Glen Jenvey: “Don’t Call Me Omar” – Explains that Conversion to Radical Islam was Bogus


Glen Jenvey Conversion


Glen Jenvey Post Muslim

Back in January, it was shown that freelance “terror expert” Glen Jenvey had been making bogus postings to Muslim web forums which he would then use as evidence of Muslim extremism to generate stories in tabloid newspapers. The initial evidence was discovered by Tim Ireland, and confirmed by an audio recording in which Jenvey admitted to using a particular on-line alias. That audio recording was passed to Tim and me by Dominic Wightman for his own purposes; he told us that it had been made by Charlie Flowers, of a music group known as the Fighting Cocks (I’ve blogged on both these characters here and here).

Tim’s discovery led to reports in the Guardian and Private Eye (in the latter case without acknowledging Tim’s work), and in May doubts about Jenvey were mentioned in passing in a Daily Mail article about anti-Muslim protests in Luton. Jenvey was greatly offended and upset by this Mail piece – he made a video threatening to kill himself outside the newspaper’s offices, and shortly afterwards he announced his conversion to Islam and a new association with the Islamic extremists around Anjem Choudary. His new Islamic identity was remarkably crude, and he railed bitterly against Jews and Israelis. He explained that he had created a story about British Jews being targeted by Muslim extremists in revenge for military action in Gaza (the story which brought him to Tim’s attention) because he wanted British Jews to share the fear felt by Palestinians; this was a somewhat problematic explanation, as this was several months before his conversion to Islam and he was on record as being very pro-Israeli.

And now – not entirely unexpectedly – he’s switched back again. In a video which he posted to Liveleak and then pulled (but which can still be seen in Google cache), he explains that the whole business was an exercise  in infiltration, as a result of which he now knows more about Muslim extremists in Wiltshire and Hampshire, the area of the UK in which he lives (although he also met lots of moderates). He also claims he had to undertake this subterfuge because the security services are “clueless” and “institutionally racist”. He kisses a crucifix, mentions the fact that he is gay, and tells us that during his undercover period he would read the Koran while drinking beer and speak to Omar Bakri on the phone while eating a bacon sandwich and drinking wine.  He also says he has been working for “an MP and a diplomat” – presumably a reference to Patrick Mercer MP, who has lately been keen to distance himself from his past association with Jenvey. We’re promised more information when he has written his book.

This is not the first time Jenvey has done this: a few years ago he ran a pro-Jihadi website to generate interest from Islamic extremists, which he then replaced with the message that “Jehad is crap” followed by an attack on the national identity of Palestinians.

UPDATE: Now on YouTube:

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  1. Islamic Extremists in Wiltshire????????????????

  2. LOL my point exactly!

  3. Dawah Center which he joined for his cover as a “Muslim” is in itself a suspect organisation which still leaves many questions than answers.

    The man must still be in employment under security officials and sadly it suggests that they still haven’t lost their apetite for wrong people.

  4. Looking at the slope of that roof behind him, I have to ask whether his family (parents?) keep him in the attic, the stereotypical home of the deranged.

  5. Perhaps he is a triple agent. :)

  6. We are now through the looking glass on this story. When will this madness end?

  7. What a bloody idiot!

  8. Brilliant, what will he do for an encore?

  9. Confirms my suspicions that organisations such as HT/AM/Islam4UK are all part of the “fifth column” to undermine Islam and to give Muslims a bad name.

    Jenvey was welcomed with open arms by anjem choudry and his brigade….and they have provided him with the ammo he needs to write his book and give more dodgy intel back to his paymaster – patrick mercer?

  10. Lets look back and Glens personalities

    1) Spy
    2) Radical Muslim
    3) Now a Gay Bloke

    My prediction for his next personality is that he will become a nudist campaigning for saving the environment

  11. No surprise, most of us who read the story of his “conversion” didn’t believe it either.

    So this idiot didn’t fool anybody (atleast anybody of reasonable intelligence).

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  13. Very wierd. As I said when he converted it makes no diference to me.

  14. Come to think of it I think I was probably the only person who believed him! Strange fella..

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