Telegraph Gets Benny Hinn Quote from Satirical Video

From the Telegraph:

Christian evangelist Benny Hinn, from Texas, has been refused entry to Britain after falling foul of new rules drawn up to combat hate crimes and extremism.

…Among the “miracles” the Texan preacher performs is one in which he instructs participants to “let the bodies hit the floor”. Videos of the services show the devout falling down backwards, “slain in spirit”.

If you Google “Benny Hinn”, the number four result is a YouTube video called “Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”. However, this is actually a satirical compilation of Hinn clips, mashed together with a song called “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by a rock band called Drowning Pool. The phrase is not Hinn’s, and usually he has helpers to catch those he puts into a religious trance before they “hit the floor”.