Official Street Preacher Complains Video was “Doctored”

Vera Berry sends in a comment to complain that footage of her friends screaming abuse against Islam outside of a mosque unfairly makes her look bad:

The propaganda video above was filmed very close to the preaching so it sounds overly loud. It has further been cut several times. Those of us on the outside need to be very aware of how cutting a film can doctor it to the other person’s perspective and not give the entire story. One thing you will note about our video is that we are inches away from the man that is preaching and can still have a normal dialogue without raising our voices. This other film has been enhanced and is a false representation of what happened. You can see from our video that we were cordial and respectful to the man we were talking to as he was to us. In the doctored video it is obvious that there were several of these conversations going on. In addition, we have attempted several times to place our video on the pt. 1 video that is getting all the hits as a video response but the owner blocked us…The only reason these men were there is because they care for these folks and their eternal souls, not to contend about which religion is right…

In fact, the “propaganda video” does show various conversations taking place – as well as a guy shouting through a megaphone about Muhammad being a pedophile. Vera and her husband may have been “cordial and respectful” to the person they were talking to one to one, but that is certainly not the general tenor of the event.

Anyway, here are the two videos: the first created by a Muslim who was there, the second being Berry’s response. It’s not exactly Rashomon.

I doubt we’ll be seeing these “Official Street Preachers” conduct themselves in such a manner outside a synagogue – surely even their bad taste doesn’t extend that far?

Vera has a blog here.

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