Christian Zionist Hints on US Treasury Secretary as Anti-Christ

An e-Newsletter from James Hutchens’ Jerusalem Connection introduces a certain Bill Wilson, who bandwagons the current financial crisis to push a “New World Order” conspiracy theory:

The United States is leading the world into a “new world order” where financial systems will be taken over by governments and coordinated by a central committee of the ruling elite. Using the cover of media catch phrases like “the worst financial crisis since the market crash of 1929,” the Federal government and Congress have frightened Americans into relinquishing wide sweeping powers of private home ownership and financial independence to a powerful central figure in the government–the Treasury Secretary. The Treasury Secretary is now emboldened to create a one-world order economy without the approval or even the knowledge of the people whose tax money he will use. … Who would have thought that America would lead us there?…The world is at the very least preparing a type and shadow of the one world system used by the antichrist as prophesied in Revelation 13:16-17.

Wilson is apparently a journalist, and he runs a radio show and blog called The Daily Jot, where he rails against “B. Hussein Obama” (a sure sign of crankdom). He is also associated with the Christian Zionist “Koenig’s International News” website, and he has written a book, entitled WARSHOD: Living Victoriously in the End Times. The volume has a Crusader soldier on the cover, and a particularly clunky blurb on the back:

More than any time in the history of the world, there are vast connections between Bible prophecies, the nation of Israel, the Church international leadership, and world events that are hurling humanity toward the end times at a rate that is exponentially accelerating with each passing day. International Christian communicator and journalist Bill Wilson shares from a unique perspective just how these current events are connected with Bible prophecy using information that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Wilson is also associated with a “Word of Faith Ministry and Chapel” in Mt Airey, Maryland, which does not appear to have a website. While he was writing the book his computer’s hard drive crashed, but the manuscript was saved and further “attacks” were held off the “prayer covering” of his pastor, Gerry Baker.

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