Fox Fasces Faeces

Sadly No! has some fun with a conspiracy theory from Glenn Beck on Fox News:

BECK:…I mean, look, I want to show you something. This is — explain what this is. Do you have feedback? This is that — this is all the sticks bound together in the axis. It’s the Roman symbol of fascism?

[SHELDON] RICHMAN: This is what the fascists in Italy used as their symbol, which was this Roman depiction of a bundle of rods bound together with an ax coming out the top, which I assume is a symbol of a collective unity and force of power.

BECK: Right. OK, could you zoom in on this? Here it is — Harry, bring it forward a little bit. Zoom in right here.

This is — this is the Mercury Dime. On the back of the mercury dime — and Harry saw this earlier today. He works the gib camera that’s zooming in right now. They look familiar? This is the symbol of fascism.

Who brought this dime in? It happened in 1916, Woodrow Wilson was the president. I didn’t even put this together. We’ve have been on the road to fascism for a while.

Jeremy Reynalds: “No Advocacy Position” on Glen Jenvey

Right on cue following yesterday’s blog entry, Tim Ireland has had further communication with Jeremy Reynalds, whose article about Glen Jenvey was recently removed from the ASSIST News Service:

I’ve just been in touch with Jeremy Reynalds, who insists that he has “no advocacy position” on Glen Jenvey, and claims merely to have given Glen Jenvey an opportunity to tell his side of the story, as he felt there was an imbalance in reporting at the time; in his own words, Jeremy Reynalds’ intention was to “present Mr. Jenvey’s response to the charges against him and to share some of his perspective about why they surfaced,” as he felt this had not been done…However, after delivering one side of the story, Jeremy Reynalds appears to have failed to keep up with both sides of the story, as he now claims not to have heard from our Mr Jenvey in a month, and to be unaware of any accusations of sex crimes

As I blogged previously, Jenvey’s response to Tim’s investigation of Jenvey’s bogus posts to Muslims forums has been to threaten physical violence – and various random blogs have now received pseudonymous comments accusing Tim of being a convicted paedophile.  Jenvey’s “side of the story” was that Guardian has sought to discredit him as a ploy to protect a Muslim columnist whom he alleged (with a few hedging question-marks) was the real author of the Muslim forum posts. The story was bizarre, and perhaps actionable.

Reynalds’ article can be seen reposted at Global Politicianit is 1352 words long, and Jenvey is not mentioned until after 445 words. It is obviously far more than simply “an opportunity” for Glen Jenvey to put his side; Reynalds himself provides most of the background context that supposedly supports Jenvey’s conspiracy theory, and even if Jenvey fed it to him Reynalds presents it in his own “voice” and has to take responsibility for it.

ASSIST’s target readership is unlikely to read the Guardian or Tim’s blog (or mine), so currently all they know of the controversy is what Reynalds has shared with them. I can understand Reynalds’ problem – he’s had links with Jenvey for some years, and his credibility is to some extent (perhaps to a great extent) tied up with Jenvey’s. But if Reynalds can’t do the right thing, isn’t it time for someone else at ASSIST to step in and make sure readers know the full story?