Helen Ukpabio Endorses Abusive Attack Site

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry about an attack website set up to defend “Lady Apostle” Helen Ukpabio against her detractors. The site accuses her opponents (including me) of being a conspiracy of atheists spreading the “Darkwins [sic] philosophy”, and it also contains some remarkably crude abuse, such as this:

Leo Igwe, your wife and mother must have been what you are now using to describe Helen. Every ugly terms you used on her, I return to your wife, mother and daughter. You have just killed a girl and cut off the head, instead of Helen to be the next, it is your wife that you will next I bet you.

Writing of a journalist:

what about your wife?… She hunts after monkeys and dogs, no wonder she has only one child

And as for me:

…who is your wife and what is she doing in the society? That you married a mongolis Idiot does not mean that every woman is an idiot. You have an idiot for a wife – it is strictly your choice.

As I wrote at the time in my blog entry:

If I were Ukpabio, I’d want to repudiate such embarassing “support” as quickly as possible, since it only brings discredit to her and to the evangelists who have endorsed her.

No chance of that:


There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of this Facebook page, despite the strange way it is named; members of Ukpabio’s family and a number of her pastor colleagues are linked to it as friends. So, all of the above abuse – and more – is implicitly endorsed by Ukpabio herself, the “Lady Apostle”. It’s also worth noting that the attack site was registered by Gabriel Egba, who is Ukpabio’s webmaster; I emailed him to ask what his association with Ukpabio was, and although I received no reply the message was passed on to the author of the site.

Ukpabio’s Facebook page is also interesting for the insight it gives into her character, which appears to consist of an emotionally immature mix of pride and anger. Here she is, exulting over an apparent legal victory:


…Omah u are very correct,its not just about the money,the victory is sweeter than the money,i am so happy. @Raphael thank u so much,all the same i am richer with their #30,000.

There is no sense here of a spiritual person who has been misunderstood, and who wishes for her opponents to see the the truth; rather, we see someone clearly in love with worldly power, expressed in the most vulgar way.

I also recently highlighted the various religious leaders who consecrated Ukpabio as an “Apostle”. This led to a short deluge of trolling comments from Nigeria, again of the most abusive kind. As with the attack website, one has to wonder to about the mentality; although there is nothing in the Bible to support the existence of child-witches, there is fair bit of material on the importance of truthfulness.

I’m inclined to doubt that the trolls or the author of the attack site believe in child-witches any more than I do: however, they clearly have an interest in perpetuating the belief, and this is why they are lashing out. It’s a matter of business.

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  1. As disgusting as their abuse is and I read their pointless diatribes in your comments, it is amusing how these people of God are actually so utterly un-Godly.

  2. Bartholomew whether you believe it or not,children are witches,u dont go to church how do u know,u dont relate with children to know if a child can be a witch.your philosophy is vague and the whole thing makes u look stupid as u are.

  3. It is amazing to find a man like Bartholomew who had a PhD in religion playing a fool,i wonder if your religion did not expose you to the Bible.If u dont know.know that children are witches.i am also very surprise the way u are giving Helen ukpabio cheap publicity,don’t u have advisers? you have not done any one good thing to children you are talking about,and more so u dont even know those children, and u dont know the village they are.I guess you dont also know where Helen Ukpabio lives.this is why Nigerians consider you a fool each time they tread ur article on Helen Ukpabio. you always sound so odd, lifting up any thing you see any where on Helen Ukpabio quoting Leo Igwe a jobless Nigerian who Gary Foxcroft his fellow Atheist just like u have place him to be writing against Helen on the internet paying him 500 dollars a month.Any pastor u know has gone to helen Ukpabio,u blackmail. This is why Nigerians believe u are insane. Like what u have just posted,picking each thing Helen say,what does that mean,how does it profit or any other person.If she is happy for winning a case in her facebook, how is that connected to ur bitterness,A bitter man like u can never be believed in the world of today.i had not wanted to write this but as a Nigerian living in abroad i feel u are jobless,making noise in the internet without impacting the world. People with better NGO’s saving the poor,fighting human right and giving food to the needy do not come to the internet to lie about people and situations.I think ur Atheist group{ Humanists} are happy with u, but others see u as a useless man. There is an adage in Africa that says a man who fights a woman is a coward, i think that is what u are.i have never read u quoting helen Ukpabio’s multiple film except End of the wicked which was given approval for release since 1999. i have never read u quoting her books except only one statement from unveiling the mysteries of wichcraft.now Helen’s consecration clips is on your website. Batrholomew you hate this woman,if ant thing mysterousely , dangerously happen to her u will be held responsible.Stop this bitter hatred against this woman, it is too much of you. A word is enough for the wise.

  4. Bartholomew, your site was established for Helen Ukpabio, I pity u. I think your wife is not helping u, or it appears u dont have a good marriage. Your frustrations at home is poured on Helen.This is NASTY.

  5. I believe children could be witches, this should not create any conflict. I have seen many children who are witches.

  6. If children are witches, is it a new thing to Bartholomew?

  7. Helen Ukpabio is a witch who bathes in the blood of innocent children.

  8. Helenhelen’s facebook page is very disturbing. Obviously, witches have cast a befuddling spell upon her. She can’t even spell her own name.

  9. This Richard is really sent from the coven to fight Helen Ukpabio, thank God she has the power to cast you out into the abyss, go to hell u fool

  10. Richard, If this blog is created for you to blackmail men of God i suggest u shot it down and look for some thing else that can keep u busy, u have got no work.


