Ugandan Pastors who Denounced Colleague for Homosexuality Accused of Criminal Trespass

One of the stranger stories from Uganda continues; the New Vision reports:

 Two pastors at the centre of homosexual allegations against their colleague, Robert Kayira [sic], were yesterday interrogated by the Police on charges of criminal trespass.

Pastor Michael Kyazze and his assistant Robert Kayira of Omega Healing Centre were interrogated at the Kampala Central Police Station.

That first mention of Kayira is an unfortunate and confusing typo – the author means Robert Kayanja, who had been deounced by Kayira and Kyazze at the behest of another powerful Pentecostal figure:

The pastors were accompanied by Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church and Solomon Male of Arise for Christ.

Kayanja enjoys strong political links in the country, and his accusers have been arrested for allegedly setting him up.

The incident should embarrass the pastors’ American contacts; as I blogged back in May, Kayanja has long-standing links with Benny Hinn, while Ssempa (who held a high-profile anti-gay rally in 2007) works closely with Rick Warren; Warren’s wife has described him as her “brother”.

Meanwhile, there is a wider context, as Uganda discusses a proposed “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” (that’s its official name) which is so wide-ranging and draconian the word “totalitarian” is appropriate.