Daily Mail Nonsense on “666” Car

Claim: Burnt car supports Irenaeus’ Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

A shocking headline in the Daily Mail:

The devil’s work? Supercar with registration plate ‘666’ destroyed after it mysteriously bursts into flames

Inevitably, this has now crossed the Atlantic to be linked by WorldNetDaily.

Here’s what an unnamed but idiotic hack has to say:

It’s commonly believed to be the number that identifies the Antichrist. So perhaps the owner of this Dodge Viper supercar shouldn’t have been surprised when their car went up in flames.

The registration plate was ‘666’: it was almost an invitation.

…The number has been associated with the Satanism, universal price codes and the game of roulette, as the numbers on the wheel add up to 666.

Recent research has shown that the number in the Bible may have been translated incorrectly, and that 616 is the actual number of the beast.

However second century church father Irenaeus examined that possibility – and rejected it.

The demise of this Dodge Viper would seem to support his theory.

However, Jalopnik, a website devoted to “the cult of cars”, has a bit more information:

Remember the Dodge Viper with “666” license plates which burned to a crisp? The UK’s Daily Mail just caught the story… two years after we ran it…The fire happened way back in 2007 in Kostroma, Russia, when a group of devout religious types took offense to the “666” mark of the beast license plate and set it on fire. We enjoyed the story when it first came out, and still think it’s pretty amusing, though we’re sad to see a Viper get it over something so silly. Perhaps Daily Mail should read Jalopnik more often.


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