Covid-19: Anti-Vaxxers and Conspiracy Theorists To Gather at Trafalgar Square

From an advert doing the rounds on social media:

Mass Protest and March
Trafalgar Square, London
Saturday 29th August 2020 at 12:00

No More Lockdowns – No Social Distancing – No Masks
No Track and Trace – No Health Passports
No Mandatory Vaccinations No “New Normal”
Restore all human rights that have been violated

Top World Class Doctors and Nurses Speaking Out with Real Truth on Covid19 against GMC constraints!

Prof Dolores Cahil, Dr Adil, Senator Dr Scott Jensen, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Eric Nepute, Dr Mikael Norway, Kate Shemirani, Dr Kevin Corbet, Piers Corbyn

Some of those listed above were at a similar event just last week, at which speakers not only denounced the wearing of masks as a public health measure against the spread of Covid-19 but also accused the police of protecting “VIP paedophiles” and covering up the mass murder of children in Satanic rituals.

Despite being “Top World Class Doctors and Nurses”, the speakers may not all be familiar to everyone, so here’s a quick overview:

Prof Dolores Cahill (to spell her name properly) chairs the right-wing Irish Freedom Party. In June it was reported in the Irish Times that she had

been asked to resign from a leading European Union scientific committee over online claims she made about the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an hour-long interview with a popular alt-right activist on May 10th, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, Prof Dolores Cahill promised to “debunk the narrative” of the pandemic.

Lockdown and social distancing is not needed to stop the spread of the virus, she said. People who recover are then “immune for life” after 10 days and deaths and illnesses could have been prevented by extra vitamins, she claimed.

Her interviewer was one Dave Cullen, who goes by the name “Computing Forever”. Health Feedback has addressed her claims here.

Dr Adil – this is Mohammad Iqbal Adil (var. Mohammed Adil), a locum colorectal surgeon who apparently believes that the Covid-19 coronavirus cannot be detected using a nineteenth-century method for identifying microbial pathogens, and therefore its existence hasn’t been proven and any vaccine will be a “scam”. A recent online interview he conducted with the conspiracy theorist Anna Brees led to a row between Brees and David Icke protégé Richie Allen.

Dr Scott Jensen is a Minnesota State Senator who claims that Covid-19 deaths in the USA are being overhyped for financial reasons – his views where amplified by Laura Ingraham at Fox News, and were then taken up by Alex Jones. However, Jensen says he has no knowledge of Jones, and in April he was quoted as rejecting the idea that the coronavirus is being overhyped for electoral reasons. The Minnesota Reformer has more. His apparently somewhat limited scepticism, focusing on the methodology of epidemiology, is in contrast to the more extravagant claims and rhetoric of the other speakers.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is “an American osteopath who claims that vaccines cause asthma, autism and auto-immune disorders”. In 2015 an intended tour of Australia was called off after venues cancelled on her. Her books include Saying No to Vaccines and Fowl! Bird Flu: It’s Not What You Think.

Dr Andrew Kaufman is a “natural healing consultant” who according to Reuters claims that any vaccine against Covid-19 would amount to genetic modification. He expounded on this in an interview with “independent researcher” Spiro Skouras.

Dr Eric Nepute is apparently a chiropractor, and he commends Schweppes tonic water to prevent and treat COVID-19, due to its quinine content. Snopes has a profile here.

Dr “Mikael Norway” is actually Mikael Nordfors, an enthusiast for alternative medicine who has authored a book on “Demosocracy”, described as “the new system in which liquid democracy solves the problems of corruption and slavery, where the new consciousness sets humans free from the modern society in which we do not belong.” The book “is a guide to a new world order in which the people actually decide together and live in a transhumanist garden of Eden.”

obscure; it’s possible that “Unite For Freedom” has garbled someone’s name so badly he or she cannot be identified.

Kate Shemirani goes by the name “Natual Nurse in a Toxic World”; as recently noted by the BBC:

A glance at what she posts on Facebook and Twitter reveals relentless attacks on Bill Gates, the wearing of masks and NHS staff, whom she calls criminals and liars for perpetuating the “hoax” that is the coronavirus.

But much of her content is about vaccines – this week she claimed the polio vaccine caused polio and had harmed and killed thousands.

Hope Not Hate adds:

in among the unfounded medical advice that she dispenses, Shemirani also teaches her followers about a vast, broader conspiracy: one that includes Satanic symbolism in music videos, the organised destruction of the atomic family, 9/11 as a false flag attack and large-scale sexual abuse of children by a global elite. Shemirani has also expressed her admiration for David Icke and condemned international organisations such as the United Nations and World Health Organisation as belonging to the New World Order.

She has also promoted 5G conspiricism, in conversation with Mark Steele.

