Walid Shoebat Denounced by Former Co-Author

Back in July I wrote a blog entry entitled “Walid Shoebat: The Simon Altaf Connection“, in which I explored Shoebat’s erstwhile British co-author from several years ago, Simon Altaf (also known as Muhammad Altaf). Shoebat and Altaf wrote an apocalyptic book together, This is Our Eden, This is Our End, and they co-founded a website called Abrahamic Faith, which promoted a form of Messianic Judaism (i.e. Christianity with Jewish practices) and which used to carry pieces attacking Roman Catholicism and mainline Evangelicals such as Billy Graham. However, I noted that the two men fell out after a few years, apparently when Altaf decided to come out as a polygamist (since then, the Abrahamic Faith website has been updated to reflect this belief). By a remarkable concidence, just a few weeks after my blog entry Shoebat made a public statement denouncing Altaf – I blogged on this here.

Altaf has now responded in kind, with an attack on Shoebat and on Shoebat’s associates Joel Richardson (whom I blogged here) and Keith Davies (whom I blogged here). Altaf tells us that Shoebat’s real name is “Walid Salameh” – Shoebat himself has been inconsistent on this point, sometimes claiming that Shoebat is a pseudonym for personal safety, and at other times asserting that he is indeed from the Shuyabat clan. Altaf also alleges that Keith Davies, Shoebat’s “handler”, is also known as “Qalman”, and he tells us:

No ex-terrorist worth an ounce would put down his own family and this is a fact.  When we first found out about Keith Davies, a few years ago we recommended a Christian who came out of the ranks of the German Reich to hire Keith as a manager to tell the world about what the Nazis did and how they convinced the sixty million German population to turn against the Jewish people and many good Christians and Catholics too.  However, this Christian gentleman soon left Keith Davies…

The German Christian is not named, but is obviously Hilmar Von Campe (whom I blogged here).

For details challenging Shoebat’s supposed “PLO terrorist” past, Altaf quotes Eileen Fleming – whom Davies threatened to sue on the novel grounds that being accused of being a fake ex-terrorist is worse than being a real ex-terrorist – and the widely-discussed Jerusalem Post article. He adds:

This man may be a convert but is not a convert from terrorism or an ex-terrorist background. It is clear he embellished his testimony because he knew he was going to make money out of it. His actions speak louder than words. He was converted by his American Christian mother who told him about the saviour while she lived in Israel with the family. It was through her actions that Walid was converted but he would never admit that to you unless he repents of his past actions first.

His late Muslim father who married a Christian woman the poor man died in a nursing home in California not so long ago. If he was so anti-Christian and anti-West then what was he doing marrying a Christian? Why did he go and live in the USA if he hated the West? Walid claims that he was brainwashed from childhood. Only foolish people can believe that a respectable Muslim family will allow their eight year old to be trained for jihad, this is pure fantasy and simply not true.Respectable Muslim parents want to make their children doctors and Engineers not terrorists.   If you want truth then look at me I am an Engineer why not a terrorist like he claims?  My respectable Muslim family did exactly what I stated.  We have many engineers in our family but if you believe Walid they are all terrorists!!!

We would say Walid’s parents the Muslim father and the Christian mother did a fairly good job because he became a programmer for a big sugar company in California.

Walid was never brainwashed by his parents.  He made up a nice tale.  Once I asked Walid why didn’t you put more Bible prophecy in your book “Why I left Jihad” and less about yourself then he remarked “Ah people like to hear a sob story”.

Altaf also makes claims about a disputed family inheritance, and that Shoebat has a Jewish ex-wife. There are other allegations of a personal nature which I won’t repeat here; apologies for the lack of direct link, too. I have absolutely no idea whether Altaf’s supposed revelations are true, and no endorsement should be inferred from the above. However, given Shoebat’s current prominence and the controversy over his views concerning Muslims and Palestinian society, the spat is clearly in the public interest.


