General J.C. Christian Talks With Prince Shannon Carson

A few days ago, as has been widely reported, a Gaineville-based militia group called Right Wing Extreme has backed away from its offer to “protect” the Dove World Outreach Center (I blogged on the church here) during its planned International Burn A Koran Day. Right Wing Extreme’s website carries a press release:

After much thought and prayer the organization’s leadership determined this event does not glorify GOD in way that leads the lost to Jesus Christ. “We also believe the liberal media is intentionally using stories such as the burning of the Koran to distract, divide, and enrage the public says the organization’s leadership.

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath” James 1:19

…Dove World Outreach are our brothers and sisters in Christ. However we ask that they not hold this event for the reason that it may diminish the work of the Holy Spirit to witness to Muslims.

The press release also explains the militia’s name:

Right Wing Extreme was founded in April of 2009 after the Department of Homeland Security’s report titled Right Wing Extremism. The report labeled those who are against Illegal Immigration, abortion, higher taxation, returning military veterans, big government, and Christian groups as Right Wing Extremist and put them on a watch list. The report was sent out to all law enforcement agencies in April 2009 and the group has been recruiting members ever since.

The “group” – presuming there is more than just one publicity-seeking member – describes itself as “Armed Christian Conservative”, and its leader is a certain Prince Shannon Carson, who has a show on BlogTalkRadio called Right Wing Radio (formerly the Loose Cannon Show).

Prince Shannon’s relationship with Dove World is now perhaps somewhat strained; Dove member Fran Ingram has left a message on the Extreme Right Wing forum, sniffing that “I cannot believe you wrote your latest press release. I call it totally cowardly.”

However, Prince Shannon has some new friends, and he made contact with a kindred spirit – none other than General J.C. Christian (Patriot). In the telephone call posted below, Shannon explains to the General that the government is trying to provoke patriots into “lone wolf” attacks on government buildings, so that it can bring in gun control laws; the Prince, however, is trying to restrain people until there’s sufficient numbers and a “clear direction, and something clear that we’re gonna do” . The General, in turn, commends the value of naked Spartan wrestling for male bonding, and asks the Prince to send him some pubic shavings.

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  1. Can’t wait for the photos – “we take this for God . . . people are so pumped up, I’m trying to restrain them . . .”

    Send pubic clippings, please.

  2. It’s wonderful when somebody doesn’t know they’ve been Poe’d!

  3. Can we be sure that Shannon Carson himself genuinely fell for this? (As distinct from someone pretending to be him?) If indeed this really was him, it’s hilariously funny. However, I would double-check this before claiming that it was in fact him.

  4. It was him. The phone number came from his email address and the voice matches his blogtalk radio program.

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