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A YouTube channel belonging to Paul Ray carries a three-part interview with three men in balaclavas who are apparently the leadership of the “English Defence League“. The interview takes place in what appears to be the ruins of a castle or abbey; this is doubtless another bit of romantic Crusader medievalism (an obsession of the “anti-Jihadi” movement as a whole), but it means that the microphone is seriously affected by wind, making parts of the video virtually inaudible. [UPDATE:  The interviewer is Martin Mawyer, who runs the Christian Action Network – see here]. The speaker on the right does most of the talking, with occasional input from the guy in the middle. The person on the left doesn’t have anything to say.

The main speaker complains that his home town is being taken over by Muslims, who, he claims, have a birth rate of 10 children per family. He says that on occasions of one minute silences in the town “any Asians” will deliberately make noise, and that they yearly celebrate 9/11.  He also objects to Muslims “infiltrating” the local council and government, and suggests that they make decisions to close down churches and turn them into mosques, and to ban St. George’s Day parades while allowing extremist events. Further, he alleges that the police arrested protestors from across all the local estates as a strategy in order to discourage further protests, and that the arrests were in the form of raids in which doors were smashed open.

He also describes the antics of Anjem Choudary, in particular the recent incident in which a bewildered white 11-year-old passerby was “persuaded” to convert to Islam at one of Choudary’s roadshow events. In particular, he believes Choudary should be arrested for incitement for having a banner which reads “Jesus was a Muslim”. The speaker in the middle, meanwhile, says that his friend had been stabbed to death by 10 “Pakistani Muslims”. He also complains that while white locals know better than to use the word “Paki”, local Muslims use the word “kaffir”. This is unlike Paul Ray’s view: Ray insists that “Paki” is neutral, like “Brit”, and the only people claiming it to be offensive are Muslim extemists.

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  1. If they so like their castles so much, why haven’t the EDL cleaned the graffiti and weeds from this particular one?
    Also, why was the one on the right wearing a glove on his left hand? It’s either hiding a highly identifiable tattoo or he’s in mourning for Michael Jackson – wonder which one it could be?

  2. got to admit though
    nothing quite evokes the atmosphere of noble crusaders and knights of the realm like erm, sports sandals, athletic shorts and balaclavas

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  8. I wonder how many of the people that comment have attended the home coming of a loved one.
    A soldier in the British army returning from Afgahnistan to the cheers of a patriotic crowd.
    Aplause of gratitude for risking life and limb for their freedom.
    Then take a look to your left and witness the vile geers of “murderous scum”. Geers from extremist terrorist supporters, as they burn our National flag and dishonor the memory of our fallan hero’s!
    This is the reason the EDL has formed.
    A peaceful organisation set up solely to counter these vile individuals.
    We are a multicultural society. Live and let live has done us proud for many years.
    It is now time to wake up and smell the roses, take a good look around you. You are now turning the other cheek and burying you head in the sand wile the extremist kicks you again and again.
    You are listening to extreme left lies and backing the side of evil.
    This is not a race war any more than it is a religeous war.
    The EDL is a multi cultural organisation making a stand against terrorists and preachers of hate.
    I urge you to do nothing more than read both sides of the debate and make an educated judgement.

  9. What I find really offensive is how many people are completely ignorant of the Islamic religion and Muslims. The word Jihad means: The Struggle for Islamic Supremacy in the World. Quite a mouthful for one word. How can anyone go wrong with using Muhammad’s own words to villify him and his religion: “Even if we have to destroy whole civilizations, we will do it for Islam to prevail in the world.” Forget 9/11, forget 7/7, forget Madrid, forget Beslan school and forget the thousands of Islamic terrorist acts around the world since 9/11. Without the moderate Muslims living in the western world there would have been “NO” terrorism on western soil, and if we had not let them in would we be worrying whether our children will be the next victims of Islam? It is Islamic Expansionism that is the real enemy of the western world and Islamic terrorism is simply a biproduct of that Expansionism. If only left-wing atheist intellectual politicians were intelligent we might actually have peace in the western world. Every conflict to date in the last one hundred years – world wars one and two, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Balkans, Iraq and the Iran one in the future – has begun because of the socialist engineering intellectual politicals (aka: Neville Chamberlain) that cannot see father than the nose on their face.

