Andrew Breitbart to Speak at NY Anti-Mosque Rally

Andrew Breitbart’s rehabilitation following his national disgrace is underway: later this month he will be speaking at an event in Florida (a “Transparency Summit“, no less), and after that he’ll be standing alongside the likes of Newt Gingrich and John Bolton at Pamela Geller’s 11 September anti-mosque rally in New York. Here’s the list of speakers, as published on her website (titles etc. from original):

911 WTC families
Ambassador John Bolton
Newt Gingrich
Geert Wilders, Dutch Parliamentarian
NY Senator Candidate Gary Berntsen
Jordan Sekulow (ACLJ)
Ginny Thomas (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife)
Pete King (invited)
Michael Grimm Staten Island House of Representatives, 911 First Responder
Andrew Breitbart

Geller is linked to Breitbart as a writer for his Big Government website, although perhaps not all her allies share her enthusiasm for him: another site commended by Geller, entitled Silent Majority, cites her list of speakers but leaves Breitbart’s name off.

Silent Majority promises “the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to 9-11 Rally”.

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  1. Just a note: Grimm is running for McMahin’s SI/Bklyn house seat, he’s not in the house.

    Oddly, Grimm’s the GOP machine candidate who got jobbed in to undercut the Tea Party’s choice. They’re both loons, but the Tea Party people here HATE Grimm.

    More evidence that the GOP are worried they can’t control the TP, and are adopting their issues (bigotry) with actors they better control?

  2. I don’t think anybody controls the TP. Good on you for following these issues, cos I stopped observing those ethno-centric or hate blogs since they contribute to worsening my health due to their exaggerations and blatant lies.

  3. Actually these people are doing the work The Left should be doing, but which refuses to do.

    It’s a hoot to watch so-called democrats denounce manifestations of popular will as bigotry and intolerance.

    America has never been so angry. Honest folks understand that no matter what they say or do, they’ll all be portrayed as racist.

    Such tactics, far from cowering poeple, no only serve to further delegitimise an already declining mainstream media in the eyes of the public.

    That monopoly is being broken up, and a far,far greater variety and diversity of opinion is now coming to the fore.

    Those entrenched and fascistic left-wing interest groups, interest groups who’ve always relied on that media monoply to thrive and to promote their agrenda of social engineering now see the writing on the wall.

    They never really did have a true constituency, and they never, ever represented mainstream America, and they’ve never had any legitimacy, other than that conveyed upon them by a corrupt and complicit MSM, and so they’re now about to get exactly what they deserve.

    Expect abundant taunts of ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’.

    Far what it’ll be worth…

  4. America has never been so angry? Heard of Pearl Harbor

    Yes I have. But you know, I don’t recall Harry S.Truman siding with enemy and advocating for the construction a giant Shinto shrine on the site after having “broken sushi” with a gang of deceitful Japanese fascists, and doing so in some misquided, purile aside to religious diversity and tolerance.

    But perhaps you do!

    • I do remember a whole bunch of innocent people being put into relocation camps because others were afraid of their ethnicity. You want that again?

  5. I see, no answer to Sam Harris’ ,noted bigot and islamophobe, clear and concise arugments against this obscenity.

    No takers, eh?

    Most progressives are now so lost, confused and cowardly, they’re willing to lose their spines to save their asses.

    • Harris:

      “American Muslims should be absolutely free to build a mosque two blocks from ground zero”

      Maybe you should be the one answering him.

  6. To Richard Bartholomew: Thanks for letting us know about the forthcoming anti- “mosque” protest. I would appreciate it very much if you could keep an eye out for information about any counter-protests that anyone is organizing. I live in New York and would like to participate in a counter-protest, if I hear of one.

    • I am a supporter of Park51, and I hail from Wilmington, DE. If I find the correct foundation of interest, I plan on organizing a peaceful and respectful counter protest for 9/11 in NYC. If you are interested, contact me (preferably on facebook) ASAP, and if we can develop a plan, I will likely opt to begin an advertising campaign on facebook for support. Please let me know!

  7. I live in New York and would like to participate in a counter-protest, if I hear of one.

    Just contact New York City’s “Palestine House” and they’ll lead you (by the nose?) to the appropriate contacts.

    Think of it, you can stand in solidarity with the enlightened likes of Yvonne Ridley.

    I wouldn’t miss the opportunity, if I were you. It’ll do so much to enhance your credentials as a liberal.

    You’ll find yourself in the august company of Hamas supporters, as well as various other elements of “the resistance”

    What a lamb thou art.

  8. The biggest threat to democracy isn’t the Muslems but the ignorant bigots who claim that a billion and a half people of just about every race are all fanatical terrorists.These people may whine about exposed as bigots but their actions proove that they are little better than a lynch mob.

  9. “American Muslims should be absolutely free to build a mosque two blocks from ground zero”


    Yuo omit to mention that Harris opposes it, not on legal grounds, but on moral ones.

    In his view ,these islamist nutters have every right to build their mosque at G.Z., just as they have every right to look tasteless, immoral and insensitive if they should choose to do so.

