No Redress for Stupidity

An alarmingly stupid document has been doing the rounds online that purports to reveal “Israel’s agents of influence in Britain”. The author – known only as “Redress Information & Analysis“-  has collated a list of names of persons publicly associated with pro-Israel groups, including a number of British Christian Zionist organisations (which is why I came across it). As research it is incredibly lame, being simply a cut-and-paste from websites “revealing” the names of persons who are already well-known for supporting Israel anyway. And as analysis it is a joke – people support Israel for all kinds of reasons, and the idea that they must be “Israel’s agents” is as nonsensical as the suggestion that anyone who is pro-Palestinian must be “Palestine’s agents”. Further, the claim that they are “of influence” is simply a meaningless assertion.

Articles on the same site describe these persons as “Israel’s stooges”, and this abusive term is now popping up on some of the dimmer pro-Palestinian websites that have been impressed by the document.

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