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Four Protest Groups in London on Saturday 31 October

Come Saturday, there will be at least four groups protesting in central London:

(1) Islam4UK. They write:

On 31st October 2009, at approximately 1 pm, Muslims will be marching in a spectacular procession in support of Shari’ah law.  Never before has such an event taken place in the United Kingdom, as thousands of Muslims plan to take to the heart of the Capital and demand the full implementation of Shari’ah law… This march will begin from the Houses of Parliament, followed by 10 Downing Street and culminate in Trafalgar Square, to let the people of Britain know that Islam and Shari’ah is coming to them very, very, soon….

This is, of course, just the latest in a long line of stunts by the small cadre of fundamentalists grouped around Anjem Choudary.

(2) The English Defence League. According to a video message on Paul Ray’s website (sic for spellings):

London October 31st is a pivotol moment in our modern history and could change the course of history. Sharia law and militant Islam have no place upon English soil. There is a counter protest to Anjem Choudary that starts at 12 in Picadilly Circus. But if you cant make that then descend on Picadilly Circus in protest after the football.

The official EDL website adds:

Whilst British troops have been fighting and dying, your Members of Parliament have submitting inappropriate expense claims for duck islands, porn films and luxurious second homes. Their obscene behaviour had to be leaked to the press before some of them reluctantly repaid the money taken from tax-payers.

They have also bailed-out the fat-cats, the privileged few, in the City with hundreds of billions of pounds of tax-payers money whilst leaving 2.47 million British people to rot unemployed, or on unliveable wages.

In the absence of effective Government the English Defence League has been forced to rise up.

If you share the EDL’s values please attend the peaceful demonstrations at Leeds City Square at 1pm on Saturday 31st October 2009, and also at London Piccadilly Circus at 12pm on the same day.

The EDL had originally declined to endorse the London event, and one would have thought that Paul Ray’s recent alliance with a man who glorifies Northern Irish Loyalist groups would have made the organisation even less inclined to be associated with Ray’s “St George Division”. However, apparently an “EDL London” group has now come onto the scence, making it official.

(3) Muslims4UK. According to their website:

22 Responses

  1. Maybe we should all do a counter demo to counter all those doing a counter!

    Gosh how many counter demos on that day!

    Wonder British Muslims for Secular Democracy. and Muslim4uk came from never heard of them!

  2. […] Bartholomew's Notes on Religion has the breakdown: Islam4UK (pro-Sharia), English Defence League (anti-Sharia, anti-militant Islam), Muslims4UK (anti-Islam4UK, anti-EDL), and British Muslims for Secular Democracy (anti Islam4UK). […]

  3. There is a rumour going around the Muslim community of a fifth counter-demo being organised by a mosque in south London associated with the Salafi movement. But I haven’t been able to confirm it independently from reliable sources.

    Counter-demos against Islam4UK seem a bit like buses … you wait ages for one and then lots come along at once.

    • Very well said.

      Personally, I would have wished for the BMSD to have taken centre-stage here. A sensible group of Muslims who support secular democracy would have been the perfect media foil to Choudary.

      However, I am concerned that the UAF may possibly disrupt non-Muslim counter-protesters with a counter-counter-protest. If this should happen it could lead to total chaos, and Al-Muhajiroun will have succeeded beyond their expectations in creating discord and violence.

      The only way that things can possibly run smoothly and peaceably with so many groups present at one time is for them all to coalesce into one group of disparate entities(probably impractical for political/ideological reasons), or for the police to ensure that organisers keep the groups separately located at various positions (optimal) – hopefully near where Choudary’s mob intend to march, but not too close.

      On BMSD’s Facebook site I mentioned my fears that UAF might attend – specifically to attack the EDL protesters. Even Jeffrey Marshall (the BNP member who this year reportedly made cruel “eugenic” comments – which he subsequently denied – when Ivan Cameron died) has suggested that he may be attending BMSD’s protest group. One BMSD member declared that UAF and BNP are not welcome.

      Another individual claimed that “English Democrats” (Gary Bushell, bigot for all seasons, campaigned for them) may be attending or counter-protesting in some form in London on Oct 31, but I looked on their website and saw no mention of this.


      One additional and unpleasant fact. Prominent on the BMSD site are one group that has been exposed here and on Bloggerheads for threatening and intimidating Tim Ireland and his family – the “Cheerleaders”. I doubt that they will be trying to deliberately sabotage BMSD’s noble intentions, but they have a lot of explaining to do, in relation to those threats.

      • These “Cheerleaders” (actually some jokers pushing middle age hiding behind a rather dim young woman) like to posture about battling extremism, but so far all they’ve done is undertake a nasty and cowardly hate campaign against someone who pointed out unreliable information. They’re of no use to anyone.

  4. British Muslims for Secular Democracy, isn’t that an oxymoron?

    • Why should it be oxymoronic, can’t they have a religion and speak up for keeping politics out of it? What is unclear about the word “secular”?