    We have now re-entered the next Vietnam in Afghanistan and it will cost us plenty and we will come back having gotten knowhere. Islam will never be peaceful, respectful and give any other religion or people their dignity. Multiculturalism has cost us plenty as well with indigenous people in the western world being treated by our own good for nothing politicians as second class citizens and making Muslims our betters. Our Christian church leaders who are oblivious of the reality that the declining church congregations is because our Christian community is declining at a rapid rate because they refuse to stand up for Christians in the western world. Some Christian leaders are so confused that they believe that protecting the Dalits is all they need to do, while our atheist politicians and their Muslim allies attack the Christian church, and villify the Jews and Israel for no good reason.

    A Palestinian homeland is nothing but junk politics when any sane person could tell you: Nothing but the complete destruction of Israel would satisfy the Muslims. There can be no moderate Muslims in a religion that cannot be moderated. Moderate Muslims in the western world simply means: Those who try to subjugate us by “Hudna” or our word “deception” or by devious means. The Islamic reality is that there is no nation that the Muslims have ever migrated to that have remained non-Muslim, without non-Muslims having to fight the Muslims to force them out. Muslims do not assimilate. They will assimilate us.

  10. That’s absolute bollocks. The word Jihad is closer to struggle then anything, and has nothing to do with supremacy.

    I’ve never talked to somebody with such a fantastic misunderstanding of Islam.

  11. Hi , I am not sure if I am writing to the correct person but I do not know any leaders of the EDL.
    I have been banned from posting, temporarily , it seems that I offended some people.
    This is and this is not what I am writing to you about.

    You see when the muslims perceive a threat , and the EDL is the first real threat that they have encountered
    since they started their campaign to take over theses islands, then they infiltrate it from the very start with the aim of either
    destroying it or making it totally inefective.
    One of the first things that they do is infiltrate the forum or any other speaking platform.
    They will pose just like us, worried about the Islamic threat to our democracies etc but
    examination of their posts reveals their true agenda.
    Its happening now on your EDL forum. They usually work in 2s or 3s as the sheep instinct
    of people is truely remarkable and they just hate going against the flow of the crowd (the 3 plants on the forum).
    Please check it out for yourself.
    There is a poster called NEmisis now a large quantity of his posts are about mopderate muslims
    – justifying their existence – how we can work with them etc etc etc etc.
    Now you may agree or not about the existence of moderate muslims but I think you will agree
    with me that spending so much time on the one subject when there are lots others can only be
    planned PROPOGANDA to influence the general view of Muslims.
    He has a couple of
    sidekicks that back him up to the hilt and he has been quite successful – I was his most
    virulent challenger which bothered him somewhat.

    So now you can check it out for yourself.
    1.Go back over his old posts and make your own mind up if he is a plant or just an idiot
    – please do not underestimated the Muzlims – that has always bween their greatest advantage.
    2.if you think I am paranoid freak then adious and good luck with the EDL it really is the
    first grass roots anti-islam group in britain’

    3. If you agree with me you should make a secret group within EDL with a few people you
    can trust and know their history.

    4Do not get rid of the plants -try to find out as much info from, them beforte they have to go
    – you shopuld be aiming to find out who is pulling the strings – you mighht just be
    surprtiosed who and how powefulrfulthese peopope are.

    There is a great game of poker beiing played at the moment and very few are even aware of it


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  13. John,

    Aye, I’ve been banned as well. It’s sad to see the the people running the EDL website can’t see what’s going on. The guy you mention is obsessed with saying that “moderate” Muslims DO EXIST, although he doesn’t say why the EDL needs them, what they can do that the EDL can’t, who they might be, how to get in contact with them, etc.

    He’s obsessed with this (irrelevant) topic, and is more interested in finding people guilty of thoughtcrime than he is in saying anything useful.

    I don’t think much of the EDL website. They let another user smear Robert Spencer, for example. If they want to achieve anything useful, and not be infected by PC/Musilm appeasers/infiltrators then they really need to get their act together.

  14. […] order to garner wider public support, but their imagery and some of their language (including from their leadership) betrays their true feelings, as ordinary Muslims and Asians in general are targeted and […]

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