Strange Email from Jerusalem Connection Arrives on Good Friday

On Good Friday, an email arrives from American Christian Zionist outfit “Jerusalem Connection”:


Weirdly, depite the title “That His name may be declared in all the earth”, the article makes absolutely no mention of Jesus or of anything in the New Testament. Instead, the proximate occasion of the Jewish festival of Passover is used to launch a belligerent diatribe against Obama’s Israel policy.

This trend towards Christian fundamentalist appropriation of aspects of Judaism is something I’ve blogged on previously; I’ve also recently noted the Jerusalem Connection’s hope that Spanish and Portuguese citizens who discover they have Jewish DNA will convert to Judaism and move to Israel, rather than become Christians. I’m not interested in theological arguments, but from a historical perspective this is clearly a very strange form of Christianity largely disconnected from the religion’s historic concerns and priorities.

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  1. Thanks for this article, and for your comment. As a Christian Zionist i share your concern. Those who really love the Jewish people will also share their faith in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus from Nazareth. I do that, and the Israelis I have meet, both secular and religious have been amazed that its possible to both be Christian and Zionist. Israel commits mistakes, and the Jewish people are not loved by God because they are righteous. They are loved on the account of their forefathers. I will keep on visiting your blogg.

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