Andrew Breitbart to Speak at NY Anti-Mosque Rally

Andrew Breitbart’s rehabilitation following his national disgrace is underway: later this month he will be speaking at an event in Florida (a “Transparency Summit“, no less), and after that he’ll be standing alongside the likes of Newt Gingrich and John Bolton at Pamela Geller’s 11 September anti-mosque rally in New York. Here’s the list of speakers, as published on her website (titles etc. from original):

911 WTC families
Ambassador John Bolton
Newt Gingrich
Geert Wilders, Dutch Parliamentarian
NY Senator Candidate Gary Berntsen
Jordan Sekulow (ACLJ)
Ginny Thomas (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife)
Pete King (invited)
Michael Grimm Staten Island House of Representatives, 911 First Responder
Andrew Breitbart

Geller is linked to Breitbart as a writer for his Big Government website, although perhaps not all her allies share her enthusiasm for him: another site commended by Geller, entitled Silent Majority, cites her list of speakers but leaves Breitbart’s name off.

Silent Majority promises “the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to 9-11 Rally”.