B. Hussein X: New MOG Scandal

From the self-described Astute Bloggers:


A blow against democracy?

Inevitably, the bogus “scandal” is all over the internet; Firedoglake  has a nice overview of the hysteria, including this piece on Commentary:

…Among Muslim democrats and human rights advocates, utter dejection that the “leader of the Free World” has offered himself as a “subject” of the Saudi monarch; among Islamists, bliss over America’s seeming prostration before Salafist Islam; among international bad actors, assurance that America poses no threat; and among our allies, depression about the new systemic instability of the most dependable superpower in history.

Needless to say, this is all pure humbug; as Firedoglake notes, Bush was famously photographed holding hands with the same Saudi monarch (although that lip-to-lip kiss is photoshopped), and Dick Cheney bowed before Abdullah in order to receive a medal from him.