Vague “Legal Action” Threat over Jerry Springer Opera

As MediaWatchWatch notes, Jerry Springer: The Opera is to be performed at St. Andrews University, to the annoyance of conservative Christian groups. One quote, however, particularly stands out:

Solicitor Michael Phillips, who represented Christian Voice when they sued the BBC for blasphemy after broadcasting the musical in 2007, said: “It’s a worry that this production is rearing up again, and it’s sad that something with so little artistic merit was given such a lot of attention because it used profanity and blasphemy.

“St Andrews University could be opening themselves up for protests which could lead to legal action if there is somebody with the right funding behind them.”

That BBC prosecution famously failed, leaving Christian Voice leader Stephen Green with a massive legal bill. Phillips is a member of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, which has links with the US Christian Right’s Alliance Defense Fund, and which I blogged on here. He also represented Emily Mapfuwa in her failed case against the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art last year.

So what exactly does Phillips mean by the phrase “protests which could lead to legal action if there is somebody with the right funding behind them”? What legal action? By whom? The play isn’t illegal, so what can he have in mind?

Glen Jenvey Re-Surfaces

From the Sunday Mercury:

THE Muslim population at a Midland prison housing terrorists masterminds has almost DOUBLED in just two years.

…Terror expert Glen Jenvey said: “There is a whole support network from outside prison walls for terrorists locked away in British prisons.

“They are sent religious texts, given links to extremist websites and handed all the tools they need to spread their fanatic ideology.

“Prayer services inside some prisons are not monitored by guards, and inmates can speak in Arabic to avoid being detected.

“Men like Abu Qatada are able to reach out to young Muslims and influence them.

“Terrorists and extremists are hijacking Islam to radicalise thugs for their own criminal plans. It’s disgraceful and these men have to be stopped.”

So, Jenvey is still available as a rent-a-quote, yet there’s no (proper) response to the allegations about why the Sun and other papers pulled his “British Jews on terror list” scoop.

The prison under discussion is HMP Long Lartin, and apparently joining a Muslim gang is a good way to get protection from other gangs.

Anti-Christ: New Clue!

From a discussion forum:


It’s also the way I write – there was much parental disappointment when I was first given a fountain pen and was completely unable to use it.