(Hat tip to a reader)

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  1. Shoebat is obviously a liar. This is not the first time these allegations have come up, and each time he goes on the attack against anyone who questions him. I suggest believers better beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. His own family says he was never a terrorist. This is not the behavior of someone who is a born again believer, and the language he has used is atrocious. Altaf has done what should be done, expose the liars fleecing the flock.

    • The hate of Jew’s and Christian’s and the lies of those who live in this hatred are the true liars and frauds.

      Name calling and vicious attacks void of facts are all you can deliver along with your venomous hatred.

      Love does not lie, as God is love. Thank the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for men like Shoebat.

      The terrorists will never succeed as God’s people win. Read the end of THE BOOK!!!

  2. @ Mrs. Small

    Aside from your aimless ad-hominems, would you care to tell how Mr. Shoebat is a liar?

  3. Have you heard him speak? He keeps dropping his accent and sounds like some dude from the western US. He comes off as an obvious liar in so many ways. Also his story and depiction of Islam is laughably absurd even if you do believe that much of Islamic teaching is violent. He’s an opportunist selling a wild story to those who want an excuse to justify there pre-existent hate of islam. He gives them this horror story that they are ready to swallow up and then he laughs all the way to the bank.

    • Islamic terror, is a wild story? The destruction of Jews and Christian’s ( “the infidels”) is laughably absurd?

      No, it is sadly true and not funny at all, tell that to the Daniel Pearl’s of the world,the 9-11 victims and all the victims of Islamic Terror through the decades, you made find that laughable, but civilized people do not.

      Speak out about Islamic hatred and terror, then you can gain an ounce of credibiity. Until then you are a horrid enabler.

      Were you dancing in the streets on 9-11, along with your brothers? Or was that a wild story we all saw with our own eyes?

      You talk about accent, we talk about facts.

      • “Islamic terror, is a wild story? The destruction of Jews and Christian’s ( “the infidels”) is laughably absurd?”

        The argument that there is nothing but terror in Islam and that the destruction of the Christians and Jews is the main thing in Islam IS laughably absurd, since it is a pure lie meant to spread hatred.

        “No, it is sadly true and not funny at all, tell that to the Daniel Pearl’s of the world,the 9-11 victims and all the victims of Islamic Terror through the decades, you made find that laughable, but civilized people do not.”

        So if we name all the victims of the actions of Christians and Jews, you will say the same thing about Christianity and Judaism? Thought not.

        “Were you dancing in the streets on 9-11, along with your brothers? Or was that a wild story we all saw with our own eyes?”

        I seem to recall Jewish men in New York also dancing on teh streets, high fiving each other and having a great time while the Twin Twoers were attacked. This was also in the news. Ofcourse, you might have missed it, since you were to busy looking at some Gazans. Or you might have missed Netanyahu I think it was who said the Twin Towers being attacked was a good thing. Are you going to say anything about those? No? Thought so.

        “You talk about accent, we talk about facts.”

        Fact is that Shoebat is just another liar, selling a story to the masses. Stop being a horrib enabler of a lying David Duke clone and research the facts.

  4. I suspect something is not right here. the way Shoebat tells the stories, his description of islam, his prophetic interpretations, not only are suspicious but also a bit unacademic, and simplistic. A thorough background check need to be done on Shoebat claims on what he was. There are obvious consistencies to his stories, to be honest, there is a reasonable doubt to believe what he claims what he was.

  5. […] about Nakoula here and here. Shoebat was named as “Walid Salameh” by a former associate in 2009; other evidence (which I won’t go into here, out of respect for privacy) also suggests that […]

  6. Hey wait a minute. As a writer and a mud slinger is anyone digging up proof about YOUR past and present sins for all to read. What proof do you have to support these allegatios? As the good book tells us…don’t judge because only God has the right to do so. sometimes the judgement we have needs to stay hidden in the closet for no one to see because there is enough word destruction in our world today. I was taught to say the good and the lovely.

  7. Walid has become a radical pseudo Catholic now, misrepresenting Catholic doctrine, calling for the murder of homosexuals, and stating all non-Catholics are demon deceived. He continues to state all Muslims are evil.

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