Joel Richardson Endorses Bizarre Bible Prophecy Book

Claim: Bible makes hidden references to Allah and Arabs. God sent author a sign through his car license plate.

Joel Richardson recommends readers to look at website advertising a book by a certian Jeffrey A Manty (or “Jeff Manty”). Here it is:

Welcome to Prophecy Code II, the revised and expanded Edition, recently endorsed by Joel Richardson, author of the current Best Seller THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST and ANTICHRIST: ISLAM’S AWAITED MESSIAH.

Joel says this about Prophecy Code II, “At this vital time, when the Lord is speaking to His Church regarding the Islamic predominance of the Last Days, Jeffrey Manty has been listening. Prophecy Code II is a stirring and valuable contribution to the Church’s emerging understanding concerning the dark and glorious days that lie ahead.

Prophecy Code II by means of the Hebrew translations Alah, Arab, and the Greek Holocaust has reset the prophecy bar to new revealing heights by exposing Lucifer’s true identity as the god of Islam and the beast of the Last Days. This cutting edge book looks deeper into the Hebrew translation of the English verb ascend that made Prophecy Code’s first edition a success.

…You will learn that the key to understanding the Last Days can be found in the verb ascend used to describe Lucifer’s sin in Isaiah 14, the same verb that enabled Jesus Christ to sit at the Fathers right hand. This “key” opens the door to the identity of Antichrist and his kingdom.

In fact, EX-MUSLIM TERRORIST Walid Shoebat who co-authored a recent book called GOD’S WAR ON TERROR with Joel Richardson had a look of profound astonishment after Manty enlightened him in person to the Hebrew translation of this verb that reveals the BEAST’s identity.

…In the chapter he calls “God’s Time Clock,” Manty bolsters this theory with more cutting edge insights by breaking the coded prophecy of the number 2,300 found in Daniel 8:14, a prophecy that has stumped eschatologist for centuries. His methodology is unique and his conclusion groundbreaking. He proves that the two time lines, one consisting of 2,520 years and the other of 2,300 years, are running parallel to each other surprisingly ending on the same year.

It’s funny to see Walid Shoebat endorse this: elsewhere, Shoebat has declared that the number “666” in the Book of Revelation was actually the word “In the Name of Allah”, written in Arabic by the book’s author and misinterpreted as a number in Greek. He explicitly said that “666” could not be a coded number because that would be “Gematria”, a form of “witchcraft” which God opposes. Yet now he has apparently endorsed a coded number in another book of the Bible!

Manty believes that he has been specially chosen by God to reveal his message – among the signs God sent him is that his car license plate includes the number 918, and when he visited a mosque he saw verse 9:18 of the Koran hanging on a wall:

The Mosque of Allah shall be visited… by such as believe in Allah and the Last Days…. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance.

Also, at the same event at the mosque he met Keith Ellison:

I also unknowingly shook the hand of an elected official who just so happens to be the first Muslim congressman.

Well, who can argue with any of that? 

Some excerpts from the book appear on his website; he cross-references all kinds of Biblical verses in a way that is difficult to follow, but the big point seems to be that the Hebrew verb for “ascend” is “alah”, and this is the sin of Lucifer (according to Isaiah, he wanted to “ascend” to the heavens); therefore Lucifer is Allah. One summary of Manty’s theory which another author provides tells us that:

The Jewish Menorah has four sets of double branches, four on the left and four on the right of a central tree. In this theory each set of branches from left to right on the Menorah represents a 2520 year cycle for Israel. I find that there is significant evidence that the 2520 year cycle has prophetic applications in regard to Israel. The following four timelines in this theory span the date of significant events in ancient Israel to significant events in a four stage restoration of modern Israel. The four 2520 year cycle periods start from the outer pair of branches of the Menorah and progress to the inner most pair that ends when Israel accepts her Messiah at His second coming. All time cycles use the lunar year of 360 days (common in prophetic biblical dating).

Using Daniel, Manty thus parallels the fall of Judah 587 BCE to the First Zionist Gongress in 1897; the decree of Cyrus in 536 BCE with the establishment of modern Israel in 1948; the foundation of the Second temple in 517BCE with the Six-Day War in 1967; and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in 444BCE with the return of Jesus in…2039. This belongs to a long tradition of Dispensationalist pseudo-scholarship on the Bible, and he repeatedly commends the work of E.W. Bullinger, a nineteenth-century Anglican clergyman whose eccentric opinions became known as “Bullingerism”.

Further details appear in a comment the author left at a blog:

I can prove that the coming Mahdi will declare himself Allah at the abomination of desolation.

In 2 Thessalonians it says that “the man of lawlessness will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God and worshiped”.

In other words, he will declare himself God, but what god? And of what religion?

In Daniel 2 we have the prophecy of king Nebuchadnezzer’s vision called the “Great image”. This image consisted of five future kingdoms that would rule over Israel, beginning with Nebuchadnezzer’s Babylon.

The fifth and last kingdom, would be a kingdom that would rule in the last days, the Bible says that this kingdom would be one of both mire and metal or “iron mixed with clay”, the key word being mixed.

I believe it’s not a coincidence that this verb mixed occurs only three times throughout the bible and all three occurrence are found in Daniel 2: 40-43.

So by knowing the Aramaic and Hebrew meaning of this verb, we can understanding what form of governments the iron and clay depict, and we can know the identity of this last days religion.

What is the translation of this verb mixed? It is the word “Arab.”

Now here’s the kicker! We know that any religion outside of Christianity is a religion built by Lucifer in the spirit of antichrist. Right?

Now in Isaiah 14: 13-14 (a prophecy about Lucifer’s fall) it says:

‘You (Lucifer) said in your heart’ “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God… I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

The Hebrew word for “ascend”, as in “I will ascend to heaven… I will make myself like the Most High”. Is the word Allah.

Certainly, the Aramaic for “mixed” can be translitered as “‘arab”, although probably sounding a bit more like “harav” than our word “Arab” (see here). However, the verb can’t be “translated” as “Arab”, and once again – a common characteristic of these crackpot exegeses – it makes absolutely no sense in the context of the wider text. It’s nonsense, but American Christian fundamentalists like the idea that those they are in conflict with are predicted in the Bible.

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