ASSIST News Service Scrubs Jeremy Reynalds Article on Glen Jenvey

A few weeks ago I noted a very strange article written by Jeremy Reynalds concerning self-described “anti-terror” expert Glen Jenvey. As I’ve blogged at length lately, there is strong evidence that Jenvey wrote anonymous postings to a Muslim forum to concoct a bogus story about Islamic extremism, which he then sold to the Sun. The story is now the subject of a Press Complaints Commission investigation, and this was noted an article that appeared in the Guardian.

Reynalds, who writes for the Evangelical ASSIST News Service, responded to this with a sympathetic piece that allowed Jenvey to promote a bizarre conspiracy theory: that the inflammatory postings had in fact been written by a former Guardian columnist, and that the paper’s editor knew this. The Guardian supposedly ran its piece on the PCC investigation because the editor wished both to protect his former columnist and to discredit Jenvey. To quote what I said at the time:

The whole thing is a blustering screed so shameless in its ad hominem attacks and conspiracy-mongering that Reynalds really ought to be ashamed of himself.

Looks like someone at ASSIST agrees, as it has been removed.

Tim Ireland further noted that Reynalds has long-standing links to Jenvey; in particular:

Glen Jenvey had link-spammed Wikipedia to promote Jeremy Reynalds’ (now out of print) book War of the Web: Fighting the Online Jihadhere on this page about Islam.

Oh, and here on this page about Islamic terrorismhere on this page about the Tamil Tigers, here on this page about Al Qaeda, here on this page about Abu Hamza, here on this page about Hizbut-Tahrir, here on this page about Osama Bin Laden, here on this page about ‘espionage’, , here on this page about the PLO, here on this page about Terrorism,here on this page about Cyberterrorismhere on this page about the September 11 attacks, and, quite hilariously, here on this page about ‘bestsellers’.

Which brings me to a second issue…how come Reynalds’ War of the Web appears to be unavailable from anywhere?


I remember it being trumpeted as “forthcoming” back in 2005; it supposedly eventually appeared in October 2007, from World Ahead Publishing (now WND Books). Yet it is already “out of print”, and no-one seems to be selling any second-hand copies. There’s no copy in the Library of Congress, and the British Library catalogue tells us it is “on order”. No-one has reviewed it, and no blogger gives any indication of having read it (although it was promoted by Jenvey’s associate “Lionheart”) – even though you’d think it would be a hot topic in some circles. The only person who has provided details of its supposed contents beyond the publisher’s blurb is a certain “Zaidi234”, writing on an obscure Pravda forum – and, for reasons I have explained, there is reason to think this name is another Jenvey alias.

Just where is this book?

Walid Shoebat’s Son and a Francoist

Walid Shoebat’s son Theodore has embedded a number of videos on his blog taken from a site called TruthTubeTV, which is devoted to posting footage of atrocities committed by Muslim extremists. All the videos he has chosen were uploaded by a user named “ChristianResistance”, who, like a number of others attracted to this kind of thing, likes to imagine he’s some kind of medival crusader. However, ChristianResistance’s purpose is clearly to promote fear and hatred of Muslims rather than to oppose extremism. Here’s his commentary:

To our VISITORS. TruthTube.Tv has given you numerous examples on this website as to the true nature of the sickening brutality of the “cult” Islam. Hopefully, you will have noticed that none of these examples are isolated instances nor are they confined to a particular Muslim controlled country. Everywhere you find the “Religion” of the “False Prophet” Muhammad you will find some form of Muslim brutality or other. In the US and Canada we have witnessed a number of honor-killings. Likewise in Europe, we regularly hear of the gang rape of Muslim women as honor-punishment, beatings, murder and mutilation. There have even been reports of beheading’s in Ireland which has a national population of less than 5 million people. There are young Muslims rioting in the streets and calling for the murder of anyone that dares oppose Islam. We have Muslim no-go areas, where Sharia Law is practiced and the law of the land ignored and the list goes on-and-on. And this trend is set to continue and grow as more and younger Muslims turn to Radical Islamic groups whose sole purpose is to cause as much civil unrest as possible. In conclusion, all the examples we have given you are verifiable and factual and not scare-mongering on our part. Thus, we pose this question to YOU. Now that you are aware of all these facts what are you going to do to halt the growth of Islam in your COUNTRY?

Apparently he is based on London (although his spelling is American), and elsewhere his name is given as “Will”. He’s also pro-fascist – and I mean that literally, rather than as an insult. Here’s a snapshot of a short ChristianResistance-sourced video that the junior Shoebat decided not to add to his site:


ChristianResistance has also uploaded a video of Jean-Marie Le Pen.

A few months ago I noted Shoebat’s links with Jeff Davis, an American BNP supporter. Theodore’s blog is linked directly from the Walid Shoebat Foundation website, and he and his father sometimes give presentations together at churches.