Judges to Enact Muslim Takeover of USA!

Must be true, I saw it on teh interwebs.


Plus from March last year:

At some point Fox amended  the top story to “Advocates of Anti-Shariah Measures Alarmed by Judge’s Ruling”. Kagan, of course, is also a Nazi, because she once quoted a 1905 book by a man who later became a Nazi.

(H/T to Little Green Footballs for Breitbart article)

2 Responses

  1. Shariah Law would get rid of the woman judges first
    goodbye Elena .

    It is my theory (what it is ) “the folly syndrome” ie say something stupid because I am on a high salary – this
    could be an example. Another example would be a
    chief of police saying we are not here to arrest criminals but to make sure the middle class don’t abuse them – or I am the big chief binman but we don’t empty bins.

    It seems to be related to enormously overpaid salaries
    and promotion – could a PHD student do a correlation here.
    So ” lets all say something stupid” just at the wrong moment. I can’t join in – not being on I high salary.

  2. […] American right: its purpose, of course, is to re-cast Islam as an insidious political ideology (see here) that should not enjoy religious freedom. I would hope that Evans is rather more sophisticated […]

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