Fox Fasces Faeces

Sadly No! has some fun with a conspiracy theory from Glenn Beck on Fox News:

BECK:…I mean, look, I want to show you something. This is — explain what this is. Do you have feedback? This is that — this is all the sticks bound together in the axis. It’s the Roman symbol of fascism?

[SHELDON] RICHMAN: This is what the fascists in Italy used as their symbol, which was this Roman depiction of a bundle of rods bound together with an ax coming out the top, which I assume is a symbol of a collective unity and force of power.

BECK: Right. OK, could you zoom in on this? Here it is — Harry, bring it forward a little bit. Zoom in right here.

This is — this is the Mercury Dime. On the back of the mercury dime — and Harry saw this earlier today. He works the gib camera that’s zooming in right now. They look familiar? This is the symbol of fascism.

Who brought this dime in? It happened in 1916, Woodrow Wilson was the president. I didn’t even put this together. We’ve have been on the road to fascism for a while.

3 Responses

  1. I wish you were joking, this would make a great April Fool’s.

    What a tit.

  2. I’m glad he’s the face of the GOP right now. Hasten their present demise.

  3. […] They make no excuses for their embrace of fascist ideology and symbolism, even using the fasces, the Roman symbol of State power and authority, which was generally embraced by governments, even […]

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