Absurd, to Comfort Them


From OneNewsNow:

Book appeals to atheists, Christians alike

A new book by a well-known evangelist and former atheist is a hit with a surprise demographic.

Ray Comfort’s newest book — You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think: Answers to Questions from Angry Skeptics — was recently in second place in the “atheist” book category on Amazon.com. The book contains letters Comfort has received through the years from atheists who question the Christian faith.

I’m pretty sure it’s in the “Atheist” book category because it has the word “Atheist” in the title and a computer program has consequently put it there, rather than because atheists are buying up copies. The book is published by WorldNetDaily, and has naturally been heavily promoted there.

Those familiar with “Bananaman” Comfort’s method of apologetics (see the classic clip below) will know not to expect new insights on the Ontological Argument; instead, prepare for a farrago of the smuggest pseudo-intellectualism; one “confounded” critic on Amazon gives us a taster with a quote:

…But it’s more miraculous than the air just being there. It was fortunate the air was made up of 78.09 percent nitrogen and 20.95 percent oxygen – the exact mixture that his lungs and blood needed to survive. Without that oxygen Adam would have gasped, and his first breath would have been his last. What a miracle of chance that oxygen existed in just the right percentage to maintain Adam’s life…

And so on. “Five Star” reviews can be seen here, containing a number of interesting approximations for the spelling of “atheist”.

Comfort also maintains that atheists secretly know that God exists, and that is the basis for the hostility his arguments provoke. Ed Brayton was unimpressed.

You all know the Quinque Viae – but here’s one Aquinas missed:

Farah Keeps it Classy


Some might think that this WorldNetDaily headline (now on the feeds for a number of conservative websites) has been deliberately chosen to suggest erroneously that Muslims are celebrating a man for cutting off his wife’s head, with a view to encouraging other Americans to hate and despise Muslims.

Of course, though, that can’t be the case: WND editor Joseph Farah is a devout conservative Christian, and whatever his views about Islam to deliberately spread a falsehood would make a mockery of his own faith.