Prayer Book Society and Stock Exchange Distance Themselves from Peter Mullen

An update on Peter Mullen. First, from the comments on Ruth Gledhill’s blog:

Factual correction:

Peter Mullen is NOT, in fact a member of the Prayer Book Society, and has not been such for a good number of years.

Posted by: Prudence Dailey, Chairman, The Prayer Book Society

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports:

The Rev Peter Mullen, chaplain to the London Stock Exchange, called for homosexuals to be tattooed… A spokesman for the Stock Exchange said the clergyman had no formal role and that it was merely a historical ‘legacy title’.

Oh well, I’m sure the Freedom Association will still be happy to be associated with him.

Last year Gledhill reported that a leftie sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral had provoked one congregant to storm out and call “on worshippers to leave Wren’s great cathedral and attend the Prayer Book church round the corner instead, St Michael’s Cornhill“, where Mullen is the Rector. Despite Gledhill’s efforts to concoct a controversy there was no follow-up story, so one assumes the exodus was a very small one.

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