Pro-Ukpabio Abusers Turn Vicious

As readers may have noticed, I recently received a deluge of sockpuppeting messages in support of Helen Ukpabio. These all bear the following details:

Email: [sic]

Here’s one of the latest, which I have actually deleted:

Bartholomew you have not still answered to the two accusations on rape, we read you raped two women and one has been missing since 2004, you have deliberately avoided commenting on this why?

Yes, that’s right: a foul and false accusation of rape, made by someone who, if he really believed in God, would surely be fearful of the fate that awaits liars.

Unsurprisingly, though, although he doesn’t fear violating one of the most basic commandments of his supposed religion, he is too cowardly to put his own name to his writings. However, searching for “” on Facebook brings up a certain individual named Edidiong Udoh. This also fits with his first comment, which he left under the name of “Udo” (I’ve now fixed all his sockpuppet comments to the name of “Udoh”). Udoh is also a Facebook friend of someone who tried to link to me on Facebook just minutes before I received the first of several abusive messages through the site.

And who is Edidiong Udoh? According to his profile, his employer is Liberty Films. And Liberty Films, of course, is run by Helen Ukpabio, and exists to promote the belief in child-witches. And Ukpabio, as I blogged just recently, has personally endorsed a foul attack website aimed at her critics.

UPDATE (12 July): More abusive slander of the same sort has come in, this time from someone using the email address ““. On Facebook, this resolves to someone using the name “Mary John”, who, unsurprisingly, is too ashamed to actually put their face on their profile. The Facebook profile has no record prior to 29 May, and its first post was a link to the pro-Ukpabio attack site. The first friend the account owner linked to was a certain Azuaru Omah Ihuomah (maybe actually Omah Azuaru – “Azuaru” is usually a surname), who appears to work on Ukpabio’s films. On 2 July, I received a Facebook friend request Ihuomah at 6:43am (UK time), and from from “Mary John” three minutes later. Some of the material on the attack website has been posted by “omahjeep”.

UPDATE 2 (14 July): Ukpabio, Azuaru Omah Ihuomah, and “Mary John” have now all locked down their Facebook walls.

Marxists Infiltrating Churches to Assist Anti-Christ

Why aren’t some Christian leaders obsessed with the anti-Christ and the Last Days? Obviously, it’s because of Communism. Joel Richardson explains:

I am truly grateful to TV and radio host Glenn Beck for highlighting the Marxist foundations of the “social justice” movement… But beyond “social justice”, there is another foundational theological element to this equation that must be exposed.

…[Marxists] are attempting to infiltrate the Churches, and by altering a few key eschatological doctrines, they believe that they can reconcile Christianity with Marxism

…First, the belief that a charismatic and populist leader (the Antichrist) will emerge in the last-days pretending to vindicate the poor is eliminated. Marxists need the people to trust them and their populist, collectivist, nanny-state ideas.

Yes, a piece warning about the dangers of “charismatic and populist” leaders begins by praising… Glenn Beck. One of the most corrosive and absurd demagogues in American public life today. A man whose phony showmanship and humbug are an insult to the intelligence of the entire USA, if not the world.

And where did Beck get his information “highlighting the Marxist foundations of the ‘social justice’ movement”? Media Matters recently noted his preferred reading matter:

Glenn Beck promoted The Red Network: A “Who’s Who” and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots, stating that the book is “from people who were doing what we’re doing now. We now are documenting who all of these people are.” However, the book’s author, Elizabeth Dilling, was a virulent anti-Semite, and The Red Network itself contains numerous passages that espouse anti-Semitism and racism.

Richardson, it should be noted, is a strong supporter of Israel, and at WorldNetDaily he recently attacked Christians who are not as being anti-Semitic.

Richardson sometimes leaves comments on this blog, and he is always polite and personable. In our last exchange, he wrote:

While we may come from two radically different ends of some spectrum, there is no need to refer to one another with such purposeful mockery as you seem to lean toward.

I agree. Mockery is sometimes completely superfluous.

Beck, meanwhile, is continuing to make inroads into the Christian right, despite being a convert to Mormonism; his show recently featured a “Preachers and Pastors” panel, which included John Hagee. Hagee is most notorious for his claim that Hitler was sent by God as a “hunter” to persuade Jews to move to Israel; however, he also rants about how the US economy is run by a group of Satanists called the Illuminati, in particular naming Alan Greenspan and “the Rothschilds”, and he also infers that Satan was able to make particular use of Karl Marx because he was Jewish and Hitler because he was “partly Jewish” (which in fact he wasn’t). Also on the panel, among others, was the pseudo-historian David Barton, who is on board with Beck’s risible “Beck University” project; and Ralph Reed, the former executive of the Christian Coalition and later associate of Jack Abramoff (I previously blogged Abramoff here).

(Incidentally, Beck is not the first populist to ransack old anti-semitic texts for more general conspiracy theories; Pat Robertson’s New World Order did the same thing in the early 1990s)