Dr Kevin P. Corbett (to correct another speaker’s name) runs “KPC Research and Consultancy”. He has an MSc in Nursing and a PhD in Social Sciences, and like Adil he takes the view that there is no scientific proof for the existence of the virus. His website alleges “The Covid Nazification of the National Health Service”.

Piers Corbyn of course is the brother of the former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. His foray into the science of pandemics is of a piece with his long-standing views on climate change.

The advert for the protest also includes some banner logos at the base. These are for “Stop New Normal”, the “Free People Alliance”, “Keep Britain Free”, “Save Our Rights UK”, “Collective Action Against Bill Gates” and “StandUpX”.

UPDATE (26 August): David Icke has now confirmed that he will also be speaking at the event

6 Responses

  1. Snopes?!

    Hope Not Hate!!!

  2. Something similar happened in the centre of Madrid, Spain, a couple of Sundays ago, but we deal with it in a different way to the U.K.. A musician, whose mother died of Covid in February, manipulated his mentally compromised followers , and while he stayed safe at home, got 300 idiots to demonstrate in the centre of Madrid, that masks were dangerous, and the government wanted to use future vaccines against the virus to inject microchips into everyone, so the government could mentally control the population, and that Cover does not exist. The ‘slaves’, without masks, who attacked the Spanish Police, are now in prison. One of these ‘no covid’ nuts, is now in the UVI in a serious condition from Covid, and the ringleader musician, is facing criminal prosecution for putting people’s lives at risk. The last I heard he has been arrested and is in detention. Two Spanish nurses, got a viral social media advert going, showing themselves in protective clothing, but holding up a notice that says in Spanish “To those who say Covid does not exist, we need you to volunteer in hospitals to clear out the dead bodies, and clean up the slops of those still alive but in the UVI (intensive care), but as Covid doesn’t exist we will not be giving you any protective clothing”. This sarcasm is a great way to tell younger people to keep safe, and that the virus has not gone away, because there is a danger that the no-covid potty brigade, can persuade young people tired of lockdowns, to realise life matters, and the virus is bloody dangerous, and can spread to their close family members too, particularly if they are asymptomatic . Spreading lies that the pandemic doesn’t exist, causing it to potentially maintain a pool of infections, putting other people’s lives at serious risk, is something akin to an act of terrorism. In Spain, sane saboteurs are prosecuted. if they are mental, that has to be a treatment direction. Common sense would say that if independent laboratories worldwide, are investing millions, in manipulating the Covid genome, to hopefully create a harmless version, that will competitively put the dangerous mutations out of business, then of course the virus is real, and what is so difficult to believe when every 100 years or so, some pathogen gets dominant ?? For the British nuts to claim an anti-Covid vaccine will cause polio, is straight out of a video game, or comic book. That is impossible, medically speaking. One area of research now, is exciting, the attempts to chemically break the waxy surface of all such viruses, so that macrophages (our first line of defence) can destroy viruses quickly. If this research is successful, then many virus types will be out of business, retroviruses included. The Covid challenge financial investments, in fact, may lead to greater defences in the future, by destroying their surfaces, against many current horrors, like HIV etc. where at the moment these viruses can be contained, but not killed outright. So there is some hope ahead, despite the misery now.

  3. I didn’t write this very well, what I meant is the no-covid potty brigade could cause young people to drop their guard, and take risks they should not be taking. There have been a number of ‘brotes’ local groups of infections, emanating from discotheques and illicit ‘puti clubs’, ladies of the night clubs, as well as normal work / social family groups. So it’s still around…


    Prof Dolores Cahill promised to “debunk the narrative” of the pandemic.
    Lockdown and social distancing is not needed to stop the spread of the virus, she said. People who recover are then “immune for life” after 10 days and deaths and illnesses could have been prevented by extra vitamins

    Delores, are you immune for life from the common cold virus for example ?? Or influenza, another of the coronavirus family?? Are you off your head ??? Post infection immunity from Covid, can last no more than season if you are lucky. I don’t know what you are a ‘Prof’ of, but antibodies and immunity is not your science. I suggest you study Nossal to learn something about the subject, before spreading absolute rubbish, that can spread the virus. Twinkle.

  5. You forgot to mention that Dr Adil has been suspended by the GMC for his views and that Kate (Kay) Shemirani has also been suspended by the Nursing governing body the NMC for her behaviour and misinformation

  6. So many loons who weave this pandemic into the anti-Gates & Soros claims with it being part of the move to the NWO. Yet surely masks defeat their other claim that the rapid advance of CCTV is to facilitate identification & tracking of movements of every citizen.
    Exampled in a small way recently when 2 thugs held up a service station having entered wearing masks which was not regarded as odd by the attendants.

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