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Just for fun, here’s the most amusing anti-Obama headline I’ve seen* (via Conwebwatch):

* NB: Excluding articles by people named Pastor J. Grank Swank

Missionary Claims Israelis think Obama is a Muslim

From OneNewsNow, under the heading “Israel fears potential Obama presidency”:

Evangelist and Middle East expert Tom Doyle says the people of Israel are very concerned about a possible Barack Obama presidency in the United States.

…Israelis have told him they are concerned about a possible Barack Obama presidency.

“This is what I heard over and over: we have a candidate who was born Muslim. He has a Muslim name, and he claims that he’s converted to Christianity. But in the Middle East when you do that, usually you change your name to a Christian name,” Doyle points out. “All we can interpret is that he’s still a Muslim — which wouldn’t bode well for Israel — or at least has strong Islamic roots, and there’s a real nervousness.”

Doyle is the author of Two Nations Under God: Why You Should Care About Israel, and he has a blog here, in which he describes his missionary efforts in Afghanistan and in Israel. He also has close links with Joel C Rosenberg, whom I blogged here. The missionary organisation he works for is called “E3 Partners” (formerly “Global Missionary Fellowship”); the President of the organisation, Curtis Hail, has his own blog here.