Abuislam and Glen Jenvey: The Dodgy Apostrophes and Spelling

Exhibit A – Mysterious commentator “Abuislam”, writing on Muslim discussion forum Ummah.com, suggesting that British Jews be targeted for protests, 6 January:

polite will not work.

Target them with Demo’s out-side their Home’s and Business hit and run demo’s showing and exposing their war crimes in their support.

This led to the Sun newspaper’s headline about British Muslims threatening  British Jews. As has been blogged at some length, this “evidence” was brought to the Sun‘s attention by Glen Jenvey, but the story was withdrawn after Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads found evidence that Jenvey may have made the “Abuislam” post himself and a complaint was made to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). I’ll add that the above posting was quoted by Scepticle on 7 January, so we know it has not been tampered with by Ummah moderators.

Exhibit B – Some coments at the site of UK anti-Muslim blogger “Lionheart” (since removed, but salvaged by Tim Ireland), defending Jenvey against the allegation, posted in the early hours of 30 January:

Glen jenvey has agreeded for his hard drive on his computer to be read by a expert from the PCC and any other Newspaper.which will show he made no postings on ummah.com.

But will ummah.com al-qaeda members offer the same?


PCC letters are posted all over the internet by ummah.com a known al-qaida supporting site.

they have lost trust in the eye’s of the British public in the way they are supporting hate crimes against Glen Jenvey.

It seem’s to me they were caught out by the sun and changed postings to try and blame a terrorism expert. the story was given to the sun by a news agency and no money was given to Mr Jenvey.

Abu Hamza supporters over the year’s have sent death threat’s to Jenvey.

who had a heart attack due to stress and ill health, if he was to die because of this hate campaign by the PCC.




I Blame the Labour government who supports all these terrorist groups being based in the UK.to say they are going to behead Mr Jenvy show’s the police and mi5 have deal’s with al-qaeda groups in the UK.tHE pcc being linked to a person who supports suicide bombings show’s they take the side on muslims before good people.SHAME ON THE PCC a unfair organisation who side with thugs.

Exhibit C – Edit to Wikipedia about the Press Complaints Commission from “PCCLIES”, 30 January:

The have beeb caught out with anti Jewish support for a terrorist website UMMAH.COM 2007 .There are call’s for their funding to be stopped.

Later re-edited by the same user to:

The PCC have been caught out with anti Jewish support for a terrorist website UMMAH.COM 2007 .There are call’s for their funding to be stopped.They took on a complaint from a Muslim radical who calls for suicide bombings against Milltray and the British government.

Exhibit D – a couple of postings made by “Glenjenvey” to Wikipedia in 2007; first:

war of the web.reveals american secret service were warned of attack’s on the 10th sept


Ujaama only pleaded guilty after video’s were uncovered by Glen Jenvey with Ujaama sat next to Abu Hamza talking about jihad.The video’s were used at Ujaamas trail to force him to plea guilty and plae bargin with the FBI.see http://www.abuhamza.org.uk

Exhibit E – A note on the blog Malung TV News, from someone who has in the past corresponded with Jenvey:

I would guess he is dyslexic from his spelling, that is not a fault.

I outlined the salient points that Jenvey needs to address here. Rather  more is required than simply asserting (or even proving) that Ummah.com is run by bad people.

(Hat tip: Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads here and here and a commentator there from Ummah.com. Entry expanded 9 February)

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  1. So now we know who writes that (so-called) spoof blog comment section in Private Eye.

  2. Nice find @ Bartholomew – I cant believe that the wikipedia entry was edited by which I would probably guess was Jenvey himself.
    I suggest Glen should shut up – him trying to defend himself he is just digging a deeper hole for himself!

  3. Well here’s a whole pile of extremism for a start at Ummah forums. If you need a translator I’ll be happy to help:


    BTW, Richard, got that package yet?
    a Cheerleader
    hope your imeeeeeen is good LOL

  4. The issue is not whether extremists have written on Ummah. The issue is why AbuIslam’s post is in a similar style to Glen Jenvey’s writing and how it was possible to link Jenvey to Abuislam via Richard Tims. Of course Islamic extremism exists online and is bad news – but that does not dissipate the black cloud which is now enveloping Jenvey’s credibility.

