Farah-Savage Double Act Continues

And while we’re on the unhappy subject of WorldNetDaily, there was also this from a few days ago:

WASHINGTON – Michael Savage, the author of four best-sellers and the host of the third highest-rated radio talk show in the U.S., joins WND today as a regular and exclusive columnist.

…”It is a great honor and privilege to offer Michael Savage’s insights into the news at WND,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the world’s largest independent news source on the Internet. “He has an immense following because he is witty, entertaining and fearless. We have partnered with Savage on many projects – his website, two No. 1 New York Times best-sellers and now a column.”

I’ve blogged on some of this “partnership” before – when Savage was threatening to sue CAIR to stop it from using clips from his radio show for critical purposes, Farah encouraged his readers to donate cash for the obviously doomed legal effort. Savage eventually backed down and declared “victory”.

Meanwhile, here’s a clip of Savage from 2001 when he came across a film-crew in San Francisco who were making a documentary about the police. Although the filmakers were actually there with the consent of the police, Savage and his wife assumed that they must be harrassing the law officers, and the two of them launched into a blustering and foul-mouthed tirade (Hat tip: Brad Kava):

Despite this vulgar way of conducting himself, Savage is a popular figure with the Christian right, and he has been published by the Christian publisher Thomas Nelson. Here he is having a friendly chat about Bible prophecy with Christian Zionist Pastor John Hagee:

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