    You will, no doubt, interpret that as a ringing endorsement

    The biggest threat to democracy isn’t the Muslems but the ignorant bigots who claim that a billion and a half people of just about every race are all fanatical terrorists.

    It isn’t the flesh or its skin tone people hate in all this, but rather the fascistic “religious” cassette playing in the heads of that flesh

  10. To June: I’m not familiar with “Palestine House.” Judging by their website which I Googled just now, they appear to be based in Ontario, Canada, not in New York City, and they don’t seem to be doing anything in New York, as far as I can tell.

    In any case, I’m not a gung ho supporter of the Palestinian cause; I regard the Israel/Palestine situation as a complex problem to which I don’t claim to know the best answer. I am critical of the bigoted nonsense spread by partisans of both sides, inculding both Hamas’s endorsement of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and, on the other hand, the anti-Muslim hysteria that has been promoted by quite a few Zionists (Christian as well as Jewish) lately.

    Again, does anyone here know of a counter-protest against the “mosque” protest here in NYC?

  11. I am critical of the bigoted nonsense spread by partisans of both sides,

    Look, there is plenty of damning info circulating about the promoters of the G.Z. mosque indicating they’re radicals who are less than above-board when it comes to the aims, objectives and FINANCING of their project.

    Whenever they’re asked simple straightforward questions by journalists and others, all they do is engage in dissembling and evasiveness. When interrupted and pressed once again to simply answer the questions, they then resort to insults and charges of “Islamophobia”.

    That’s not a good sign.

    Legally speaking, they have every right to build uncomfortably close to G.Z., but MORALLY they are very wrong to do so.

    They don’t care, though.

    The arrogance, pig-headedness and crass insensitivity displayed by the mosque’s promoters speaks volumes about the insalubrious quality of their character.

    And with their arrogance and insenstivity on full display, this whole episode has become a “teaching moment” for all of America when it comes to Islam.

    It has also guaranteed that Obama will be a one term president.

    • To June: Do you believe that every church and every YMCA-like organization should be required to publish a list of all its donors, or at least all its major donors above some minimum amount? If you’re going to say that the Cordoba Institute should go fully public about its finances, let’s at least apply such a requirement consistently and not discriminate for or against any religion. Maybe such a law would be a good idea. However, as long as religious organizations are not IN GENERAL required to be public about who their donors are, the Cordoba Initiative has no obligation to do so either — and, given the current anti-“mosque” hysteria, may justifiably with to avoid exposing its donors to harassment.

  12. Diane, when journalists asked Imam Rauf for asimple clarifications on whether or not he supported Hamas, an organisation classed as terrorist according to the U.S. gov’t, he refused to do so, and stated he couldn’t comment because he wasn’t a politican.

    Now, neither you nor I can lay eggs, but I’m quite sure both of us are able to state whether or not we like fried chicken.

    He is also on the record, as are nearly all radical islamists, as blaming America for 911. The man is a deceitful, dishonest, dissembling dirtbag, a complete fraud who’ll say ‘black’ in english and then turn around and in arabic will say ‘white’.

    That such dishonesty bothers you not a jot is incredible. Perhaps you’d be willing to buy a used car from him, but I sure as heck wouldn’t

    This mosque isn’t like a YMCA or a church. The nearly 3,000 Americans killed at G.Z. were murdered in the name of the same religion ( more an ideology, actually) that this liar intends to build a monument to.

    One last thing, Rauf describes himself as a “bridge-builder” when in fact what he’s really trying to do is breach the moat, so as to better storm our fortress.

    His ‘mosque’ is a supremacist statement as well as a strategic beachhead from which he’ll launch campaign after campaign of islamist da’wa.

    I am not hysterical, you are naieve.

  13. To June: There are a lot of people who believe that U.S. foreign policy was, in one way or another, a causative factor in what happened on 9/11. To say such a thing does NOT mean that one APPROVES of the actions of the 9/11 terrorists.

    As for Rauf’s refusal to discuss Hamas, I can think of any number of possible reasons for his refusal, including the reason he actually gave. Do you have any positive evidence of his alleged support for Hamas?

    You wrote: “The nearly 3,000 Americans killed at G.Z. were murdered in the name of the same religion ( more an ideology, actually) that this liar intends to build a monument to.” There you go, lumping all Muslims into one box. That’s like lumping all Christians in with Christian Reconstructionists, or the Hutaree, or Rios Montt.

    Religious fanaticism is indeed very dangerous. However, here in the U.S.A., Christian fanatics vastly outnumber Muslim fanatics, and there is no good reason to believe that every Muslim is a fanatic.

    You wrote: “His ‘mosque’ is a supremacist statement.” Care to provide any evidence for that claim?

    By the way, have you ever actually visited Ground Zero? THe proposed community center will not even be visible from the World Trade Center site, because there are taller buildings in between. So all the griping about the alleged “insensitivity” of the location is nothing but pure hogwash.

  14. No Mosque at Ground Zero – Pat Condell

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