English Defence League: War on Indian Cuisine

A screenshot from a video on the EDL website:, telling us that “The Beacon is Alight”:

The Beacon is Alight:

So much for the claim that the EDL is peaceful and law-abiding. And just where did this graffiti – obviously intended to stir up communalist tension – appear? Erm… on the side of an Indian restaurant, in 2007:

War on Indian Cuisine

The picture appeared on Paul Ray’s blog, in a posting from the time. Ray had a justification:

This Indian restaurant is owned by Pakistani Moslems connected to the Jihad army of Bury Park Luton and is probably the furthest outpost they have which is deep into Our countryside. This building used to be a local pub selling the usual home cooked food and serving local ale, now it is an Indian Restaurant owned by Luton Pakistani Moslems…The restaurant sits at the ‘Heart’ of Our local countryside …I personally look forward to the day that we are posting news of acts of war against the Moslem community and not just graffiti.

Over the past few months, Ray has had his wish. It is a quite remarkable co-incidence that Ray just happened to chance upon a piece of anonymous graffiti  that reflects his particular religious and political perspective and symbolism, but there it is.

The rhetoric is ,of course, clunkily obvious: an indigenous business has closed, and an immigrant business appears to be succeeding. Does this not therefore prove that the failure of the indigenous business is because of the immigrants? This is also Ray’s story – he blames the failure of his computer business (“Zion Computers”, no less) on “Pakistani Moslems”.

As I’ve noted before, while on his blog Ray is careful to write about “Pakistani Moslems”, on American radio he is happy to rail against “Paki Muslims”.