    • OK, that’s enough sockpuppeting. If you’re too much of a coward to use your real name, at least stick to one nickname.

  12. You keep it up Richard – you have my support.
    Witches indeed. Innocent children more like and keep your evil hands off them, Lady Apostle or whatever you claim to be.

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  14. Yeah, Richard, don’t u have advisers? (*snort*) Wow, what a concentrated block of crazy.

    And, of course, what Daniel Hoffman-Gill and Claire said. Keep at it — we appreciate your efforts!

  15. Richard go get a job,stop wasting your time on cheap blackmail,you chaotic entity

    • OK, I warned you to stop sockpuppeting. Pretending to be lots of people when you’re just one person is a form of deception, and shows desperation. I’ve changed all your various names to “Udoh”.

  16. what a confused and irresponsible man,whats all this rubbish i am seeing on this blog,so what has this got to do with my life or that of the public? hiss


  18. […] and exists to promote the belief in child-witches. And Ukpabio, as I blogged just recently, has personally endorsed a foul attack website aimed at her […]

  19. Ms.Ukpabio is completely disgusting and if there is such a thing as sin she is committing the worst sin possible by encouraging the abuse and sometimes the deaths of children. This is the 21st century!Seriously people,do you honestly believe children can be witches?It is literally insane.I speak as a mother of 3 and as a normal, sane human being; this has to stop.Why hasn’t this woman been put into prison, or at least been run out of every town into which she arrives?
    And to add my voice to the choir,thank you Richard for bringing this horrific tale to the attention of the world.Guess what,religious nutters?Thanks to the Internet and brave men and women like Richard you can no longer hide in your dark holes and abuse te masses.If there is any pure evil in the world,it is those who harm children in the name of God.Shalom.

  20. This woman, and people like her, thrive on insanity, uncertainty, superstition and fear. There are no witches, just cruel, conniving, controlling and charismatic people. Terrible people. Religious fundamentalism, lack of education and desperation combine to form hysteria. In such an environment someone will -always- come along to take advantage of gullible people and “lead” them out of the darkness.

    If there was such a thing as a witch, she would fit the description. Notice that for people like her to exist they must have darkness around them. They -create- the darkness, they point it out. Where there was no darkness before, just normal, troubling, and uncertain life, now there is Darkness.

    They define the darkness and then blow on it like a fire till it destroys everything good, everything innocent and all hope in world around them. They blow on the darkness till it clouds the eyes and minds of even the most good person. They blow on the darkness till all that is left is them and their followers standing in the middle of a vast ring of destruction and pain. And then they laugh like she laughs on her face-book page. Gloating. Utterly untouched by the blood and tears they have caused to flow.

    I’ve been reading a bit about the children accused of witchcraft. It’s fascinating and so sad, some children accused of witchcraft might very well have done something bad. Children, like adults, can do bad things. Either on purpose or by accident. It just does not mean they are witches, just that they did a bad thing.

    Other children accused seem to be autistic, emotionally troubled or abused based one how their “way of being” is described by the adults who accuse them of being a witch.

    Still others seem to have been “a witch of convenience” because of poverty. A mother who already has too many mouths too feed, she can’t feed them all. ‘s a good mother, she can’t just abandon the youngest, but if the child is accused of being a witch? Then she can and even the whole village will see that she had to. Some children where accused of being witches because their parents didn’t want them. That’s as “simple” as it gets.

    There seem to be so many real world problems overshadowed by this witchcraft crap. In the world of the superstitious mumbo jumbo, these problems are signs that the children are witches and not that the children, families and communities need help, support or guidance. This woman and witch hunters like her make me so angry.

  21. Richard, thank you so much for exposing the evil of those whose message results in the suffering of children in Nigeria.

    Those who attack you for doing so, leaving their wicked messages of hate, should open their eyes.

    The work of Stepping Stones Nigeria and CRARN is not to attack Christianity or people’s beliefs. It is to protect innocent children from torture and abandonment. Keep up the good work in writing about these issues.


  22. Atheist or whatever.this battle did not start today,go ask your father the devil,he will tell u the injury he suffered.thats the pain u guys fighting this woman are carrying.and u knw what it will rather turn sore.all ur cohort on suit n tie knw that spiritually they were defeated and bringing it out unknown to them,is to make a public show of them. if no weapon cld kill JESUS,urs will not.at old age,u should be given award for fighting a woman.what a shame

  23. Oh, look:

    The Evangelical Alliance unreservedly condemns all forms of child abuse, and considers any accusation of witchcraft levelled at a child to be abusive, immoral and unbiblical.

  24. Hi Bath, keep on, that woman is a confused person, she is in court for child witch issue in EKET, Akwa IBOM STATE NIGERIA.She has loose a lot of members
    she is looking for a way to redeem her image……..

  25. Hi Bath,
    I dont think that so called Bishop /Evangelist Hellen Ukpabio is a responsible woman, could you please ask her where her husbands are ?
    Are there still living with her in the physical or marine spirit world ?

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  31. Last time i checked, everyone had a freedom of belief. This woman believes children could be witches but does she say the remedy is to turture and kill them? i don’t think so. if you are to be rational, why not stop trying to influence her belief and start doing something about the real problem, which is, people coming up with their own warpped ideas (killing) to solve the perceived problem.

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