Shoebat: Obama Pro-Abortion as Part of Islamic Plot

A somewhat lacklustre performance from Walid Shoebat, the former computer programmer turned professional anti-Muslim polemicist and conspiracy theorist. Shoebat, whom I’ve blogged ad nauseum over the past few months, was giving an interview about the upcoming election on God’s Learning Channel, a Christian Zionist outfit that covers the southwest of the USA. Semi-slumped in his chair and looking tired, Shoebat held forth on Barack Obama, complaining more than once on the injustice that no-one makes a fuss when someone says “Hilary Rodham Clinton”, but for some reason going on about Obama’s middle name results in criticism.

The supposed “expert” on Islam also lazily worked through some anti-Obama talking points culled from right-wing media outlets, unashamedly cribbing from a couple of sheets of A4 he’d brought with him (at one point simply reading a passage from a Stanley Kurtz article).

Two candidates for most OTT pronouncement:

(1) Shoebat explains why Obama is pro-choice:

Of course, because there’s nothing better Islamists want to do than have Americans kill their own children, so it’s not a problem for him.

(2) Shoebat explains Islam’s plan for Obama:

Islam could not defeat us by destroying the twin towers. But they are able to defeat us by sneaking in their man.

The interview has been placed on YouTube by an anonymous Canadian source called “LeaveIslamNow“, who appears to be unaffiliated to either Shoebat or the TV programme (looks more like some kind of Catholic traditionalist). “LeaveIslamNow” has a handy list explaining why Obama is the anti-Christ (actually this has been around the net for a few months). It includes the observations that “He will come mounted on a white Female horse (Obama mother is white who had 6 African husbands)” and “Barack Hussein Obama is the King of the South predicted in the Bible. (Daniel .11, Kenya is south of Jerusalem)”.

Shoebat was recently at the Little Country Church at Redding, CA, giving one of his apocalyptic “prophecy seminars“; he’s got an appointment at Berkeley coming up, courtesy of Berkeley College Republicans and California Patriot.