U.N. has been supportive. You taking a swipe at us, with your own self-perceived brilliance, about Special Procedures in Geneva, just shows how ignorant you are, with political reasons for your “no sense”. What you say will make no difference to the final result.

        Lindsay Fraser

    • Sure.
      We’ll look into it for you Lindsay
      Send your documentation to and we’ll get back to you.

      • John thanks, what I am doing at the moment, are key facts files that considerably reduce the 7,500 documents in organised files, could you please wait for these, because if I send you the main Court Files, you will be swamped. About a week to finish this. These key facts files, sample and include the Nazi experiments, some of the key medical evidence, U.N. New York Findings, the first and last recent cover ups. The middle years of cover ups are listed in indexes with two line summaries, and I can send you any selections you want . They expose the MECHANISMS of corruption used, not just the evidence pure and simple, and I want victims to be able to recognise rapidly , the first signs of trickery and lying and how to combat this. It is quite easy for us to catch them out, I am Cases Compiler, and the Prosecutors are international working under the legal Principle of Universal Justice. And this is the whole point, sure, I want justice for me, but to inject criminal deterrence is why we have been investigating, and preparing victims’ files (gratis, no cost) for 19 years. PCA, IPCC corrupt, IOPC absorbed some staff from IPCC, and is NOT independent, because police can block them. Chief Constables normally protect their corrupt officers, so there is no local deterrence nor criminal accountability. In the most serious cases Articles of criminal law, Rome Treaty apply, and in institutional child abuse, Art.54 is always violated (“Prompt and Effective Investigation and Prosecution”)

        Please give me a week or so to complete these micro files on my own cases, and you will see readily, what is happening. The State’s documents have legal arguments in text boxes added.

        All the best John, and thank you

  2. “graced by presence of Piers Corbyn, the infamous crank brother of Jeremy Corbyn”

    I thought Piers was the rich one that made his money selling his crank science to hard headed businessmen.

    Clearly there is a suggestion of a slight preference for the erm even harder-headed brother being betrayed in Bartholomew’s Blog.

  3. Hi Richard,
    Great article and well written, but it was remiss of you to omit the extensive recent work of the SAFF in relation to Louise Dickens and her enablers, Jon Wedger, Wilfred Wong and SRA victim imposter Vicky Ash, as our analysis gives your readers a wider view which makes Dickens’ attempt to politicise the SRA claims by roping in Tory MP Andrew Bridger appear far more dangerous than the usual storm-in-a-teacup created by conspiracyloons.

    Louise Dickens served as a Tory councillor in Richmond, Yorkshire, for some years, under Rishi Sunak’s constituency (Sunak has complimented her political assistance – apparently before he knew she was a Satan Hunter like her granddad, I hasten to add.)

    In the documentation in the SAFF piece Louise Dickens states her intention of getting into mainstream politics to finish the SRA work of her grandfather Geoffrey Dickens. She is being used by the old-crowd of SRAhunters and will obviously become a cause celebre for them in that she’s suckered in to the old RAINS Helen-G list and apparently believes that Leon Brittan was a child-abusing pervert, even though Carl Beech was sent down for 18 years for contributing to those lies.

    Louise Dickens was recently stumped by SAFF evidence of 14 official inquiries/reports refuting the idea of SRA. She had no answer because she’s more ignorant than you might imagine about the issue, however where did she go for help and assistance? Qanon Pizzagate groups. Never underestimate the influence of genetics.

    Here’s the griff:

    Of course if you or anyone else wants more insight into SAFF research they need only ask.


    John F

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