More on Dominic Wightman and those Questions

Mercer and Wightman

A few days ago I blogged on my experiences with Dominic Wightman (above left), the supposed “anti-terror” consultant who in 2006 was featured on Newsnight with Glen Jenvey as part of something called the “VIGIL Network”, and who was formerly linked to Patrick Mercer MP (above right, at that time the Shadow Minister for Homeland Security). Earlier this year the blogger Tim Ireland discovered that Jenvey had been writing bogus postings to Muslim forums to generate evidence of extremism, and soon afterwards Tim and I were approached by Wightman (also known as Dominic Whiteman) for a confidential meeting. He told us that Jenvey had been passing dubious material to Mercer (and from there to the media) for a while, through another person, who he named.

A couple of months after meeting us, Wightman brought to our attention a new document which he said he had found on-line: a supposed interview with Jenvey by a US-based journalist named Jeremy Reynalds which again mentioned this other person, and which attacked Tim. However, Reynalds denied being the author, and Wightman tried to make us believe that the other person had concocted it. Eventually it was established that the document had in fact been posted on-line by Wightman himself; he still maintains that he found it, but it is more likely that he wrote it, as he refuses to say where he got it from. The purpose was to try to manipulate Tim and me into writing more about the other person, against whom he has a grudge. I have written more about this here.

Wightman retaliated against the threat of exposure with an attack piece on Tim, claiming that Tim is part of a “Red Black alliance” of the far-left and Islamic extremists, drawing attention to other disputes Tim has been involved in and attacking his character at a personal level. However, a few days before this was published, Tim was sent a bizarre list of questions along the same lines as the article, but also containing taunts, abuse, and other childish elements that make the author appear to be very foolish and not someone who ought to be on TV or advising the Shadow Minister for Homeland Security. Wightman, though, has denied writing it; he told me it was a “low trick” by Ireland, and he suggested that I “know it”. I published a blog entry showing that whoever sent the questions must have had access to Wightman’s article before it was published; there were too many similarities. Thus, it was impossible for Tim to have done it – plus he had no motive anyway.

Shortly thereafter, I received an email:

…OK I’m here to tell you that you lot have been chasing your tails, cos I stuck a keylogger onto Dominic Wightman’s PC 11 months ago and I’ve been hacking into everything he’s done since LOL!
The fake interview? Cheerleaders. I’ve been learning his chop for over two years and it’s EASY to be him bruv! He uses too many hyphens and adverbs and he’s always talking
about food.  We’ve got FTA software that can learn this shit, like Shakespeare. The only slip up was with the number, which is apparantly Costa Rican not Venezuelan. Like I’d know :)
And there’s loads of stuff on his hard drive that’s rilly interesting!

Anyways, I now OWN all his blogs and stuff, check this out-
Al-Hur al-Ayn

The list of questions sent to Tim included a Costa Rican phone number which Tim showed me but which does not appear in Tim’s blog entry on the subject; therefore whoever wrote the above certainly knows more about the questions than is in the public domain. I emailed Wightman, offering to make a police statement about it; he, however, shrugged it off as unimportant.

Wightman did not actually have a blog until a few days ago; the supposed hacking consisted of adding some personal pictures and some mildly mocking comments. These have now been removed. I received a second email saying

Shame Wightman took his blog site back innit!
anyway more fitnah to come dahling!

Wightman has now left a bitter comment at my previous post:

Richard Bartholomew – the author of this site supposed to be about religion – received confirmation on the 17th September 2009 from a woman called Amarah that she was the author of this interview.
How do I know?
Richard kindly forwarded me the email from her to him sent – he points out – at 19.38 on 17/9.
No surprise that this post still exists insinuating I wrote this interview…. not even an update…. typical leftie smear tactic.
If you too are a leftie, don’t despair. Don’t go to the length of setting up a blog to externalise your inferiority complexes….
Look to actually make some progress and improve your currently bitter, little existence – vote Tory.

So: we are to believe that someone hacked into Wightman’s computer, saw the article he planned to publish, used it as a template to write a series of goading questions to Tim (for no apparent motive); and confessed this to me once I pointed out the similarities. Further, the supposed victim of this hoax and identity theft is does not think the police need to know about his computer being hacked with a keylogger.

As for the “Cheerleaders” and the “Al-Hur al-Ayn”, this is a strange group of pseudonymous persons (or maybe one person with an overactive imagination) who purport to be young women opposed to Islamic extremism. Instead, however, their main activity is wasting people’s time with silly and creepy messages. I wrote about them here.

Dominic Whiteman