New Video-Sharing Site Amplifies Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitic Imagery

On Twitter, “national treasure” Maggie Oliver promotes an interview uploaded to a video-sharing site called “BrandNewTube”:

I’ve been asked to post the link to my interview with wonderful  @shaunattwood & @SoniaPoulton. It’s about two and a half hours in, a 20 minute interview. Here it is …x

Oliver is famous across Britain as a former officer who drew national attention to police inaction regarding “grooming gang” activities in Rochdale; she has since written a memoir and set up a foundation, and she is frequently referenced in the media, always in glowing terms – the Daily Mail calls her “the real angel of the north”.

As such, it is to lamented that she uses her position in public life repeatedly to promote actors within the conspiracy theory milieu, who get far more out of the association than she does. I’ve noted previous instances here and here; the link to Attwood and Poulton is not new, but this latest Tweet is of particular concern due to the platform involved. Here’s the “BrandNewTube” landing page:

As can be seen, the site amplifies David Icke, and there is also explicit anti-Semitic imagery, in the form of some sort of demon with a Star of David for a face holding a globe of the world in its claw. The “Featured video” (in this instance amplifying a fringe far-right group) rotates when the page is refreshed, but the four images above it are static. It’s not clear if this is because they link to the most popular videos or if the site is deliberately advertising them for some reason.

“BrandNewTube” was registered in May; ownership is opaque, although Whois shows the registrant is based in Greater Manchester. A list of “dedicated content” channels and blue tick symbols give the impression that uploaders include Dave Chappelle and Russell Brand, but it is Attwood’s material that dominates, with titles such as “Maxwell & Maddie McCann”. As shown in the screenshot, on 28 August he held a live-stream with David Icke – this was one day before yesterday’s “Unite for Freedom” Covid-19 conspiracy rally in Trafalgar Square, which has been widely reported  (e.g. here and here) in the media and at which Icke spoke (I previewed other speakers here).