Paul Ray on New Luton Disturbance

An altercation between young Asian Muslims and the police in Luton over the weekend hands it on a plate to local anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray (aka “Lionheart“):

No media frenzy over this incident because it was not white people  involved who can be savaged by the left wing media and held up as sacrifices on the alter [sic] of appeasement for the Moslem block vote.

The government controlled mainstream media were ‘hush hush’ yet again on Moslem aggression in Luton!

United people of Luton, along with the main protest group the English Defence League led by Tommy Robinson, accompanied by Casuals United, all showed their respects for the rule of law within Great Britain over the weekend and did not turn out in Luton as had been originally planned for the bank holiday weekend after the Home Office banned any gatherings in the town through fear of trouble.

Local Asians had been bracing themselves for a re-run of earlier disturbances in the town; back in May a protest ostensibly against Muslim extremists turned violent, with local Asian businesses being attacked by – as the Sun put it – “banner-waving drunks, some disguised under balaclavas”. When the “anti-extremist” protestors failed to show up this time, it seems that some young Asians instead took their frustations out on the police. The BBC – apparently unaware of the Muslim-appeasing government directive to suppress the news – reported that:

Police have condemned a mob of 200 Asian youths who attacked officers and threw fireworks in Luton.

Riot police were called to Bury Park after youths attacked local police on Sunday. Two people were arrested.

Local officers were there at the request of the Asian community to protect the group from a right wing march, but no protesters turned up.

Ch Supt Andy Frost said he was “extremely disappointed” his officers had been attacked.

It’s not much fun being in the police in Luton; back in May, the “anti-extremist” protestors goaded police officers with the expressed opinion that they were “fucking left-wing fucking cunts”.

Ray also embeds a video showing footage from the disturbance, posted by a certain “6MadeInEngland9”, who shares Ray’s fetish for medieval Crusader imagery. Alas, however, “6MadeInEngland9” is also an old-school BNP supporter: on his YouTube channel’s homepage, he rails against Searchlight as “Marxists + jewish”, and against the Commission for Equality and Human Rights as the “Race Gestapo”. Wittingly or not, by embedding such a video without any kind of warning Ray has made his site into a “gateway” to the far right.

Curiously, Ray has also deleted his previous couple of posts, concerning the disturbances in Birmingham and denouncing a former associate named Chris Renton as an “imposter” (I blogged the spat here). However, these postings have been preserved on another blog, which was set up by someone pretending to be Ray in order to link him with the far right. The author of this other blog also sent me a private email, from an address similar to Ray’s but not quite the same. I ignored it as an obvious fake (although I also informed Ray); the identity and motive of its creator remains unknown.

Crusader images are very popular among “anti-jihadi” types on-line, particularly on YouTube.

Made in England

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  1. Ray makes a habit of deleting his blog posts as soon as his obvious ignorance, contradictions and hypocrisy are pointed out or his constantly changing and precarious allegiances shift.

  2. Is this thick chav for real?

    pride in ones culture is fine but this idiot is a laughing stock!

    he writes “choose your own name for those who do not and want to sit back and do nothing”

    i would ask what has he done or actually achieved with his acres of bloggage? Would appear nothing, other than provoke/urge others, via the net, to get out on the street and fight to defend the “english way of life”. All the while no doubt, sat on his fat arse, safely behind his pc in his mums council flat, eating crisps and drinking lager.

    dont know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the sad twat.

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