Lakeland Mega-Church Pastor Responds on NE Moses Links

A few weeks ago I wrote about Bishop NE Moses’ links with Ignited Church, a neo-Pentecostal megachurch in Lakeland, Florida. I noted in turn NE Moses’ links to Helen Ukpabio, who teaches that children can be “witches” who cause misfortune to others. The story was picked up Ed Brayton, who has now been contacted by Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited. Strader finds Ed’s post “strongly offensive”, but he also has some substantive comments:

First – Bishop Moses was scheduled at my church but at the last minute he cancelled.

Second – He has been a LONG time friend – maybe 10 years – and he has NEVER mentioned anything about any of this witchcraft business. He has spoken in my church on several occasions and I have spoken at his church.

…Immediately upon hearing the accusations, I have contacted Bishop Moses, and his Bishop here in the USA and YOU. The USA Bishop had the SAME reaction as me. He has never even heard of this.

I have NOT heard back from Bishop Moses – but generally it takes weeks for him to answer emails.

…I DO want any and all information about this situation and I give you my word that I will follow up on this.

HOWEVER, I would appreciate a BLOG from you that states that as SOON as I heard of the situation, I contacted you and the Bishops involved and that I SCRIPTURALLY am pursuing the truths in this matter.

In relation to information, I can help Strader out here. The video below comes from Ukpabio’s consecration as a “Lady Apostle” last year. A few months prior to this event, members of Ukpabio’s church had attacked a conference on the subject of child-witchcraft stigmatisation; the organiser was the Nigerian sceptic Leo Igwe, and he was physically assaulted during the invasion. Moses praises the attack, as his whips up his audience into righteous anger against those who dare to suggest that the notion that a child can be a witch is nonsense:

You did the right thing. Listen, you did the right thing. We shall not run and get into our bedrooms. We shall not allow the enemy to take over. Do you understand what I’m saying?… The enemy is attacking! Witches attacking! Wizards attacking! Atheists attacking!

Here’s the incident that Moses is screaming about:

Ukpabio’s defence is that she merely “delivers” children from a kind of witchcraft “contamination” through a “mild” ritual; however, not everyone who believes that personal misfortune is the result of a “child-witch” will come to her church – and the belief in child-witches is currently causing immeasurable harm in parts of Nigerian and elsewhere in Africa (and of course, even a “mild” ritual involves an emotionally abusive bogus accusation). The notion of “child-witches” is not based on any Biblical text, and it goes against reason. The only way way child-witch stigmatisation will end will be when no-one takes such an idea seriously. Ukpabio, however, continues to teach the existence of child-witches; as well as sending her church members to attack Leo’s conference, she has denounced a hostel for children stigmatmised as witches as being run by a “wizard”, and she has tried to use the courts to shut down her critics. The “Lady Apostle” has also shown extreme emotional immaturity by endorsing a crude and abusive attack site registered by her webmaster.

If Moses deserves the title of “Bishop”, he will admit that he has made a mistake and repudiate Ukpabio and any notion of children as witches. Of course a pastor such as NE Moses and a humanist such as Leo Igwe have very different worldviews, but Moses is quite capable of understanding that a Christian is not always infallible, and that something is not necessarily untrue just because a humanist says it.

Ed challenges Strader:

Speak out publicly against this, not just in a Facebook message. Preach against it. Work with the Pentecostal organizations you belong to that include these African ministries to purge their ranks and stop promoting such people…

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  1. It is preachers such as these that mislead their followers. These are the Nigerian profiteers of the get rich and prosperous preachers. That they can go after defenseless innocent kids is not yet enough evil to this preacher to figure out that Helen Akpabio is an evil woman with jezebelic tendencies.

    Please continue to expose them. Most of those preachers in Nigeria are profiting from the blood and agonies of their followers. Most of the so called men and women of God, are not actually referring to the one and only True God but their stomachs. They are all fake and work closely with successive corrupt governments that ever ruled and ruined Nigeria even to this very moment.

    Barth continue exposing those who use religion as a cover to deceive people. As you can see, his followers are already sold out on him and may be beyond convincing. This are part of the stock in trade of most Nigerian preachers. They first work hard on their people then try to mislead those that are not yet in their fold.

    They are not messengers of God but rather satanic preachers just like their muslim friends.

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  3. Hi Richard, incoming.

  4. Bartholomew,you are a very very outrageous and confused man, harebrained men like you go about blackmailing men of God, so now its NE Moses’ turn, i pity you.If there’s any one the whole world should repudiate, its you and your stupid write-ups, you said If Moses deserves the title of “Bishop”, he should admit that he has made a mistake, you are just foolish for making such statement u lunatic idiot.He is a Bishop and there is nothing you can do about it.

  5. He is a Bishop and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Yes there is, he can refuse to acknowledge that the lunatic scumbag is in any way a bishop.

  6. Bartholomew the blackmailer is at it again, he has suddenly found a new person to blackmail as a killer of children. This time around, his wicked claws has hooked on an innocent preacher Stephen Strader. Oh poor Strader you will soon see the nightmare Helen Ukpabio has been seeing.

  7. In the world of Richard Bartholomew and in the Atheists world which Bartholomew represents, all they know is to accuse the brethren. According to them, nobody should relate with Helen Ukpabio or else the person will be blackmailed as a killer of children. I sob.

  8. Hi,

    What am i hearing, that Barth is married to a mongolis idiot. Now i know and i can see why the heavy hatred on a woman, poring out all his frustrations on Helen Ukpabio who is blessed forever Amen

  9. Wow Udoh, you really are a disgrace to your faith with such attacks.

    You haven’t the first clue about God.

  10. i’ve listened to the clip, the bishop never said anything about children withcraft, so i don’t actually get d point of this, and remember d bible says that God has given power to thread upon serpents and scorpions, also spiritual wickedness in high places. If i contribute God uses children, men and women as his instruments to declare his word, and we know satan trys to imitate all things God does, so as God has instruments, so do d devil have his instruments of wickedness and i think dat is what is called withcraft irrespective of age, so advise to parents, pay close attention to ur children and teach to pray and to resist d devil , cos if they allow themselves to be used, definitely they will be used.

  11. I hate to break it to you Godzee but not many of us here believe the “d bible”.

    Just a thought…

  12. stories about bishop n e moses are all fake guys

  13. That’s not at all convincing.

  14. all this about bishop moses are do not listen to it at all.

  15. i love my papa and my mama day are true father and mother for us all

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