Telegraph Gets Benny Hinn Quote from Satirical Video

From the Telegraph:

Christian evangelist Benny Hinn, from Texas, has been refused entry to Britain after falling foul of new rules drawn up to combat hate crimes and extremism.

…Among the “miracles” the Texan preacher performs is one in which he instructs participants to “let the bodies hit the floor”. Videos of the services show the devout falling down backwards, “slain in spirit”.

If you Google “Benny Hinn”, the number four result is a YouTube video called “Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”. However, this is actually a satirical compilation of Hinn clips, mashed together with a song called “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by a rock band called Drowning Pool. The phrase is not Hinn’s, and usually he has helpers to catch those he puts into a religious trance before they “hit the floor”.

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  1. Do so few Christians understand that
    “slain in the Spirit” is real, and is of God,
    and is spoken of in the Bible?

    And while many Pastors and people “fake it”,
    and others refuse to believe it,
    this does not refute the truth that God
    touches, heals, delivers, and saves.

    Mocking the Holy Spirit is not wise.

    • Randy, Where in the Bible do people fall over backwards when someone prays for them? And if it is of God, why does Benny Hinn have to help out by giving people a push? The truth is that Benny Hinn is a stage hypnotist masquerading as a preacher and everything he does is the result of crowd manipulation and mass hypnosis. I pray that the Lord will open your eyes to the deception in the church today.

  2. Randy,
    The practice of “slain in the Spirit”, comes from a Hindu practice. A guru will touch your forehead and you will fall backwards. This is so you will experience, “chakras.” Then, you will begin Kundalini. Much of these practices are permeating the “charismatic churches, their leaders and their members. I really admonish you to do a study on this and find the truth behind, the Spirit working in these people. It’s not the Holy Spirit but Satan himself, the Angel of Light. Don’t believe everything you are told or taught. Find it yourself in the Word. It isn’t there. These people are notorious in twisting scriptures and taking them out of context.

    My body has hit the floor and something just wasn’t right to me. Once, the catchers missed me and all I received was a fall and I hit my head. I got a headache.

    In Christ’s love that you may be a Berean and study the Word of God which is more vital to your growth than these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  3. A goof-bag. Gives Confessional Christians who are serious a bad name.

  4. LOL. I can only shake my head.
    Read the Word.
    Or are you afraid to find the truth?

    V. Your words support the truth of God touching
    people and them falling down.
    Because the enemy immitates this. ie Hindu

    If we “fall” on our own, yes, as you testified, you will
    end up with a bruise and a headache.
    Because God had not touched you!
    No one can force God to touch anyone.
    Or ‘make’ it happen.

    For all:
    If you don’t care to know the truth, that is your problem.
    But I, and millions of Spirit filled Christians testify
    this is God, this is real, this is Biblical.
    And yes, there are lots of fakes.
    So do not be discouraged, or in unbelief.

    There is so much more to relationship with God.
    If people would only put their pet beliefs away
    and come dine on Word of God, they would know and
    see and experience the Truth.

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