Third Jihad Cover Design Changed

The Clarion Fund, currently on the receiving end of intense scrutiny over the tens of millions of dollars it recently spent giving away free copies of the supposed “anti-Islamic extremist” documentary Obsession, has financed a second film from the Obsession team and produced by a particularly obscure (and website-less) outfit called “PublicScope Films”. The film is entitled The Third Jihad; here’s the cover as it appears on the Clarion fund’s website:

Curiously, however, elsewhere the cover appears slightly differently:

One wonders which cover is the is current one, and what factors may perhaps have influenced the decision to change it…

(UPDATE: Just in case a few people are wondering, the above of course is not meant to suggest that the Obama campain in some way was responsible for forcing the cover change. I can think of some other motives and explanations, but I’m sure readers don’t need my help to speculate. However, it should be noted (a) that the Clarion Fund website carried material explictly endorsing McCain until it came to general notice; (b) that the Obsession giveaway apparently targeted swing states; and (c) that at least one of the “experts” featured in the Obsession film – namely Walid Shoebat – has been known to promote the conspiracy theory that Obama is “really” a Muslim.)

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