Demonstrate Against Al Muhajiroun and for Secular Democracy

This is a guest post by British Muslims for Secular Democracy – RB

British Muslims for Secular Democracy today announces the launch of its plans to organise a demonstration on Saturday 31st October to counter a demonstration by Al Muhajiroun, at which they will call for the abolition of democracy in Britain and the imposition of Shariah Law on all.

That demonstration has been called by Islam 4 UK – a successor organisation to Al Muhajiroun.

British Muslims for Secular Democracy are organising the counter demonstration, bringing together a number of religious and non-religious groups.

Shaaz Mahboob, vice-chair of British Muslims for Secular Democracy says:

Our counter-demonstration is based on our belief in, and commitment to, those liberal values that define the British state, including legal and constitutional equality for all, equal rights for women and minorities, and religious freedom, including the right to be free of faith.

We have produced a video that explains why we’re demonstrating:

Please join us via our website, and via our Facebook page.

Invite your friends, help get the word out, and see you in Piccadilly Circus, 1 pm, Saturday 31 October.

4 Responses

  1. A number of people posting on that facebook wall are strangely familiar. Something about ten-foot poles comes to mind, but I can’t pin it down..

  2. Well I think this counter-protest is an excellent idea. The people in the best position to denounce Choudary and his insane fanatics are Muslims themselves who also uphold the values of secular democracy.

    Good luck to you. You guys need to show yourselves more. And having a sense of humour in your video and placards is great – an attribute sorely lacking in the other politicos who deal with, for, or against Islamism.

    I hope the media gives you guys equal publicity to the morons from Al-Muhajiroun.

  3. Totally agree with Adrians comments. This is exactly what is needed, a highly visible public display of revulsion against the extremist minority. Thanks for sharing this Richard.

  4. Thanks good luck to them!

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