    It’ll be a few days before I can investigate your “package”.

  5. Oh, and why are you spamming everyone I know on Facebook with friend requests?

  6. Huh? Nope that ain’t me babe. Actually OK there are two issues then- why is Glen Jenvey tying himself in knots, and why are investigators all over Ummah.com in the first place. They ain’t there for the pop quiz you know. Also, why are whole threads now being deleted wholesale, and not just to do with Glen Jenvey. Maybe you could ask Mister “I have contacts in GCHQ who can track you down” Sajid.

  7. As we both know, I received a message about the “package” via someone at Facebook who writes the same way as you. That person is now using Facebook to spam my friends, presumably with the intent of creeping me out, or at least to cause annoyance. One of my friends tells me he asked for further information, and just got a question back in response.

  8. And one more thing – why did you use an email address ending with “@ncis.navy.mil” in your first message? Either you’re acting unprofessionally or impersonating a naval officer. Which is it? Am I supposed to believe you’re from the CTIW?

  9. That’s Ama. I’ve had a word. She says she wasn’t
    spamming just “adding your mates that were fit” and is now getting on like a house on fire with someone from Al Jazeera.
    Back to the matter in hand: anyone reading this stuff about Jenvey would think he started the thread. But he didn’t- he was responding to a post started by the Jew Hunter Saladin1970. I just had a buzz through Ummah forums and even more threads are being deleted. Something’s up! BTW we like talking to you, because you’re always polite and rational- unlike Tim Ireland.
    As for CTIW, you can believe what you like doll.

  10. Well, I noted that Saladin1970 had started the thread and that his suggestion of “polite letters” could have an undercurrent of intimidation about it. I also linked to this article which critically overviewed his ramblings. He’s an extremist – but is there anything more there (or in the package of his posts you sent me) than just some saddo mouthing off? No one else seemed very interested in his idea. I’ve had comments to this blog from extremists of various kinds, by the way – does that mean I’m one of them?

    If you want to bait characters like Saladin1970 go ahead (but don’t kid yourself that you’re doing something politically significant), but his postings hardly merit the “Terror Target Sugar” story that appeared in the “Sun” thanks to “aubislam”‘s input. I’ve got no time for Islamic extremism, but fake postings calculated to incite are irresponsible and counterproductive.

    “Man with unpleasant views writes on large Muslim forum” is not much of a story. “Anti-terrorism ‘expert’ allegedly conned national newspaper with fake postings as extremist” is, though.

    I’m sure that any real Jihadi conspiracies going on are discussed on closed forums in languages inaccessible to most English-language readers – what exactly do any of these self-styled private “anti-terrorist” investigators have to offer us there?

  11. Good points, but I can assure you that real Jihadi stuff is still conducted, in English, in known forums. True, some are only open to”brothers”. Tell you what, we won’t trouble the mailroom with another parcel- the Mujahedin Nasheeds page at Ummah runs to 96 pages and counting! But stay tuned. Stuff to come, in the media. Right, Ummah is so last week dahling, we’re off to hunt Britain’s most dangerous Nazi. You’d find him fascinating. Search for “Myatt”.

  12. What, that nutter Satanist turned Muslim? He’s last decade, surely?

  13. Afraid not, he’s back and preaching jihad, in his new incarnation as a Salafi. Of course, he’s secretly still a Hitler-worshipping Nazi Satanist.

  14. ooh, Richard, btw btw- be sure to watch Panorama tonight with Richard Watson- we did some of the groundwork for this program. How much they use remains to be seen but it will be an interesting show!

  15. Does that mean “Yarah Habibi” is the same person as the “Habibi” who guest posted on Harry’s Place?

  16. Hi Richard! Nah, that’s a different Habibi/darling. And he’s a man. Yarah’s all girl, and she’s currently snowboarding in the Shouf. btw we’ve got some info that’ll make you laugh. Unless this whole Jenvey stuff has been beaten to death of course.

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