Elie Wiesel Links with Pastor Who Promotes NWO Conspiracy Theories and Predicts “Part-Jewish” Anti-Christ

Talk to Action draws attention to the following event:

CUFI Wiesel

Pastor John Hagee’s endorsement of John McCain in 2008 was famously repudiated by the presidential candidate after Talk to Action‘s Bruce Wilson uncovered a sermon in which Hagee described Hitler as a “hunter” sent by God to persuade Jews that they needed to establish the State of Israel. It also came to light that Hagee considers that both Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler were effective tools of Satan because of their supposed Jewish heritage (a long-debunked legend in Hitler’s case), and that he considers bankers such as the Rothschilds to be part of a New World Order conspiracy. Against this, Hagee maintains that he highly supportive of Jews and respectful of Judaism, but as I argued at the time:

it’s clear that Hagee’s philo-Semitism collapses in on itself: Hagee sees Jews not as real three-dimensional people, but simply as instruments in a divine drama. Those Jews who act according to God’s script receive Hagee’s regard and support, but the logic of his theology means that the Jew who strays from the path – such as Marx, the Rothschilds, and, erm, Hitler – potentially becomes a uniquely effective tool of Satan. Thus, like the late Jerry Falwell, Hagee teaches that the anti-Christ will be at least “partly” Jewish.

Hagee co-opts old anti-Jewish conspiracy theories while expressing support for Jews. But this just means that the essential anti-Jewish element of these theories is currently (more or less) dormant – and Hagee’s “paranoid style” is inseparable from an irrational hatred of minority groups. The possibility remains that Hagee’s conspiracy teachings may one day help to create an anti-Jewish climate, just as their originators intended.

However, while the McCain endorsement fiasco damaged both men, Hagee was given a vote of confidence by prominent conservatives shortly afterwards. Getting Elie Wiesel on board is probably his best PR move yet.

This video has more background:

There’s also this unofficial video inspired by a Hagee sermon and put together by a fan:

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  1. Richard – Yes, I agree. It’s a PR coup. On another note, I wonder if Mr. Wiesel knows that Hagee’s church practices demon-casting ?

  2. Once again the Weasel puts his extreme Zionist instincts over his morality.

  3. In response to: “it’s clear that Hagee’s philo-Semitism….sees Jews not as real three-dimensional people, ….Hagee’s regard and support, but the logic of his theology means that the Jew who strays from the path – such as Marx, the Rothschilds, and, erm, Hitler.” For the last time, Hitler was not a Jew. His mother was believed to have been of Jewish origin depending upon which historian you read. Advise you read the RIse and Fall of the Third Reich, one of the best accounts ever written by a “real life” (now deceased) Nazi era German. If you can figure out Alois Schikelgruber’s (little Adolph’s name prior to the change) family tree, you may become world famous in the realm of historical authors. So far, his family tree has been discussed, disputed and misunderstood more than any other historical figure of the 20th century.

  4. […] Christian Zionism drips with conspiracy theories about the “Illuminati” and such, and whose theology infamously includes the notion that Hitler was a “hunter” sent by God to persuade the […]

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