  5. Think you will find that you have missed two groups that will be counter protesting this. March for England and The UBA.

    • Here Here Mr Smeeton.

      Its refreshing to see that other orgs are finally waking up to the threat this country has at present…Groups like UBA,MfE,EDL have been tarnished with the racist tag and will prevail to show the general public that we are not.

      God Save the Queen.

  6. Over the past weeks looking over the net it seems many sites and blogs seem to think MfE and the UBA have vanished off the scene.
    We have not. We will be out on the 31st, like we where the main force out at Al Quds supporting Potkin. Any one who thinks we have gone away should look over our Gallery at all the events we have done this year. With still more to come after the 31st. Most photos on the net clearly show MfE and UBS people also the March for England banner.
    We will not stop our protests untill this Goverment keeps its promises on Radical Extremists. The only way all the protest from all groups involved in them will stop is when action is taken.

  7. I t will be interesting to see if the police use the yobbish and over the top tactics they employed during the countryside demonstration, I doubt it as this would be considered racist and reserved only for those of long British lineage.

  8. you, “Richard Bartholomew”, haven’t got the bollocks to come out and meet us. Probably because you’re not a real person.
    PS are you calling me dim? If you are, come and say it to my face. Come on, 2pm, Piccadilly Circus this Saturday. Come and meet us- me, Moonchild, Shooter, the whole bunch.

    • You’re full of it. Why don’t you give me your full real names and postal addresses? If you don’t want to, why did you do it to Tim Ireland? Is it because you’re a bully who can dish it out but not take it? And what’s Tim supposed to have done anyway? You’re more interested in helping liars as part of some stupid game than in opposing Islamic extremism.

      And you’re dim because you’ve stuck your neck out for Wightman and Flowers – both of whom have more sense than to make a recording crowing about a campaign of harrassment. Do you really think they’d do that for you?

  9. The Met told Inayat Bunglawala on Monday that four groups had registered for counter-demos: (i) English Democrats, (ii) March 4 England, (iii) British Muslims for Secular Democracy and (iv) Muslims4UK.

  10. What do you have against Moslems demonstrating against extremism?
    I quote you above

    Bartholomew, on October 27th, 2009 at 11:24 pm Said:
    These “Cheerleaders” (actually some jokers pushing middle age hiding behind a rather dim young woman) like to posture about battling extremism, but so far all they’ve done is undertake a nasty and cowardly hate campaign against someone who pointed out unreliable information. They’re of no use to anyone.

    You should suppot whole heartedly the attempt by decent Moslems to defend their faith from madmen. and who support saecular law.

    Well it is a free world isn’t it?

    Is there anybody you do actually like?

    I see you you have an obssession with the EDL and one Paul Ray. I distanced myself months ago but you keep on at them.

    My old tutor told me that if one ignored rubbish it went away! So why do you keep on about them. They are a gift to the UAF and Moslem extremists.

    • You should suppot whole heartedly the attempt by decent Moslems to defend their faith from madmen. and who support saecular law.

      That’s why I gave a guest post to BMSD in the previous blog entry! The “Cheerleaders” are another issue.

      My old tutor told me that if one ignored rubbish it went away! So why do you keep on about them. They are a gift to the UAF and Moslem extremists.

      The EDL and Ray are of interest to me and, it seems, of interest to other people. Why should I not write about them?

  11. What I am saying is ignore people that upset you!

    The internet is full of people who simply would not dare say the things they do in public!

    I get it all the time.

    But I am always polite in return.

    There will be big trouble in town on Saturday and my attitude is to allow Choudary to get on with it. His own appearance and words will condemn him. Why add to his ‘glamour’? A confrontation will simply play into his hands-ie EDL, UAF and the rest of Rent-a Mob UK.

    The Moslem anti Sharia though they are doing the right thing!

    I looked up cheer leaders. Who are they?

  12. […] Several groups are planning counter-protests against Choudary in London today, as I noted on Monday. […]

  13. “Richard Bartholomew”, or whoever is behind this pseudonym: you are formally invited to the next Cheerleader summit, this Saturday 7th, by the Hur al-Ayn girls, at the Purple Turtle/Play2 in Camden, 10pm. We have a table in the VIP section, your name is on the guestlist. Come on down and we’ll have a full and frank discussion! No harm will come to you and that’s a Cheerleader promise.
    and remember part of our code: anything you say online, you have to be ready to say face-to-face.
    That’s all folks!

    • You’re hardly in a position to talk about “codes” – you hide behind fake names while making threats and after putting someone’s personal details on-line in the malicious hope that he will be fearful for his family’s safety. And not a Muslim extremist – just someone who exposed a liar. I’m not playing.

  14. […] Choudary is deservedly one of the most unpopular persons in the UK, and he regularly performs publicity stunts calculated to cause outrage. But a banner reading “Jesus was a Muslim” is hardly in […]

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