Official Street Preachers Note “The Level Headed, Beer Guzzling, Left Wing LIBERAL”


I think this is supposed to be a mocking reference to what Matt Wardman described me as being.

But “Bartman?”…

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Child-Witch Hysteria Promoted in Cameroon by Presbyterian Evangelist

The latest from Cameroon’s Rev Emmanuel Massock, from the PostNewsOnline:

Rev Emmanuel Massock, erstwhile pastor of Presbyterian Church Kumba Mbeng, has predicted a massive occult initiation of students during the Youth Day celebration on February 11.

And how does Massock know this?

He said God revealed to him recently that during the 2009 Youth Day celebration in Kumba, youths would be initiated into the marine and occult kingdoms. This, he said, would be done through the sharing of sweets, biscuits and other chewable by students to their mates, thereby provoking massive initiation in the form of trance.


According to him, from membership, the child grows to an agent and is commissioned to initiate others. He said the agents cause accidents, illnesses, pull wealth from the earth’s surface and multiply their membership through initiation…He recalled that, recently, in a primary school in Douala, a child confessed how he was sent to cause destruction in the school but prayers couldn’t allow him to operate.

Massock has featured on this blog before; a year ago I noticed his exploits in persuading teenage girls to confess to causing accidents by witchcraft. It seems that he’s now spreading his religious scapegoating to younger children, and using innocent child behaviour such as sharing sweets to whip up hysteria against the most defenceless group in the country.

This is extremely serious: as I’ve blogged previously, such religious teachings have had grim consequences: in Nigeria, Angola, and Congo, hundreds of children have been rejected by their families, tortured, and in some cases most likely even killed through fearmongering promoted by “men and women of God”.

It is also reported that Massock is studying for a Masters at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kumba, which is associated with the PC (USA). It seems to me that the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon must, as a matter of great urgency, expel Massock from its ranks and initiate a public awareness campaign repudiating his teachings. Otherwise, there is a very real chance that tragedy will follow.

(Name variation: Emmanuel Massok)

Abuislam and Glen Jenvey: The Dodgy Apostrophes and Spelling

Exhibit A – Mysterious commentator “Abuislam”, writing on Muslim discussion forum, suggesting that British Jews be targeted for protests, 6 January:

polite will not work.

Target them with Demo’s out-side their Home’s and Business hit and run demo’s showing and exposing their war crimes in their support.

This led to the Sun newspaper’s headline about British Muslims threatening  British Jews. As has been blogged at some length, this “evidence” was brought to the Sun‘s attention by Glen Jenvey, but the story was withdrawn after Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads found evidence that Jenvey may have made the “Abuislam” post himself and a complaint was made to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). I’ll add that the above posting was quoted by Scepticle on 7 January, so we know it has not been tampered with by Ummah moderators.

Exhibit B – Some coments at the site of UK anti-Muslim blogger “Lionheart” (since removed, but salvaged by Tim Ireland), defending Jenvey against the allegation, posted in the early hours of 30 January:

Glen jenvey has agreeded for his hard drive on his computer to be read by a expert from the PCC and any other Newspaper.which will show he made no postings on

But will al-qaeda members offer the same?


PCC letters are posted all over the internet by a known al-qaida supporting site.

they have lost trust in the eye’s of the British public in the way they are supporting hate crimes against Glen Jenvey.

It seem’s to me they were caught out by the sun and changed postings to try and blame a terrorism expert. the story was given to the sun by a news agency and no money was given to Mr Jenvey.

Abu Hamza supporters over the year’s have sent death threat’s to Jenvey.

who had a heart attack due to stress and ill health, if he was to die because of this hate campaign by the PCC.




I Blame the Labour government who supports all these terrorist groups being based in the say they are going to behead Mr Jenvy show’s the police and mi5 have deal’s with al-qaeda groups in the UK.tHE pcc being linked to a person who supports suicide bombings show’s they take the side on muslims before good people.SHAME ON THE PCC a unfair organisation who side with thugs.

Exhibit C – Edit to Wikipedia about the Press Complaints Commission from “PCCLIES”, 30 January:

The have beeb caught out with anti Jewish support for a terrorist website UMMAH.COM 2007 .There are call’s for their funding to be stopped.

Later re-edited by the same user to:

The PCC have been caught out with anti Jewish support for a terrorist website UMMAH.COM 2007 .There are call’s for their funding to be stopped.They took on a complaint from a Muslim radical who calls for suicide bombings against Milltray and the British government.

Exhibit D – a couple of postings made by “Glenjenvey” to Wikipedia in 2007; first:

war of the web.reveals american secret service were warned of attack’s on the 10th sept


Ujaama only pleaded guilty after video’s were uncovered by Glen Jenvey with Ujaama sat next to Abu Hamza talking about jihad.The video’s were used at Ujaamas trail to force him to plea guilty and plae bargin with the FBI.see

Exhibit E – A note on the blog Malung TV News, from someone who has in the past corresponded with Jenvey:

I would guess he is dyslexic from his spelling, that is not a fault.

I outlined the salient points that Jenvey needs to address here. Rather  more is required than simply asserting (or even proving) that is run by bad people.

(Hat tip: Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads here and here and a commentator there from Entry expanded 9 February)